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Every car owner knows that, without the engine, a vehicle is just a heap of metals bolted together. The engine houses some of the most critical moving gears. Blame it on the friction, it’s also the first to experience wear and tear. Therefore, it’s imperative to maintain and service the engines regularly. And this maintenance process involves lubrication – the most important of all. It makes sense, as it reduces the friction and ensures smoother working of all the engine parts. That’s why you should always keep a check on the engine oil levels and your car oil pump’s condition regularly. 

Why do you think car oil pumps are so important in a vehicle? What role do they play? Well, these pumps act as the heart of the engine system. They perform the critical task of pumping and supplying sufficient engine oil to the various engine parts when they’re under high stress. It’s the engine oil that lubricates the moving metal parts, which, in turn, ensures that the engine runs smoothly. The machine carries out the entire process under high pressure to ensure that the oil reaches all the pistons, bearing, and contact points. In short, for a car engine to be reliable and durable, the car lubricant pumps must be working excellently. Only the perfectly conditioned pumps ensure adequate lubrication to all the engine parts. That said, let’s look at various pumps to enhance a car’s efficiency. 

The various car oil pump types to keep a check on and increase your vehicle’s efficiency 

By now, you must’ve figured out that taking a keen interest in your car engine parts can be very beneficial. However, taking an interest isn’t enough. That’s because the type of pumps used in an automotive engine depends on the engine’s structure. That is, the type of drive and its lubrication requirements differ. Also, the lubrication systems vary by how you use a particular automobile. For instance, a normal passenger car oil pump requirements differ from that of an off-road vehicle. You might have to use rotor pumps or transmission pumps. However, if you have a racing car, you should pick a high-performance oil pump. Below, we’ve compiled different types of car lubricant pumps for your diverse needs. 

The rotary or rotor type oil pump

The fundamental principle of the rotary pump is similar to that of a gear pump. You use them to control the flow of oil into the engine by two rotating sprockets. However, the mechanism that pressurises the lubricant and injects it into the system slightly differs. Instead of building the pressure by increasing the lubricant amount at the nozzle end, the rotors draw an amount of oil into a compartment. This gradually becomes smaller in size and squeezes oil. And this, in turn, builds pressure near the injection nozzle. Most pumps achieve this using different sizes of teeth on the rotor. The different size teeth change the size of the compartments while rotating. 

Increase your diesel engine performance with a high-pressure oil pump

High-pressure pumps are ideal for the diesel engines of those vehicles that perform high-power demanding jobs. The engines of such vehicles tend to be robust, durable and efficient for heavy-duty jobs. They can stand the test of time. But, with the addition of the high-pressure pumps, these engines make the ultimate powerhouse. They give more power and control to handle even the heaviest loads. In short, they allow your vehicle to perform more demanding jobs. A typical high-pressure pump ensures the smooth flow of high-pressure oil and the efficient working of the engine’s diesel fuel injection system.  

Get more advanced with a transmission pump installed in your car

You can enjoy great performance advantages with the transmission oil pump in your car. They are mainly used in automatic transmissions. These automatic pumps use more advanced technology, and their designs and appearance make them much easier to operate and use. The transmission pump will improve your engine’s performance significantly as it is more advanced by technology, ensuring there is efficient pressure to lubricate the whole engine system. The pumps produce very low noise in the car engine and sometimes even no noise at all. The advancements in this car pump also ensure a very low pulsation of the oil. 

Increase the lifespan of your vehicle by investing in the top-quality engine pump

Car engine parts undergo stress and movements to produce the required power. These metal-on-metal movements cause a great deal of friction to the entire system. It results in excess heat and even irreversible wear and tears if you don’t have a reliable car pump. Investing in top high-quality car engine lubricant pumps can be very advantageous to you. It’ll save you a lot of money which you would otherwise use for replacement and maintenance. With a good and reliable engine pump, your car will perform better, as the engine will have a constant engine oil supply every time it runs. This ensures the moving parts are well lubricated, thus reducing the chances of wear and tear.

Tips on how to buy Oil Pumps online

By now, you must’ve figured out that there are several types of car pumps out there on the market. This means you need to put in some extra effort to find the perfect one for your needs, as every other pump differs. Having an idea about what to look for before you begin your search online will be of great help. Below we’ve laid out a few helpful tips to embark on a successful online shopping expedition of car pumps with our product search engine.

