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About Oil filter keys

The first question that might pop up in our minds is about the purpose of this oil filter wrench. To answer that, let’s start with describing the oil filter. These filters eliminate impurities in the engine oil to give you a smooth drive. However, every filtration system has a limited capacity. Once it reaches its full capacity, you need to replace it, neglecting which may damage the inside system severely. To avoid such mishaps, you need an oil filter key that provides an easy mechanism to change filters.

Experts often advise car owners to replace their oil filters when changing their oil to impede impurities from entering the engine and causing abrasive wear. A wrench helps in that, which is a cylindrical, smooth canister consisting of knurling on the lower side that is hard to grip, especially when oily. The loop of chains of an oil filter key sets around the filter, and you turn the bar anticlockwise until the chain is tight. You can use an adjustable spanner to rotate the hexagonal bar in the same direction, which increases tension in the chain and prevents slippage. An adjustable oil filter key is critical in ensuring the durability of an automobile.

Advantages of an oil filter wrench

Let’s first mention a few types of oil filter wrenches in the UAE market. That includes a strap, chain, socket, and jaw oil filter keys. Chain wrenches have a handle for turning and a chain strap that loops around the cap. Metal-band products with hinges on the handle are ideal for older vehicles since they help you work on hard-to-reach areas. A strap wrench is a perfect oil filter wrench for semi-truck and helps remove jammed filters. Socket types have plastic or metal socket-shaped cups attached at the casing bottom. They have an approximately 3/8 inch ratchet handle, making them ideal for people with little clearance around the filter. Though available in different sizes and configurations, these oil filter keys save on cost and prevent damage to the engine.

Prevent expensive damages

When you decide to buy a wrench, ensure that you select a high-quality product with the capacity to remove grease efficiently. Contaminants often accumulate in filters over time. When one delays changing them and waits until they are entirely clogged, the oil passage to the engine can obstruct. The oil flow stops as a result. Even though some filters prevent disastrous engine failures, the bypass valve allows contaminants to pass without going through it. Subsequently, the engine will fully lubricate. Still, there will be an accelerated rate of wear and tear due to contaminations. You can avoid all such mishaps by choosing a high-quality product.

Save on cost

You can reduce the overall maintenance cost by synchronising oil change and oil filter key replacement. A new product is cheaper than the cost of the potential damage that may cause to the engine. One may incur the cost of replacing the engine as failure to remove filters may cause pollutants to accumulate in the engine. Specifically, engine sludge may fill up most of the internal parts. Friction can increase with the decrease of lubrication and makes the engine inoperable. Replacing an old one saves on the cost that could have been incurred rebuilding and replacing an engine. In addition, an oil filter key eases the removal of jammed filters to foster the efficient performance of the machine.

Prevent soiling of new engine oil

One may change the old oil while retaining old filters. Nevertheless, the clean oil will need to pass through the dirty filters as it transmits to the engine. Following the car’s ignition, the clean engine oil will quickly become as dirty as the oil drains out. An old filter cannot entirely remove contaminants from your engine. They capture impurities and keep them in the medium. When driving in a dusty environment, the engine confronts dust particles that find their way into the engine. Though you can use oil filters more than once, experts recommend changing them using an appropriate wrench when changing the oil.

Tips on how to buy Oil filter keys online

Since oil filters pose difficulties in removing them when greasy, clients must make appropriate purchasing decisions to attain expected outcomes. When purchasing a wrench, the choice one makes on the different factors. A few include the filter size, how tightly the filter connects, and the space around. In addition, owing to the unlimited benefits of oil filter keys investing in the best quality available in Dubai is something one should consider.

  • Filter size – Always consider the size and location of your oil filter keys. It becomes easy to determine the appropriate fit and type to purchase. Conversely, when an oil filter is displaced or in the wrong position, one experiences difficulties ordering the right size of a filter wrench.
  • Performance – You should select a wrench that registers outstanding performance and high-quality materials. A superior product can withstand pressure without breakages or deformations. For instance, when a product breaks easily with the slightest pressure, it is a clear depiction that the product is crafted with low-quality materials. The product should have the aptitude to offer a solid grip when in use and depict the ability to prevent slippage. An exceptional product can remove even the tightest filters while requiring minimal effort and time.
  • Features – Individual product features are critical in setting one’s product apart from the others, which is a determining factor when buying. The products are priced differently from each other; in which some are cheap while others are expensive. Therefore, you should review each item’s key features, advantages, and disadvantages to make a quality purchase. Notably, highly-priced products do not necessarily mean that they offer exceptional performance. Therefore, choose a product that benefits you in every possible way.

Oil filter keys are handy car tools that remove spin-on type oil filters. These types of filters are difficult to grip, especially when greasy. Different designs are available in the market, and choosing the right one comes down to personal preference. One may consider the level of performance, quality, size, and ease of using a wrench. You can find oil filter keys and other car supplies on our shopping platform,

Question & Answer

How to use an oil filter wrench?

All filters and caps use right-hand threads in which they rotate clockwise to tighten and counterclockwise to loosen. The available varieties in the market function differently. The end of the filter cap wrench uses a ratchet to loosen it. A drain pan is placed under the vehicle’s pan before removing the drain plug from the engine and opening it with an oil filter key. The oil should be allowed to drain from the engine oil pan. One should slide the strap of the strap-style wrench over the oil filter casing with the back of the handle facing counterclockwise. Then the handle pushes itself counterclockwise to release the filter casing from the engine. Next, the handle pulls itself clockwise to rotate it. Finally, the wrench should turn counterclockwise by hand to remove the filter casing from the engine.

Where to buy an oil filter wrench online, UAE?

Wrenches are available in different sizes and configurations in the UAE market. Each firm sells different types of products at different prices based on its geographical location and target market. If you are in search of the best ones, you can find them here on On our retail search engine, you can find over 500 sellers and brands that offer oil filter wrenches at affordable prices. You can also filter products depending on your preferences for price, brands, and many more factors. So, go ahead and explore now!

Which is the best oil filter wrench?

Chain-type filter removal tool is the best in the UAE market. These wrenches wrap around a spin-oil filter. The hexagonal bar turns anticlockwise to grip and unscrew the filter. This enables the chain to overlap with itself around the adaptor causing the chain’s grip to tighten around the filter. Chain wrenches are the most preferable due to their ease of use. These types of wrenches are available in different sizes to satisfy the needs of all clients. Chain wrenches are also durable are they are often made from high-quality materials to withstand pressure. Due to their universal usage, a chain wrench is the best choice for all automobiles.

What size oil filter wrench do I need?

Wrenches are available in different sizes. Most wrench sizes range from 3 inches to 6 inches. The wrenches are manufactured in a wide range of sizes to fit different filter sizes from 2 inches to 15 inches. Different vehicles require different oil filters of varying sizes. As such, one should evaluate the size of the oil filter to remove before purchasing a filter wrench. This will ensure an informed decision when making an order. All in all, the size of a wrench you may require does not depend on the size of the filter.