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Nearly everyone has changed their tire at some point in life. A car jack is one of the essential tools you need in a tire-changing situation. Jacking makes your tyre changing process a breeze. This article elaborates more on this and gives you a few helpful hacks to buy car jacks online in Dubai and UAE.

Car jacks are one of the most versatile components among all other car supplies out there. You use them not only for changing a tyre, but you can quickly transform any space into a motorised workshop in minutes with them. Besides, they’re safe and dependable as long as you properly use them. Further, most of the jacking components come in diverse sizes. This means you can use them for different cars. Many components have a low profile model. It’s a perfect choice for individuals working under custom vehicles. However, remember – the lifting capacity of each product varies, and thus you ought to pick the product that can support your vehicle.

The various car jacks for you to choose from

The humble beginnings of jacking age many years back! A French philosopher named Blaise Pascal clarified the hydraulic jack principle, then. But it wasn’t until 1795 when a British engineer called Joseph Bramah acquired a patent for new techniques of generating more power to nearly all machinery that required both force and motion. This was the first hydraulic press. Later in 1851, Richard Dudgeon was given a patent for a moveable hydraulic press. Cut to the present, and you now have so many more varieties. But, the manufacturers categorise them all under three major categories – the scissor jack, bottle jacks, and floor jacks. Each comes with different designs.

The best overall all-in-one 3-ton car jack stand

Adding a durable and reliable product to your garage doesn’t always have to break the bank. If you’re on a budget and looking out for products that offer you both style and pocket-friendly cost, then go ahead and invest in the all-in-one bottle jack with a stand. It comes with a lightweight structure and is also equipped with a safety bar. And thanks to its three-ton lifting capacity, it’s optimal for vehicles that weigh up to 4000 pounds. Also, with a height range of 11-21 inches and weighing just over 22 pounds, you can carry it in your truck, SUV, or van. Moreover, you’d surely appreciate its sturdy base that stabilises and raises your vehicle evenly.

The different types of hydraulic jacks

A car jack uses hydraulic power to lift the car off the ground allowing the car owners to change a tire or carry out various repairs. You’ll find numerous types of hydraulic types out there in the market today. However, the major three include a floor jack, long ram jack, and hydraulic bottle. Each one of them come with various features. For instance, a floor car jack is the most recognised one used for repairs and maintenances. On the other hand, the floor type has four wheels and a long handle pumped to run the hydraulic lift. They’re indeed handy when performing a task that requires mechanics to get under the car. Finally, when it comes to hydraulic bottles, they use hydraulic pressure to lift heavy cars off the ground. These have an excellent lifting capacity.

The portable car jack lift to fit in your trunk

Your car is your best companion on-road, and due to inevitable circumstances, it may run into a problem, thus the need for maintenance. A portable product will be your first option to achieve proper care. Lifting your car will not be easier without the best mobile car jack lift. Finding the best can be challenging as there are many types and brands to choose from. Some of the best portables products you can buy include Torin Big Red car jack, ROGTZ Electric portable carjacks, and Pro-lift 767 floor jacks. Each one comes with distinct features, characteristics, merits, and demerits. However, make sure that you carefully assess each of their features and see if they suit your requirement before buying them.

The best electric or automatic car jacks

Undoubtedly, electric car jacks are an item of luxury. However, they definitely come in handy if you ever get stuck with a flat tire in the middle of a long journey. Instead of using your standard scissor jacks and manually cracking to lift your car, you can use the electric versions to make your job easier. All you need to do is push a button to lift your vehicle to the desired height. Most electric types lift your car within just two minutes. But, more importantly, they do not require any manual effort from your side. Also, you can power almost all the jacks with the 12V cigarette lighter in your vehicle. This makes them an ideal choice when you need to get your car off the ground in a hurry.

Tips on how to buy Jacking

Purchasing a car jack can be a tedious job, particularly if you do not know what to look for. This is why it’s imperative to know what to look for before you begin your search online. Remember, there are also a few important factors to consider while buying your perfect car jack components. To make things simple, we’ve listed out a few helpful tips to help you get the best among the lot.

