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Womens Tie-Dye Sleeveless Blouse  Pink/White
Womens Tie-Dye Sleeveless Blouse Pink/White
womens tie-dye sleeveless blouse pink/white
Womens Plaid Blouse  Black Combo
Womens Plaid Blouse Black Combo
womens plaid blouse black combo
Womens Floral Print Blouse  Red Combo
Womens Floral Print Blouse Red Combo
womens floral print blouse red combo
Womens V-Neck With Button Blouse  Black
Womens V-Neck With Button Blouse Black
womens v-neck with button blouse black
Womens V-neck Blouse  Mustard
Womens V-neck Blouse Mustard
womens v-neck blouse mustard
Womens Allover Print Blouse  Burgundy Combo
Womens Allover Print Blouse Burgundy Combo
womens allover print blouse burgundy combo
Womens Leopard Print Ruffled Blouse  Black/White
Womens Leopard Print Ruffled Blouse Black/White
womens leopard print ruffled blouse black/white
Womens Off Shoulder Blouse  White Combo
Womens Off Shoulder Blouse White Combo
womens off shoulder blouse white combo

About Blouses

Believe it or not, blouses and tops have been around for centuries nowSince they have successfully claimed an undisputed position as a wardrobe staple, their popularity and visual appeal of this clothing has only gotten better over the years. And that is the reason why there is no woman today whose closet does nohave even a single top 

In the purest sense, blouses are casual, feminineand look lovely on any body type. Another thing to love about them is their versatility. You can reserve those flowy blouses for work or special dinners. Meanwhile, when you are out of choices on what to wear, go for casual onesA good ladies’ blouse works wonders for the wearer in more than one way. Specifically, classic silk blouses have made a revolutionary statement and are still popular even today. You can also find other varieties in diverse fabric materials, styles, prints, and designs. Thanks to the brilliant fashion designers in this generation, the sky is always the limit when it comes to our choice.  

Choosing the Best Blouses for Yourself 

When it comes to choosing workwear, it is always tricky. Sometimes, you will be left wondering whether that long sleeve lace blouse is apt or too much. You may also hesitate to wear a black blouse with long sleeves, thinking that it can get you too much attention. For sure, you also find yourself worrying if your favourite tunic blouse is still in style. We want to make your everyday life easier, so we compiled a list of tops and blouses for women that can leave a few heads turning. However, it makes a lot of sense to choose something that matches both your body type and personality. One without the other will make you feel that something is missing. 

The Classic White or Black Top 

We all have that favourite, classic top that goes with pretty much anything, don’t we? It is the safest pick on rushed mornings or when you are not in the mood to try something new. You know that because it goes with just about anything. Yes, a pure white or black top will never disappoint, making it a wardrobe must-have. It is also versatile, as it can be worn with trousers, slacks, skirts, capris, denim, and the list goes on. If you don’t have it yet, we highly recommend purchasing at least one in black and white from any of your favourite online storesTrust us; you will love how simple your life can get! 

The Strappy Blouse 

Strappy blouses are also a wardrobe classic, which can easily be paired with a jacket or pantsuit. Usually, they come in satin or lace so you don’t end up feeling stuffy. These dressy blouses for women are also thin and come in solid colours. They are delicate and work well even as camisoles. Do you have a strappy shirt? Since it looks great on its own, there is no need to exert too much effort styling it. But if you are in the mood, pair it with a blazer for an office-ready look. Adding an elegant scarf is also great to upgrade your outfitMeanwhile, if it is for casual wear, you don’t need to wear anything to layer it up anymore 

The Lace Blouse  

This type of blouse looks elegant and is best for special meetings. Long sleeve lace blouses especially look great with skinny trousers or pants. You can also pair them with skirts for a refined look, along with stilettoes or wedges. For an outfit like this, you don’t need accessories. However, you can opt for a pure silver or pearl bracelet or earrings. While some women may find it a slightly unconventional choice, a lace top when worn right looks magnificent! Due to its simplicity, this blouse needs other additions to look good. With the right jewellery such as pearl or rose gold, it can look even classier. 

The Fitted Blouse  

Think on the lines of a bodysuit but a little formal. Although these aren’t very popular, a lot of women love them. They are extremely fitted and best if worn as a layered outfit. Team it with a flowy top, jacket or blazer. Fitted tops are best for medium and petite women. Heavy women should stick to flowy or regular-fit blouses. An excellent fitted top looks best when it is simple and without too many large prints. For workwear mainly, if you like fitted blouses, stick to the simplest ones you can find, in solid colours. A fitted blouse works well with straight-cut pants or even with a lovely midi skirt in a solid shade. 

The Trendy Blouse 

Most women consider blouses as a formal or casual wear option, and not something that can be worn to an evening party. But of course, with so much variety, there is a blouse for any occasion. A trendy top is the perfect type to wear to a special dinner. Available in different styles and types of fabric, you can choose the ones that best work for you. Trendy tops are also suitable for office parties. However, when shopping online, go for neutral shades to maintain a corporate look. We also recommend you apply the concept of minimalism to your accessories to look simple yet sophisticated.   

