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Joseph striped blouse dress - Yellow
Joseph striped blouse dress - Yellow
Beige cotton striped blouse dress from Joseph featuring an oversized fit, a v-neck, long sleeves,...

About Blouse Dresses

Do you feel it is time to change your teenage style? Are you looking to add a bit more sophistication and class to your outfits? Maybe you have got a new job with your dream position, and it’s time to adopt a bit more sophisticated style. Or perhaps you need a change to represent who you are. For the fans of minimalism, a blouse dress is the answer to all the above said questions. Constructively speaking, a shirt dress is a casual shirt that is elongated to give a feel and look to the dress. This dress gives you choices of different lengths of sleeves, and hemlines. The variety is the reason why from college to office attire, it’s the time to create a multitude of outfits from your designer shirt to your dress.

We know that upgrading a wardrobe is a nightmare for all females. Studies have shown that most females wear old fashion clothes because of budget constraints. However, fashion stylist claims that some styles can give infinite variations. It means you can enjoy new styles now and then. Classy styling is timeless with as many options as you want to try on. Fashion experts state that creating a chic outfit is all about putting together crucial elements and carrying them with confidence that shines through. Today’s discussion is all about exploring the possibilities to style with your classic blouse dress for different occasions.

Experts recommended style ideas with blouse dresses

We have asked several fashion stylists for a list of recommendations for females to come up with a unique look every single day using a blouse dress. A standard reply was “be sharp and playful with your shirt dress for a new look.” However, many women do not have this “staple clothing item” in their wardrobe. Although it can be playful to try different looks at work and in daily life. Today’s discussion is all about explaining how a simple designer shirt to dress, a blouse or skirt dress can help them stay chic and stylish effortlessly. We hope these thrifty style ideas could help girls with a limited budget to remain prominent and tasteful every single day of their life.

Wearing a blouse style for work on its own

Without any doubt, the shirt dress also looks perfect on its own. You can pick a mini denim version with a scooped hemline. Or go for low-cut blouses in denim to accentuate those tanned legs in style. Smart and petite ladies can enjoy additional leverage of loose design blouse styles for work. They can bound them at the waist using a thin belt. It will help them enjoy a fuller figure effortlessly. A plaid knee-length dress is amusingly feminine. It looks lovely with a pair of converse sneakers and metallic jewellery on the wrist. While if you are going for a pretty pinstripe, team it with nude sandals. Also, add a floral print jacket to be sure of capturing the spirit of summer. If otherwise, you can go with a rainbow-coloured cummerbund that makes a colourful splash in spring or mild summer.

A blouse formal wear for office use 

When it comes to using blouses as formal wear, experts suggest considering subtle tones. Mostly, women prefer monochromatic tones when it comes to buying a dress for workwear. It helps them look formal and professional in nature. You can consider paring a gingham print long button-down dress with exquisite net embellishments around the shoulders Add a solid black belt. Classic black high-heel pumps would do just fine with this outlook. Let your hair drape around the shoulder. But don’t forget to put on a bold lip colour like maroon or blood red. If Not, you can go for a beige button-down dress. Layer it with a short white luxe onesie to look exceptional. Go for beige high heels, a duffel bag and a soft pink lip shade to finish it off.

Wear a skirt and blouse dressed in pants or not! 

Here a concern we see a lot is if they can be paired with jeans, legging, and dress pants or not? Here black leggings are quite my favourite and can be paired with a white shirt dress if carried with heeled lace-ups. Likewise, a three-quarter legging makes the perfect pair with the shirt dress, ballet pumps and waist tie. When it comes to wearing jeans with a blouse dress, a rule of thumb is to pick skinny jeans. Now pair it with a nice pair of ankle or long boots to get a classy look. However, when it comes to skirting dresses, sleek leggings are the only option to consider for pairing. Wearing shirt dresses with pants is also trending, and it looks cool if you know how to layer them properly. The base rule to rock is using high heel pumps and statement jewellery and bags.

 Accessories your look for blouse and skirt dresses 

Most fashion experts agree that accessories, including shoes, handbags, jewellery, undergarments, and eyewear are as important as the dress itself. In the case of jewellery, a fashion stylist recommends mixing the metals preferably with dominant hues. Just pick your favourite base metal and layer it with a few contrasting pieces effortlessly. For formal wear or office attire, a nice pair of earrings would be enough. It will brighten up your outfit and steal the show instantly. In footwear, comfort should be a priority. The chunky block heel is perfect for a long day. If skinny pumps are your thing, consider one to two inches in height to maintain a balance. Your accessories must synchronise with the outfit, occasion, activities and your taste.