  • Know your car model – Understanding your cars, model, and weight is significant before buying the jack. Remember, each car has a different weight and structure, requiring a different car jack to lift them because every jack comes with a different weight capacity.
  • Explore your options – Once you know your car models, the next step is to look out for jacks that can lift your cars. By now, you must have figured out that there are several kinds of car jack components out there. Try and explore the various types before you settle in for the best.
  • Keep an eye on the capacity – The car jack’s capacity must match the car you’re repairing. Buy a car jack rated over your vehicle’s weight. This will give you an acceptable safety margin. For example, 3 Ton car Jack with Jack Stand rated for 6000 lb. is suitable for cars up to 3750 Ib.
  • Look at the construction – Jacks need to be durable to withstand your cars’ weight for safety. Usually, most heavy-duty floor jacks come in steel. But, several manufacturers today also use aluminium. Also, you can choose a lightweight floor jack if you want them to be portable.
  • Pick high-quality models – Quality is something you shouldn’t let go of when buying any car tools . Well, things aren’t an exception for the carjacks. Always buy premium-quality car jacks for safety.
  • Consider the cost – Distinctive features of car jacks indicate separate price tags too. This means you’ll find both expensive and cheap car jacks to buy online. Therefore, try and set aside a budget to narrow down your choices. You can also get car jacks for sale during various festive and seasonal promotions.
  • Read reviews online – Reviews are one of the most helpful ways of researching a product. It involves reading various recommendations from customers. Remember, this will help you get a glimpse of the product’s prices and help you narrow down some of the best producers and models.

Now that you have grasped some tips on buying car jacks online, you’ll be able to buy the perfect car jack online. The factors mentioned above will enlighten you on what to buy and what not to buy. If you still want to explore more on this product, then get ready to browse through our product search engine and get the best among the many out there on the market.

Question & Answer

What is car jack safety?

Following the high number of deaths and injuries, there has always been a common misunderstanding about the purpose of car jacks, and more specifically, the level of safety. Car jacks have only one goal, and that is to raise your car while changing a tyre. These gears are very safe if used according to the guidelines. All car jacks sold comprising those that come with new cars must comply with the standard safety measures specifying the design requirement, category, and performance. Car jacks of any other kind are not supposed to raise any vehicle while being worked on. And that is what car jack safety denotes. Remember, it’s best to use the carjacks on hard level ground. Also, always keep an eye on their lifting capacity.

How to use car jack stands?

While you can change your car wheel just by using a car jack, jack stands tend to be an ideal choice to execute any work under your vehicle. Car Jack stands have a stronger base that can support the bulkiness of your vehicle. While using car jack stands, ensure that you position them at your car’s pinch points. Once you complete your task, lift your car and slip the jack that stands out from the base. Before initiating the operation, make sure the environment is clean. Avoid lifting your car in an uneven place or near heavy traffic. You should ensure that each side of your car is level to prevent the jack stand from slipping out. While lifting your vehicle, the car parking brake must be activated.

Are car jacks universal?

Several car jack types are available in the market, but not all jacks are a perfect match for every vehicle. Knowing the safest car jack option means appreciating how your car weight and jack points influence the jacking process. Most car jacks are universal and fit nearly all vehicles. Because of the variation in size and weight, most car jacks adjust for diverse weights and heights. Irrespective of the type of car jacks you are looking for, the best adjustable preferences are available for you here at

Can you repair the carjacks?

You usually the car jacks to raise heavy cars to work under them. They work differently. Some, like hydraulic jacks, operates as a result of fluid pressure. As you propel the handle, the pistons press the coerced hydraulic fluid to create the pressure necessary for lifting the car. As time goes by, these jacks can fail to operate properly, thus need for repair. Do you think you can repair the carjacks? If not, then you need to think again. Just like other car accessories, car jacks need maintenance and repair. Yes, there are several gears in the market you can use to repair your car jack. Whenever you are working or maintaining car jacks, ensure the jacks are clean because debris can do a lot of damage.

Where to buy car jacks online in UAE?

Most car owners carry an extra tyre to change in case of deflation. Only a few car owners understand the need to carry their jack. After all, you cannot lift your car off the ground on your own. If you are looking for car jacks online, then you are on the right site. Remember, a car jack from a reputable brand is safe and reliable. You can buy durable, stylish, and high-functional car jack components from brands like Bendpak, Trestlejacks, Quick Jack, Michelin, and Liftmaster. If you are ready to get yourself some of the classy jacks, begin your online shopping right away at Here you will get over 500 stores offering different categories of jacks. Follow our Dubai product finder for a quick lead.

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