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Uneven hemline, quirky accessories, and off-balanced necklinesit seems like finding beauty in irregularity is not that easy. However, you will love all of these when they are incorporated into asymmetrical dresses. That is because this apparel adds zing to your regular, boring look. They let you break away from rigid lines of symmetry and encourage you to experiment with various cuts and patterns. 

Asymmetrical fashion first came to the forefront in the 1980s and has evolved into a stylish piece since then. An asymmetrical dress typically features slanted hemlines and comes with a wrap-over concept where the fabric of one side wraps over the one on the other side. However, the degree to which the hem occurs can vary significantly from a subtle slant to a deep one. This style allows layering and is a great way to disguise excess flaps. The most common design features a one-shoulder bodice. There are also variations that come in modest designs and patterns. We have rounded up their types to help you determine the right one that will meet your needs and preferences. 

Add a twist to your wardrobe with these asymmetrical dresses 

The more you embrace this asymmetric trend, the more you realise how stylish and elegant it is. The beauty of an asymmetrical dress is that it does not require little to no styling and gives an oomph to an already existing piece in your wardrobe. Available in eye-catching designs and patterns, it offers the perfect balance of beauty and comfort. Thus, you can never go wrong wearing it on any occasion. However, you need to determine the right one that will suit you best. Below, you will find our best picks of uneven necklines, off-balance hems, and all asymmetrical awesomeness that you could ever ask for. So, read until the end. 

Be stunningly stylish with an asymmetrical cocktail dress 

Is there a feeling any better than getting all dolled up in your favourite dress and heading out for a cocktail party? Well, there isn’t! However, finding that perfect dress to wear is always a challenge. The good news is, you can count on the charm of an asymmetrical cocktail dress. There are so many swoon-worthy options available in the market that will help you flaunt your sultry frame. An embellished sequin dress is one of the prototypical versions of a perfect summer cocktail dress. Designed to make you look ravishing on any occasion, you can team it up with a pair of nude court shoes or a blazer over the top to complete your look. 

Look and feel cool with asymmetrical summer dresses 

At a certain point during the summer, it gets too hot that all you want is to throw on a comfy dress effortlessly. And trust us when we say that asymmetrical dresses are the easiest to look fab in. They are flowy, lightweight, and add a twist to your boring summer dresses. A two-toned asymmetrical dress is a classic example of this. It comes with a dual colour tone where the top is of a different colour than the bottom. Giving a classy look, it features a mini skirt in a sheath fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the day. If style and comfort are on top of your priority list, then an asymmetrical summer dress will never disappoint. 

Add a twist to your regular apparel with asymmetrical neckline dresses 

If you desire to have something that is out of the box, then seek out trendy asymmetrical neckline dresses. Sexy, relaxed, and creative-looking, they feature unique necklines that make them stand out from the crowd. Some of the best necklines include peplum cuts, frills, slinky lace necklines, halters, cut open side wrap-front, one-shoulder, and many more. Additionally, the fabric of neckline dresses gives out a chic vibe perfect for smart and special occasions. Want to scream elegance without saying a word? Adorn your look with these asymmetrical neckline dresses, and you will fall in love with yourself even more. 

Set a new trend with a strapless asymmetrical dress 

Most of us imagine high-low dresses when we think about asymmetrical dresses. Well, there is so much more to them aside from their uneven length. A strapless asymmetrical dress is one such example. It comes with a tube pattern, which is perfect for those who want to show off their sexy collar bones. Though it looks plain and simple, the strapless feature elevates its look and gives it a classic vibe. Typically, it has a slant cut, which stays above the knee on one leg and falls below on the other. With such characteristics, a strapless asymmetrical is something that you should not miss out flaunting when the weather is fine and dandy. 