Tips on how to buy Blouses Dresses in Dubai  

Undoubtedly, shopping online has its benefits; you don’t need to wait in line, stuck in traffic, or leave the house and those comfy pyjamas. With lots of benefits, the idea does have some drawbacks too. For instance, that stunning bodycon dress is too tight, or those sensual jeans are arriving three to four sizes smaller. Although you can replace or change the item on easy terms, it requires time and patience. To save your time the stress of nasty surprises and returns, we have compiled a set of hotshot tips for a successful fashion blouse online shopping venture. Next time when you pick up your credit card and smartphone for online shopping, consider these tips, and you won’t be disappointed with the order.

  • Know your sizes – By now we all know that sizes vary from one brand to another. Contrary to a physical store, online shopping does not make you rush to the trial rooms to check the size. Here you need to do some homework before searching for a blouse or pants for you. Note your measurements beforehand and start looking for the size you need to buy.
  • Check the size chart – If you are shopping on a website like Next, Gap or ASOS, you will find sizing charts that illustrate the exact measurements of sleeves, shoulders, and length. These charts can be of great help. Compare your measurement with the chart to be sure. Moreover, you can also look at the models wearing the outfit to have an idea of how they might look.
  • Read customer reviews – What previous customers say about the product and the website you are shopping on is critical. It helps to make better shopping decisions online. Check for the comments on the size, quality and fit of the products and make your decision accordingly. A piece that looks on point in a photo might end up being awkwardly loose or tight in real.
  • Research the material – Apart from the size, the feel of the material is important. There is nothing worse than receiving an adored dress only to find that the material feels like sandpaper. Since you cannot touch the fabric online, go to the product description to know details about the material and consult the customer review section again to have a better idea.
  • Be flexible – Don’t forget that you are shopping online, and there are bright chances that the colour as it seems on the screen might not be the same in action. Moreover, the shades change from batch to batch. It is thus essential for you to be prepared for your products to arrive in a slightly different tone. If it doesn’t adjust, your expectations send it back.
  • A glance at policies – Yes, we are talking about return and exchange policies. Even if you have been careful about the points mentioned above, chances are to face an occasional disappointment. Be familiar with return or exchange policies beforehand. Know the cost of the return, the timeline to send the product back, and if the seller offers an exchange or not.
  • Take notes – You might have ordered from more than one brand while looking for fashion blouses in Dubai. In such a case, keep notes of the sizes you have ordered from different brands. It will help you in future. Next time you visit one of these stores, these sizing notes skip the initial step of sizing and jump right to selecting the product you want to order.
  • Edit the cart – As you are not in an online store with lots of options online, the chances for impulsive buying are high. To avoid buying things that you will soon regret, always check the list of products you have just selected during searching. Give a second thought to each item and check if any of the products in the cart is already in your wardrobe, if yes, ditch them.

It’s always wise to double-check on the product search engine you are doing online shopping from stores. There could be a chance where you can mistakenly click on something that you never intended to buy. Once you got your product delivered to your doorstep, never hesitate to try it in unique ways to showcase your unique taste and personality.

Question & Answer

What is a blouse dress?

Technically speaking a blouse dress is an elongated version of a button-down shirt. The length of this dress varies, ending mostly between the knees and thighs. However, with the innovation in the style, you can see these blouse dresses in length below the knee and skirt style. The blouse dresses are made of different styles, colours, lengths and fabrics used. Moreover, with varying cuts, these dresses are versatile and can be used on many different occasions.

What to wear with blouse dresses?

The blouse dresses are versatile and can be paired with many different types of top layers, bottoms, shoes and accessories. Depending on the weather demands you can add layers of scarfs, long coats, kimonos and a classy hat if the occasion and style calls for it. At the same time, these dresses can be paired with sleek legging in solid colours, skin-hugging jeans, three-quarter legging or some styles of pants. Hover when it comes to shoes, you have a wide choice to pick from high heel pumps, ballet shoes, or flats as per your taste and overall outlook of the dress.

Are blouse dresses comfortable?

Yes, blouse dresses are comfortable. By construction, they are looser from top to bottom, which is why they offer breathability and movement to all body parts giving your muscles optimum freedom and relaxation. Even when paired with different accessories, bottoms and shoes, they maintain their core properties of comfort and breathability. These are the reasons why blouse dresses are ranked higher on the scale of solace in women’s wear. Plus, being a fashionable lady there is never a harm to going out of your comfort zone and trying something entirely new like a blouse dress.

Where to buy blouse dresses?

Right here, you can explore dozens of high quality and stylish blouse dresses for any occasion, body type and size. offer a wide range of women’s dresses from top brands like Zara, Forever 21, Asos, Next, H&M, Ralph Lauren, Nordstrom, Calvin Klein, Debenhams, and Gap. Never forget that creating a classy outfit is all about putting together important elements in a synchronised manner and making sure that your style is confident. So explore now to find the best deals on fashion accessories and dresses that you may need for any upcoming occasion.