Tips to keep in mind when buying a blouse

Since blouses are the most common outfit in a lot of wardrobes, women are aware of what to consider when choosing these garments. Whether it is online or in a brick and mortar shop, buying clothes that you intend to wear every day is a big deal. Selecting them becomes even more crucial when choosing an attire for work. Here are a few quick tips on how to make the most of your blouse-buying experience. 
  • Work them on their own – Blouses are great for formal days, as you can pair them with skirts or slacks for maximum visual appeal. A good long-sleeved black blouse is a classic office wardrobe essential. Another alternative to this top is the one with 3/4 sleeves. These two are perfect, as they allow ease of movement.  
  • Simplicity is beauty – Tops may have patterns, embroidery, pearls, or faux fur on them. These embellishments are designed to up your look instantly, and thus, eliminates the need for accessorisingWhen wearing attractive dressy blouses for women, a simple bottom wear will do. Shoes, too, should be kept simple. 
  • Check for variations – The button-up blouse is a more formal option featuring a single line of small buttons in the front. It can be in cotton or satin and works well with trousers. Fitted pants are also great to wear with a button-up top, and so is a jacket. You can always mix and match styles for some fantastic options. 
  • Choose ones that reflect your unique style  A lot of great options ooze femininity and style. A good blouse will have fitted bust area until the mid-waist and a flowy finish until the waist, where it ends. Fitted trousers work best with peplum, although most women don’t style skirts with them.  
  • Check for unique neck patterns – Several blouses with boat neck designs are now accessible. So, you can choose the best ones that suit your level of comfort. However, a boat neck pattern may be a little too much for certain offices, so select the top carefully. The good news is, there are a lot of semi-casual styles available. 
  • Play around with the fabric – Tops are available in different fabric materials. You can choose from cotton, silk, satin, lace, and more. The crocheted blouse is another classic option, which can be added with a style quotient without going overboard. Wear it with trousers, pants, or a skirt, and you’re good to go. Also, choose pastel shades to look your best.  
Always remember that blouses are meant to be simple and elegant. Sometimes, you may not have to add any accessories or additions to make them stand out anymore. It all boils down to picking the right one that suits your personal style and the occasionHope the tips and ideas above would be of great help in your search for the perfect one. Of course, do not forget to explore for a wide array of selections from your favourite brands and shops!     

Question & Answer

Why are blouses so popular?

Well, ask countless women who love their blouses! It is not difficult to see how this garment is the centre of attention even today. In the purest sense, an elegant blouse can easily replace a dull shirt. Be it a casual or formal occasion, you can easily find a blouse for it. What’s more, a single, basic-coloured one works well with several different outfits. Thanks to its versatility, you can easily experiment a new look for every occasion. 

How should blouses fit?

 A good ladies’ blouse should be slightly loose around the bust and waist areas. Depending on the style, this rule may or may not apply to the sleeves. The concept of any blouse is primarily comfort, and this effortlessly portrays through its form. Always opt for a blouse that is roomy and flowy for workwear, so that it giveyou comfort throughout the day. Since most blouses are of satin or silk, they are easier and more comfortable to wear.  

Which blouses are best to wear with jeans?

Most women love pairing silk blouses with trousers as they look more formal. However, a good blouse also looks great with a simple, dark-shaded pair of jeans. Generally, with jeans, both cotton and satin blouses look lovely. To complete your look, grab a pair of fancy shoes such as pumps, stilletoes, or flats. If you are wearing an embroidered or printed blouse, avoid too many accessories. In the same way, ensure to keep your makeup to a minimum. 

Are sleeveless blouses good for workwear?

Unless it is a halter or spaghetti blouse, anything including a sleeveless one works for office wear. If you feel what you are wearing is inappropriate, then layer it up with a shrug or blazer. However, even on their own, sleeveless blouses already look stunning! Another great option is to pair them with a great well-fitted skirt, as it looks incredibly perfect with a sleeveless top. A good pair of shoes is also a must, especially when flaunting skirts.  

Where can you find blouses online in the UAE?

You can easily find some of the best tops and blouses for women online. Brands like Zara, MANGO, H&M, Calvin Klein, Dorothy Perkins, Ella, Forever 21, Ginger, GUESS, Lacoste, Ted Baker, The Label Life, Only, and Vero Moda have exclusive collections. Meanwhile, for the best online shops, check out Brands for Less, Tryano, GAP, NewchicOunassand Yoins, to name a few. To find everything in one click, explore which is a super product search engine!  

Pairing the blouse with the right shoes, jacket, pants, or trousers is equally essential. Doing so ensures that your blouse stands out. Of course, do not forget that accessories and makeup also do the trick. Are you ready for a fun online shopping adventure? Well, start your journey here on our retail search engine to find some amazing deals all year round!