  • Consider the capacity – This is one thing you should think about before purchasing an oil car pump. The pump’s capacity or volume greatly determines the rate at which the engine pumps into the engine. So, in terms of capacity, you must always choose a pump with more capacity. Remember, the higher the capacity, the more effective it’ll be to lubricate and cool down your vehicle. Of course, you should consider your vehicle type as well.
  • Check out the type of engine on your car – Considering the kind of engine in your car should be a priority when buying car pumps. Knowing your engine in and out will make it easy to know the type of car oil pump that perfectly fits your car’s needs. Different pumps are made for different engine types; some are made for specific cars, and others are for different purposes. You should go for an engine oil pump that matches your engine according to its needs and type.
  • Consider what you are going to use your car for – The car oil pump requirements for a racing car and a personal or family car are very different. Some require high-performance pumping systems while others, just the normal. If you have a family car, the standard engine oil pump will be enough to provide all the engine’s lubrication and cooling requirements. But if you are a racer, you should go for a durable high-pressure oil pump that can cater to a racing car’s pressure and performance.
  • Look out for the engine’s pressure requirements – Every engine comes with its pressure requirements. Thus, it is essential to know the needs of your engine before buying car pumps. Buying a pump that cannot meet your car’s pressure requirements can result in damages since it won’t provide sufficient lubrication and cooling to the engine. This, in turn, results in it wearing out and even breaking down. It can also be a significant waste of money since these pumps don’t come cheap.
  • Keep an eye on the required performance – You should go for high-performance car pumps like the high-pressure pumps if you use your vehicle to perform intensive and demanding jobs. These pumps will provide your car’s engine with the appropriate engine oil to sustain its lubrication and cooling. Moreover, these pumps also protect your engine and help them last longer without breaking down.
  • Check out the cost – Each oil pump will have different price tags. That’s because the oil pump price largely depends on the features, brand, and the place from where you buy it. Luckily, you’ll find both expensive and cheap car oil pump options. Therefore, be wise and set aside a budget for yourself before you begin your search online. You can also get some high-end or premium quality car pumps for sale during various festive or promotional offers.
  • Get the branded pumps – Any low-quality pumps would spoil your car’s engines. Therefore, you must pick the best. One of the easiest ways to make sure that you have durable, reliable, and high-end pumps is to pick them from top-rated brands. Check out brands like Melling, Robinair, and Mobil if you want efficient and high-performing car oil pumps. It’s always better to spend a few extra bucks buying the branded rather than spending on the maintenance of a substandard pump.

With the above tips, you can eliminate the dilemma of deciding what car pumps fit your car. You can explore our product search engine, check the prices on various stores, and choose the best prices for the type of engine oil pump you want. You can also go through the reviews to see what others say about the product if you have doubts. This way, you can be sure to get the best car supplies and car tools at a fair price.

Question & Answer

How do car oil pumps work?

There are many answers to this question as there are many various car pumps and they all work using other mechanisms. But generally, they all work to lubricate the engine and reduce friction and heat. The car pumps lubricate and cool the engine by pumping engine oil with tremendous pressure and force overall the engine’s contact points and bearings. The oil smoothens the moving gears and metal parts’ surfaces, ensuring little or no friction from the contact points. This, in turn, smoothens the movements in the engine, reducing heat and protecting it from wear and tear. The engine will also last longer due to the reduced risk of breakdowns.

Where to buy a car oil pump online in UAE?

The online market is one of the best places you can buy car pumps. It is easy to navigate the online market and get to see the various products in it, plus you will buy without physically going to the shops. You can come across great discounts for multiple products from different stores, which you could not have found when visiting the stores physically. Our Dubai search engine can shorten all the processes by bringing you various sellers and car pumps or even other car components. All you have to do is find the car pumps of your choice and the price you can afford and make an order for them. The online market is an all-in-one market for all that you need.

Is the car oil pump expensive?

Several factors determine the price of the car pumps. It can be the performance, brand or even its make. Some well-known brands known to be reliable can be costly, but their ability to boost car engine performance is excellent, which is worth it. Also, high-performance car pumps like the ones used in racing cars and even trucks can be costly because they improve the engines’ performance. Some cheap car pumps can also provide a good performance and lubrication of the engine, but they will require regular maintenance, proving to be expensive in the end. They may also cause breakdowns which may require a complete replacement of the engine.