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About Balloon Dresses

Balloons have always been a thing of happiness and fun. But can you believe that they are also incorporated into fashion? Well, that is what a balloon dress pattern is. Featuring an out-of-the-box concept, it gives you that delightful feeling of getting stylishly encapsulated in a cute bubble. Before we go deep into the types of balloon dresses, let us first discover what precisely they are. 

Just as the name suggests, a balloon dress is a garment that imitates the shape of a balloon. Its top section stays close to the body, while its bottom part is extremely flared up. Therefore, you will look like as if you have put on a balloon-shaped dress. It is quite intriguing how these peculiar balloon dresses come in so many varieties. In such a scenario, getting that perfect balloon dress becomes a daunting task. That is why we have compiled their types and some styling recommendations to help you narrow down your choice with ease. 

Go high in style with these types of balloon dresses 

If you want to transform your look and elevate your style, then a balloon dress would be your ideal choice. Since it comes in several styles, patterns, colours, and designs, you can get the chance to experiment with different ways to slay your OOTD. It is also unique and iconic, making it one of the go-to dresses of celebs and fashion personalities. If you are wondering which type will suit your figure and personality best, then read on. The following are just some of the most popular balloon dresses that can add some spice to your closet this season. 

Balloon sleeve dress

It is hard to find something that suits a wide range of body shapes, but a balloon sleeve dress is a rare exception. Also called a puffy sleeve, it is one of the most versatile types, as it is ideal for women with a large build and for those who are petite. Thus, you can always rock any style statement with this iconic garment. By pairing the balloon sleeve dress with simple jeans or skirt, you will look stunning in any occasion or event. And just so you know, it is more preferred for casual outings and events, but you can also wear it for formal meetings, only if styled right. 

Balloon wedding dress

Getting hitched? Wouldn’t you want to look like a princess on your D-day? For many modern brides, balloon gowns for wedding make a perfect option. They are unique, relaxed, and are yet as beautiful as a ball gown. So, if you want to look like a queen while you walk the aisle, a balloon wedding dress certainly has a lot to offer. It is one of the most luxurious and glamorous wedding dresses that come with a carefree twist. Flared up in the bottom, its flowing design made from sequins and lace make it ultra-fabulous. So, go for a balloon wedding dress if you want to look all dolled up on your big day. 

Balloon dress for baby girls

Balloon dresses for baby girls are also in! From street style stores to designer collections, these have made their way to the kids’ fashion segment. When you are all set to don a gorgeous outfit, why should your little one be devoid of it? Your cute doll dress deserves to walk in style with you. Therefore, what could be better than dressing your little angel in a balloon dress. It enhances toddlers’ style quotient while keeping their innocence intact. It is also airy and comfortable that your baby can walk around freely anytime, anywhere. Since it comes in diverse colours and patterns, it is perfect for parties too! 

Plus-size balloon dress

Are you convinced that certain style guidelines bind you if you are plus-size? Well, get ready to change your mind. Being overweight doesn’t mean you cannot look fabulous. Embrace your body and get yourself a plus-size balloon dress that will make you comfortable and confident. Its lavishly stylish hemlines elevate your look and fit you beautifully. The unique design also wraps your curves to mould, hold, and display contours aptly. Therefore, plus-size balloon dresses make an ideal choice for women who want to feel beautiful even if they are a little plump. 

Balloon frock pattern

A momentous occasion is coming up, and you find yourself stuck in an outfit dilemma. Well, balloon dresses with frock pattern are the perfect solution. Their fitted bodice and flowy bottom make them the most versatile garments in town. Featuring different colours, embellishments, and fabrics, they are a perfect option to wear on various occasions like weddings, parties, and black-tie events. And did you know that frock pattern dresses are available for both kids and adults alike? Therefore, there is no doubt that they are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

Tips and tricks on shopping Balloon Dresses online

If you are going crazy trying to find that perfect dress for a certain occasion, that is where balloon dresses come to the rescue. No matter what size, shape, or body type you have, they are designed to flatter your best features. However, remember that it is crucial to match your body type with the dress of your choice. Let us help you with that. Here are a few tips and tricks that will guide you through your search for that perfect balloon dress.