Feel pretty with an asymmetrical maxi dress 

The best asymmetrical dresses are the ones with an edgy twist, and a maxi dress is the best example. Usually lengthy, it features a lifted leg hem, mismatched sleeve, and a one-shoulder strap. However, it comes in many other varieties. Most of them have cuts that create vertical lines, making the wearer look slim. However, one of their most attractive features is modesty. Ladies, remember that you do not have to overexpose to look sexy. With a maxi dress, you can achieve that effortlessly. What’s more, it does a great job of shielding you from the sun during those blistering summer months. Therefore, you can get the best of both worlds. 

Tips on how to buy Asymmetrical Dresses online

As we come close to maxing out the number of nostalgic trends of asymmetric hemlines, we start brooding over something new. But with so many throwback fashions in the mix, we are sure that finding the perfect asymmetrical dress would be the edgiest thing yet. Below are a few factors to keep in mind when you are on a hunt for the perfect asymmetrical dress.

  • Know your body type – Each dress is unique and comes with a different fit. Therefore, analyse your body type first to end up choosing the one with the right design, length, and size. Since dresses come in so many styles, keeping track of them is a daunting task. Therefore, identify the one that suits you the best by considering your build and body structure. Once done, the rest will follow.
  • Consider the fabric – A high-low asymmetrical dress is typically designed to give the effect of a fall from one side to another. To achieve the perfect look, go for materials such as chiffon, silk, or polyester. You can also opt for those embellished with some glitz, shimmer, beads, and pearls if you are looking for something to wear on a special occasion. Remember this—choose wisely to avoid looking trashy.
  • Understand the ideal cut – The unique selling proposition of asymmetrical dresses is their cut, which is designed to give you a body-hugging fit but a flowing hemline. There are many styles available in the market, such as tunics and asymmetric gowns that make you look stunning. You can also go for those options featuring pleats and frills that further adds a unique style to your look.
  • Choice of colour – If you are planning to wear your asymmetrical dresses for a formal occasion, then go for neutral shades. Alternatively, if you are planning a spring break or a summer getaway, then pick bright-coloured varieties. You can also combine two or more colours to add a focal point to your attire. The hues on the dress have a specific purpose. Therefore, choose well to look elegant and classy.

Asymmetrical dresses give you an impressive first impression that lasts. They make this possible through their dignified style and unique cut. No wonder, these dresses have become prudent ensembles for almost all ladies throughout the years. Their attractive qualities can make you the darling of the crowd. However, it is imperative to consider the factors above to slay your choice like a true-blue clothing goddess.

Question & Answer

How to wear an asymmetrical dress?

Asymmetry is quite trendy. With the diverse options available, it is never impossible to find a dress that will perfectly match your style and body shape. With a slightly curved hemline, an asymmetrical dress can be worn be it in a formal or informal event. However, remember to experiment with different styles to get that flawless look. Of course, this entails using the right accessories and wearing the right make-up.

How to stitch an asymmetrical dress?

We all love patterns in our dresses, don’t we? But sometimes, we want to add a personal touch to it. And what can be better than creating your own version of an asymmetrical dress? Well, you barely even need a sewing machine. All you need is a lengthy piece of your favourite fabric. Wrap it around yourself, tie one shoulder, and then sew up the side seam. Voila, now you have a stylish asymmetrical dress perfect for the summer!

What is an asymmetrical dress?

This pertains to a type of dress with an uneven hemline, a unique neckline, and a hollow cut on the sleeves. Since it is available in different styles and patterns, you have a wide array of options to select from. Two of the most common types of asymmetrical dresses that you can consider are one-shoulder and those with long sleeves. There are also varieties that can be worn for formal meetings and occasions.

How to accessorise asymmetric dress?

The sophisticated look of asymmetrical dresses can give you an amazing transformation. However, it can be tricky to accessorise them. By considering the occasion and the type of dress you are wearing, the job becomes a bit easier. For example, if you are wearing something with a busy silhouette, do not go for bulky accessories. Alternatively, if you are wearing a pale or soft coloured dress, then choose bold accessories.

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