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About Rims

Unlike cars, rims are an integral part of the overall aesthetics of a vehicle. Car rims can sometimes go unnoticed as they sit much lower. But that is not the case with a rim. And for that reason, rims are one of the most customised parts of the motorcycles and cars.

There are many reasons to get a new wheel rim. Whether it be to replace a broken rim or to upgrade the stock rim, there are a lot of options to consider. It is the tire-rim combination that makes or breaks the ride quality and safety of a motorcycle. And for this reason, you have to take the utmost care when you are selecting a new set of rims. To do that, you need at least the basic knowledge of the wheel rims and all the factors to consider when you buy a new one. This article will give you a basic idea of rims. Having a better understanding of them will help you choose the right one while you are shopping.

Different types of rims

Just like there are different types and sizes of vehicles, there are different designs and models of rims as well. Because not two types of rims are created equal, each of them has their sets of advantages and disadvantages. And the type and size of the rim can vary between the back and front wheel of the same vehicle. This is because the back wheel does all the heavy work. Here are the different types of rims that you will come across in the market. You will need to know this before deciding which one to buy.

Spoke motorcycle wheels

These are the good old types of wheels that used to be the only type of wheel in every motorcycle out there. This is a set of hub and rim with steel or aluminium sprockets that connect them both. Just because it is old doesn’t mean that it is outdated. It does have a lot of advantages over the newer alloy wheels and billet wheels. The thin spokes provide enough give to the wheel that allows them to absorb impacts. Only the rest of the impact is then transferred to the shock absorber and then to the person on the motorcycle. Another benefit is the lightweight construction. Both of these factors make them the default option for motorsport bikes.

Alloy wheels

Single piece wheels or alloy wheels rose into popularity during the 70s. Apart from the fact that they were better looking, better handling due to the rigidity of them made them suitable at higher speeds. Variations of alloy wheels are still the staple in modern racing bikes. Because they do not bend like spoke wheels, they are more predictable and consistent in turns. And for sporting events, this is so important. But you will see them even on street vehicles for aesthetic reasons. Because alloy wheels are made in automated machines, they are usually cheaper than spoke wheels.

Billet wheels

‘Forged wheels’ is just another name for this. The life of a forged wheel begins as a solid piece of metal called a billet. And like all the traditional forging processes, a billet goes through immense heat and pressure. The benefit is that billet wheels are much stronger than cast wheels. But the forging process is slow, and only a few billet wheels are made in a typical wheel factory in a day. The manufacturer can have better control over the shape and details of the billet wheel. And forging allows them to achieve wheels that are stronger even with the use of less metal. They are much more resistant to corrosion.

Carbon fibre wheels

Probably the rarest and the most expensive type of wheels you can get your hands on. Carbon fibre wheels have a slew of benefits to them. They are lightweight and incredibly strong. Lightweight wheels can help in the overall reduction of the vehicle’s weight and can thus improve its mileage and performance. They are also durable and provide consistent contact with the road surface. But like anything, great things come at a cost. The only thing that might be holding back a lot of people from installing carbon fibre wheels on their vehicle is the insanely high cost.

Tips on buying Rims Online 

Buying rims, whether online or office today, does not have to be a considerable challenge. Remember to keep it simple if you are a new vehicle owner. Don’t complicate it with so many specifications and designs, instead pick something from a good brand, if you can. To make your buying process simpler, here are some easy tips that you can use to make your buying process efficient. Lastly, don’t forget to look at the technical to be entirely sure before you buy!

  • Check out the online options – It is always an excellent way to save money if you choose to shop online. You also have the advantage of getting to read reviews, having more choices and getting exclusive online discounts. It is the best way to shop.
  • Don’t be in a hurry – Don’t wait until the last day if your tyres or rims need a change. You are bound to shell out in desperation. With limited time on your hands, you won’t even have the chance to research thoroughly.
  • Reach out to several dealers for custom-made rims – If a custom-made or designer set is on your wish list, then don’t settle immediately. There can be a vast price difference with dealers in the same locations too. So, check well get quotations and find out if the high price justifies their work and the product quality.
  • Ensure the fitting is right – The rims should perfectly fit the tyres. It can be a dangerous situation if you go wrong with this bit. So, always ask someone who is an excellent judge to help you out if you’re unsure.
  • Ask for some advice – Don’t refrain from connecting with people. If you don’t have a friend who can guide you, talk to previous buyers who have left reviews. Most people will be happy to share some advice and the pros and cons of the product with you.
  • Make sure you get a good deal – Rims are expensive, especially if you go for reputed brands. So, the best way to get a good deal is to check online for options, sales, voucher codes and more. Ensure you keep an eye out for such offerings on the social media pages of the brands too.

It isn’t recommended to buy second-hand rims or even tyres. These are components that are crucial for your safety and the older ones may be worn out. If you are on a budget, wait for a sale and buy the best one you can. You can also consider online shopping from the stores in your country or check for global brands, as they turn out more reasonable at times. Check out the discounted tire rims on flash sales and annual discounts by good brands to stock up.

Question & Answer

Are spoke wheels better than alloy wheels?

Spoked wheels and alloy wheels are the most common types of wheels in these times. In fact, there are pros and cons for both types of wheels and hence different areas of use. Spoke wheels have a degree of flexibility that allows it to absorb impacts from potholes and road bumps. This is great for a smoother ride. But this flexibility is not desirable for performance sports where precision and speed are more important than a smooth ride. Spoke wheels are hand-assembled and are costlier than alloy wheels. But when any of the spokes go bad, you can repair the wheel by replacing or straightening out just that spoke.

Can you straighten a motorcycle wheel?

Yes, you can fix a bent rim of your motorcycle. But if there is only a slight bent on the outer lip of the rim, you need not fix it because those are common and does not affect the ride quality. But if the bend is serious, you will understand if the bike starts vibrating and wobbling as you ride it. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it is dangerous as well. But do not ever try to fix the wheels yourself. Wheel rims require the use of some heavy equipment to straighten them out. Unless you have them at home, always get professional help to fix your bent rims.

How do you measure a rim?

Knowing the size of rim accurately down to the centimetres is necessary when you buy new tires for the rim. The size of a rim is defined by its diameter and width. Intuitively, the diameter of the rim is the distance between the widest part of the circle that forms the wheel. And the width is the side to side distance of the wheel when the wheel is not in motion. Before you measure the rim with a measuring tape, remove the already existing tires and lay the rim flat on the ground.

Which is better, a cast wheel or billet wheel?

Cast wheels are made by pouring molten aluminium into a mould and letting it cool down until it is hard. This is a faster way than forging the wheel. But casting has a major disadvantage. When the molten metal cools, this will cause a lot of pores to form in the structure. This results in a weaker structure. On the other hand, when forging, the metal is never really melted. For that, a solid piece of metal is heated until it is red hot. You can shape this metal into shape by applying pressure, usually with a mechanical hammer. This gives us a much stronger wheel and a better-looking finish.

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