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We come across hose clamps almost every day. They are quite small for their size, but if it weren’t for these tiny things, our lives would be a lot more complicated. Most of them are sturdy, and you don’t have to think about them for a long time once they are fixed. But every once in a while, you need to remove them or replace them. That’s where hose clamp pliers come into play.

The thing about hose clamps is that most of them are not designed for the ease of removal. They are made to stay in place and be there for a long time. Hose clamp pliers make the task of unfastening the clamps thousand times easier. And especially so if they are in some ungodly corners of some equipment. This is also the case when you try to install the clamp. Some of the clamps require specific tools to apply them. But before you start shopping for these pliers, you should have at least a basic idea about them. Read this article to know more about different types of pliers that you can use to work on hose clamps.

Different types of hose clamp pliers

If you try to install or remove a hose clamp without the proper plier, it can be difficult. You can get cuts or bruises, or both. And in some cases, like crannies inside the car hood, working without a plier can get your hands burned. Using a plier makes all these a lot easier and safer. With proper plier, you can get your work done much faster. Some pliers come with a locking mechanism which means you can free your hands to do other work. Otherwise, you might need to get somebody else for help. Another benefit of a hose clamp plier is that you can avoid mistakes. They help secure the clamps with the correct torque and the right amount of tightness.

Flexible hose clamp pliers

Benefits of these are that they help you reach impossible corners without any difficulty. They often come with lock mechanisms that help you to free up your hands. The tradeoff of these pliers is that they don’t last very long. Because of the complex design and delicate parts, they can break easily if you fix them wrong. Even if you fix everything right, they can break if you apply a little more force than they can bear. So, buy them if you have a really specific need for them. Or if you are an expert at using them without breaking. These are also called cable hose clamp pliers.

Drake off road cable type hose clamp pliers

This is another of those cabled pliers that help you reach difficult places. The drake off road pliers has a few advantages over the flexible pliers. These are sturdier and lasts years. And like the flexible ones, they also come with a locking mechanism and an even more flexible cable. This is the right plier for you if you are just starting out but still need to do some complex tasks. You can also use them hands-free using the locking mechanism. But you might want to consider the grip before buying them. They have coarse ratchet teeth which are not as tight as the flexible hose clamp pliers.

Pneumatic hose clamp pliers

This is the ultimate tool when it comes to dealing with hose clamps inside the car hood. They last long and very easy to use. They use fluid pressure for locking instead of a screw. This vastly simplifies the task of locking the plier on the hose clamp. You will be able to lock on to clamps with literally just one click. Whatever the location or the orientation of the clamp, you can work on them hands-free with a pneumatic hose clamp plier. They also come with extra cables that you can swap depending on the length and thickness of the cable you want for the specific task. But the only reason why people prefer the cable type pliers over the pneumatic pliers is the cost. Although the cable type pliers can be used as radiator clamp pliers, these are the most versatile for the job.

Specialised hose clamp pliers

Apart from the common ones, there are other types of pliers. But unlike the former three, they work only on the specific type of hose clamps. These include Oeitker and spring hose clamp pliers. Oetiker is a patented product of the brand by the same name. It is a pinch plier with a customised tip. They come in different sizes depending on the crimp size of the Oetiker clamp. Spring clamp pliers have a signature grip that sometimes features a rotating bit. Without these specialised hose clamp pliers, working on some hose clamps can be a nightmare.

Tips on how to buy Hose Clamp Pliers

Before you invest your money in hose clamp pliers, consider these things. These are among the niche products which not many have seen in their life. But the few who use it tend to become experts on these tools over time. That’s because once you start working on fixing the minor issues of your car yourself, you will understand its not a difficult thing to do. But the other side of it is, if you mess up anything in the car even remotely, you will end up paying several times more than had you paid a mechanic in the first place. Here are some tips for you to pick the right kind of plier you need.

  • Choose an ergonomically designed plier – This is important if you are to work with the pliers for a long time. Clutching the pliers for hours on end can cause your hands to cramp. If this continues on a daily basis for years, it can cause some major issues. Like nerve damage and losing the grip strength of the hand. Using a plier that provides high leverage will be helpful. They help you work on the clamps without using much force.
  • Choose one that’s suitable for your expertise – Some pliers are not designed for the ordinary people. They might require you a bit of experience for you to use them correctly. Some of these are made for professional mechanics to make their work easier and save them time. This is true for the small pliers with specialised functions. If you are just starting to use the pliers, you will be better off with the larger ones that more accessible.
  • When to buy hose clamp pliers – You might be familiar with how much it costs when you call someone else to fix your car or some plumbing in your house. You can save a lot if you decide to fix at least some of them yourself. A hose clamp plier is among the basic tools you need then. You will come across a lot of clamps in your way. Some of them will be simple, and a screwdriver will suffice. For others, you will need a hose clamp plier. So, buying one is a worthy investment.
  • Consider the type of hose clamps you will be working on – When you buy the hose clamp pliers, the first thing that should come to your mind is the types of hose clamps that you will be working on. If you are not a professional mechanic, you can afford to buy a less specific plier that can deal with a slew of hose clamp types. But if you work on them regularly and speed and efficiency is your top priority, go for the specific pliers. Also, get the variations of cables and grips.

Other than the pliers, you will also need a few other car tools if you are working on a car. You will need gloves and safety goggles to protect yourself from the spills and splashes of fluids. Also wear safety shoes if you will be lifting heavy objects. After you have tightened the clamps, ensure that there are no leakages or loose connections. Finally, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products in the car supplies category. You can take a pick from brands like Jubilee, Oetiker, Dixon, Mikalor, Tridon, and many more.

Question & Answer

What are hose clamp pliers?

They are the best tools to deal with hose clamps. They are specialised tools which are a must when you deal with joints and hoses. Most of the time, when you are dealing with tubes that carry liquid and gas, you will come across clamps. And whenever you want to work on clamps, you need these specialised pliers. Just like regular pliers, they also have a handle and a grip. The difference is in the grip types and the handle design.

What are hose clamp pliers used for?

They are made to perform a particular job–to install and remove hose clamps. Not that you cannot do it without a hose clamp plier. But without them, it becomes a lot harder and sometimes dangerous, and you may end up damaging the car or injuring you. In fact, the only thing a hose clamp plier do is they provide a firm grip on the ends of the clamps. So when you have a proper grip, you can tighten them or loosen them with little force. Another advantage of these is that they help you reach the insides of the car engine and cooling system.

How to adjust hose clamp pliers?

It depends on the type of plier that you are using. Simple pliers have a spring bolt lock. So in order to adjust the grip, you can press the latch and slide the handles to fit whatever you want to hold. These simple pliers are the ones you can use for spring hose clamps which are easily reachable. Cable hose clamp pliers have a sliding grip at the end of a cable that you can adjust by pressing the handles. They also come with a locking mechanism. Pneumatic hose clamp pliers work in a similar way. But the pneumatic system helps you do this easily.

Which is the best hose clamp plier?

The best hose clamp plier is the one you need for the specific task. If you want to work on a spring hose clamp, you can use a simple plier with an adjustable head. If you are working on the radiator, then you need a cable type or a pneumatic plier. Among the cable type plier and the pneumatic plier, the latter is better for the ease of use and longevity. But if all you want is to remove a worm hose clamp or a racing clamp, you are good to go even if you have a screwdriver. If you are searching for high-quality hose clamp pliers, is the best retail search engine in town that you can rely on.