  • Know your measurements – Though most balloon dresses offer free sizes, by now you must probably know that the size depends on the fabric or brand of the dress. Well, take a quick trip to the dressing room to find out what fits you best. However, with online shopping, you do not have that option. Therefore, we recommend you use a measuring tape and take note of your size to get the right fit.
  • Check the size chart – Before you look for dresses online, see how your measurements stand up to the online store’s size chart. Referring to it will further help you analyse your body type and shop your favourite dress accordingly. You can also check out the pictures of models wearing the dresses of your choice. Their body structure can sometimes give you an idea of how long, short, tight, or loose that garment is.
  • Research on the materials – The feel of the materials is utterly important. There is nothing more devastating than finally receiving a dress you have been eyeing on for months, only to find out that it feels like sandpaper. Since you cannot touch the fabric while shopping online, it is a good idea to go through your closet and familiarise yourself with fabric contents. Take note of anything that feels uncomfortable, itchy, or stuffy.
  • Be flexible – For sure, you have already searched countless shopping sites to find the one you are looking for. However, remember that you might not always get what you want. Hence, you need to be more flexible. You can go for alternatives to those dresses. For example, if you do not find balloon dresses, you can go for puffed up ones with flared hemlines which resemble the original balloon dresses.
  • Consider colour and patterns – When shopping online, remember that the colours and designs may not translate in the same way as in person. Not only that, the shade of the dresses may also change batch after batch. Chances are, you might end up getting your dress in a slightly different hue. However, if it does not match even your adjusted expectations, then you can request for a return or exchange.

Who wouldn’t love dresses that make you like a Disney princess? Well, balloon dresses are far more than that. They are versatile, as you can wear them as a single piece and style them with other items. Not to mention, they are available in abundant types to choose from. Regardless of age, these chic garments are available for little angels and grown women alike. So, explore today to find the perfect one for your needs!

Question & Answer

What is a balloon dress?

Balloon dresses are a fashionable and youthful dress pattern in which the flared central part of the garment arrows to the lower edge. This forms a silhouette reminiscent of a balloon or an egg. They are available in diverse types, colours, and fabrics to suit different tastes. Therefore, there is a perfect one for every kind of event. However, you need to be mindful of the fabric and design to ensure that it is apt for the occasion.

How to wear a balloon dress?

This garment is like a bell dress because it comes with a fitted bodice at the top and a wide hem. What’s more, it is loose and flowy, so you can stay comfortable on any formal or informal occasion. There are several ways to wear a balloon dress. If you have a balloon top, pair it with a pencil cut skirt or skinny jeans. Meanwhile, if you have a balloon skirt, wear any tight-fitting top. Keep in mind that it is all about balance. Ultimately, finish off your outfit with heeled shoes.

How to cut a balloon dress?

A balloon dress combines two pieces—an upper portion that has a fitted bodice and a lower portion that is flared up. If you want to embark on a DIY project and are wondering how to make a balloon dress, it is easy peasy. Usually, the dress features one full dress on the outside and one inner. The outer clothing is broader and longer while the inner is narrower. So, when you stitch the cut pattern to fit the inner dress, it forms a balloon. Simple!

Where to buy a balloon dress?

Do you prefer online shopping or in-store? Either way, it is your choice. However, we recommend you go for online shopping, as this is a convenient way to research such peculiar dresses. You can buy balloon dresses from your favourite brands and shops in just one click away. On top of that, there are exciting deals all year round. Check out our shopping search engine today for some great finds at prices you will love!

And there you have it. Hopefully, by now, you would have gotten a good grasp of the different types of balloon dresses available in the market. But with such a busy schedule, we entirely understand how shopping balloon dresses in Dubai can become a daunting task for you. Well, we are here to make your life easier. Explore your options here at, the leading product search engine in town! Plus, you can indulge in the collections of world-class brands like Zara, Pretty little things, ASOS, Armani Exchange, Gap, H&M, and Forever21.