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About Tires

Do you know that a standard bike tire is also used on tricycles, tandem, quadricycles, trailer bikes, and unicycles?

For bikes, we have special type of tires that fits on the wheel of a bicycle or any other similar vehicle. They are also used on handcycles and wheelchairs.  They offer a particular source of suspension and generate necessary lateral forces for balancing and turning. At the same time, these forces generate longitudinal forces that play an important role in braking and propulsion. Although the use of such options significantly reduces the rolling resistance, they are still the largest source of power consumptions on a level road. With varying uses, there are different types of these bike essentials.

Types of bicycle tires available in the market

The very first bike tire consisted of a rubber tube and was made by glueing the edges of two rubber strips. These strips were held on the wheel by lined tape that itself was nailed in its place. A modern tire is much more sophisticated than this initial patent. However, rubber is still used for holding air in place. Usually, these tires have a tube inside that can easily be replaced or repaired. This inner tube is held in place by casing generally made from layers of cloth. This outer layer is responsible for holding pressure. Here a rule of thumb is that finer the casing, better the quality of tire will be. However, many types have an additional layer under the tread to reduce punctures. Let us discuss some of them.


These are the most standard and commonly used type with u-shape in cross-section, moulded into a hoop by machine. There is bread at each end of the U-hook, and the tread is moulded into place while making the tyre. The design of these tyres serves the main advantage because it's fitting and replacing is a low skill job. Hence the inner tube can be replaced easily if the tire punctures. The combination of hook on the bead and rim on the tyre serves decent proportion against the tyre blowing off too. However, these are heavier than traditionally used tires.


A tubular tyre has casing sewn around the inner tube. These tires also have no beads to hold it in place. Instead, it is glued to the rim. This is the most common tyre construction that was sold back in the 80s. The casing in these tyres is wrapped around the inner tube and is sewn together with tape over the stitching to protect it. The biggest advantage of these tire lies in their lightweight. Also, if you get a puncture in tubular while riding, replacing the tire will be the only option. Therefore if you own tubular, always carry a spare in your backyard.

Tubeless bike tires

These are clincher tyres that do not have any inner tube. Instead, these tyres seals against the rim and the air are held inside by rubber layer on the inside or by a liquid sealant. The core advantage of these tires lies in the immune to certain types of punctures generally known as pinch or snakebite puncture. A tubeless tire needs matching rim, without spoke holes or with a rim tape that seals the spoke holes. Here the tire bead is shaped to seal against the rim, and the sizing is more precise than that of ordinary clinchers.

Solid and foam tires

These tires are made of lightweight foam, and the holes are meant to mount pins for holding the rim. There have been many attempts over the year to market such puncture-proof tires that can fit in conventional rims. They usually involve tyres made of solid rubber or tyres with a thick layer of rubber around the hollow core. Without any pressurized air, these tires can give a hard ride. Also, they need a snug fit to stay on the rim. Foam and solid tires are not made of same rubber used in the tire tread, but they are moulded from materials like polyurethane.

Tips on how to buy bike Tires online in the UAE

When you head to buy bike accessories online, you will find a wide range of bike tires for sale available in the market. They vary based on the type of bike, prefer terrain, preferred sporting type, width, price, material, and brand. And each of the available options has its pros and cons. Besides the technicalities, the material and quality choices also make a bike tire buying a bit complicated venture for many users. This is why we are about to share tips on how you can pick a bike tire online in UAE.
  • Check the sidewall – The side of the tire contain certain numbers. The number their indicate the size of your tire. Roughly it is the outer diameter and the width of the tire.
  • Choose the width – The width of your tire depends on the type of bike you own. Here you will need to consult a professional for assistance on what tire will suit your bike.
  • Tread – Know what type of tread you want. There are an infinite amount of options available in terms of tread patterns. Remember the tread should be according to the surface you will ride on.
  • The price – Branded items are always a bit expensive, but the quality and durability worth the price of the product. So, opt for branded products even if they cost you a bit more.
  • Read the product – It is important to know your purchase before placing order. In online shopping, you can do this by reading the product description section.
In the end, reading customer reviews is also of great importance. It will help you know about all the hidden pros and cons of the product you are about to buy. This is where the existing customers and users share their opinions and experience; they have with the bike accessories you are about to. When it comes to online shopping, such reviews are of great importance. And you must opt for a product with higher customer reviews.

Question & Answer

Can bike tires be recycled?

They are made of butyl rubber and other chemical additives that built up additional properties in rubber. This combination makes the butyl a non-biodegradable element. Therefore it cannot take another shape or turn into any other chemical compound. However, at the end of their life as a bike tire, these plastics are transformed into other shapes and items, including fashion accessories like bags, shoes, wallets and more.

Where to buy bike tires online in the UAE?

It is better to explore a product search engine to find all the possible options from top brands. At you can find a wide range of products from top brands like Michelin, Continental, Maxxis, and MRF. Here you can also use the price comparison tool to find reliable options from top brands setting in your budget limitations. So, find some top choices and compare them to pick the best possible matching your needs.

What are bike tires made of?

Modern options are made of different types of materials including natural rubber; synthetic rubber; wire and fabric along with different chemical compounds including carbon black. However, different types may have a variety of material used. For instance, a bicycle tyre is made of rubber-impregnated cloth casing, also known as carcass with additional rubber. Among many, they are made of butyl are the most appreciated and widely used material.

What does bar mean on bike tires?

A bar is also known as the wear bar. It is unique, purposeful construction on the tire. A worn bar of tread wear indicator is evenly spaced construction through the min groove in the tire tread. This construction is mainly used to assess the age of the tire. Once they are flush with the level of tread, you need to replace the tire. Besides the range of products from top brands, also gives you access to products on shops like Menakart and many others.