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If you own a car, then you know that keeping a car dent-free is not quite simple. Even if you are extremely careful to keep your car clean, every once in a while, you come across a careless driver who will give you some dents and scratches to worry about. If this sounds similar to you, then you need a dent repair kit or dent sets.

The thing about the minor damages to the car is that labour charges cost nearly as much as the cost of replacing the part. But if you have a dent set puller kit, you will be able to fix smaller dents on the car without paying anything. You can avoid the embarrassment of driving around in an old and battered-looking car, as well. They won’t perfectly fix the car. But they are a good compromise between the cost of repairing and not fixing the dent. They cost next to nothing when you compare it to the cost of taking the car to a professional service centre for the repair.

Different types of dent repair tools and their uses

The working of a dent puller cannot be more straightforward. They pull the metal parts of the car body where there is dent and makes them less bad looking. The difference lies in where each type of them can work and how they pull the dent. They also vary in their ease of use and durability. If you own a car, then you might as well get at least the basic dent set. There is no doubt that someday you can put them to use and save a lot of money. But before you grab a product, familiarise yourself with the types of dent sets available in the online marketplace. 

Suction cup dent repair kits

Suction cup dent pullers are the most basic and simplest dent sets out there. They have a cup and handle construction. You need to place the cup on the dented portion and press the handle to create a suction force. When the suction cup is firm on the car body, you should pull it, and hopefully, the dent will pop out. This will take a bit of trial and error to do and will not make the car appear brand new even when done right. You will need at least a few different sizes of suction cups, to begin with. You cannot fix a dent that is larger than the cup. Nor can you fix a dent that is smaller than the cup. The cup and the dent should be somewhat similar in size to work this out.

Glue dent puller

They work similarly to the suction cup. But instead of using the suction cup to create the seal, here we use the glue to pull out the dent. The glue used for this is soluble in isopropyl, so once the job is done, you can simply wash away the glue without damaging the original paint of the car. Because it is the glue that fixes the handle to the car body, you don’t need many sizes of them. Even though the glue tabs do come in a bunch of shapes and sizes, a medium-sized glue tab is good enough for most of the dents that you will come across. But when you compare the ease of use, suction cup pullers are still superior. Glue dent sets also require a bit of experience to work with.

Bridge dent removal kit

They are similar to glue dent removal. But they are designed for the amateurs. The glue in the kit will be a glue stick which you have to heat with a heating gun and apply to the glue tabs. You have to place three tabs on the car in this case. Two of them are to fix the bridge, and one of them will actually pull out the dent. So, the tabs for pulling the dent should come exactly at the centre of the other two tabs. You will have to use a ruler and chalk to do this. With the bridge acting as a lever, you can pull the dent without much physical force.

Paintless dent removal tools

This is possibly the most effective dent sets repair method. Paintless dent removal tools or PDR tools are more specialised than other kinds of dent removal tools and require a comprehensive knowledge of the car panels. They are highly effective as they push the dent to straighten it from the inside of the panel. In some cases, it can be done without removing the panel completely. Like inserting the tool through the opening in the window. Though if this doesn’t work, you will have to remove the panel. Because they are done from the inside out, they can give pretty convincing results in less time. You don’t need to worry about the durability of this tool because they are. But paintless dent repair kits are the most expensive of all.

Tips on how to buy Dent Repair Kits Online

Dents are the most common damages cars suffer. And as the number of cars on the road increases day by day, the chances of bumping your car into someone else also increase. You have to be aware of a few things before buying dent sets. Although all of them do the same job, not two dent repair kits are the same. You need a set that suits your need and level of expertise. The quality and longevity of the sets differ as well. Here you can read the basic things you have to consider when choosing the right dent set for you.

  • Consider the cup size – When you buy suction dent repair kits, there will be a slew of suction cup types that you will come across. There are cups that are two inches wide to those measuring six inches. For most common dents, you will need to buy one that is right in the middle. But if you think you will come across larger dents often, then go for the larger cup sizes.
  • The quality of the rubber – Suction cups need to make a good seal on the car body to work. The effectiveness of the seal depends on the quality of the rubber in the pads. Low-quality cups tend to lose flexibility within a few months. One trick to creating a better seal is to sprinkle some water on the pads before you use them.
  • Check the handle quality – The construction quality of the dent set largely depends on the quality of the handle. The handle needs to be easy to use without needing much effort from your side. If you are buying pullers with cheaper plastic handles, then go for the one with heavy gauge handles.
  • Gget a body hammer and dolly set – Dent pulling takes some trial and error. You might not get it right the first time you try it. Sometimes you will pull out the dent more than you should. When that happens, you can use the hammer and dolly to hammer in the pulled-out portion. So, along with a dent kit, you might also purchase a hammer and dolly set, if you don’t have them already.

Even after getting all these correct, you might not get perfect dent removal with the dent removal kit. For larger dents and dents that are on the edges of the panel, you should get help from a professional car repair person. Do the same if the paint is scrubbed off or if there is a tear in the car body. Finally, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products in the car supplies category. Here on our shopping search engine, you can explore more than 500 shops and brands offering the best dent removal kits online in Dubai.

Question & Answer

How good are dent removal kits?

They are good at what they promise to do. Dent repair kits are car tools that work on shallow dents where the paint is still intact. They also require the dented part to be flexible. In case the paint is scraped off, you will need to take the car to a professional repair shop. They do not fix parts if they are torn or are near the edges of the panel. But even then, most of the dents that happen to your car are from parking lots and traffic jams, aren’t they? Getting a dent set will help you if you live in a busy neighbourhood.

Do dent removal kits work?

Dent removal kits do not work on larger dents. But they are effective for shallow dents on the flexible parts of the car. Another requirement for them to work is that the dents should be on a flat surface. Although they will greatly improve the appearance, it’s almost never perfect. You might still be able to make out imperfections if you look close enough. But most people do not look that long at your car. And why would you be worried about the very few that actually do?

Are dent removal kits expensive?

There are cheap dent removal kits and also expensive versions of them. But even the most expensive of them are very cheap when you compare it to the cost of car repair. The price of the kit depends on how many options you add. In the case of suction cup dent pullers, you need different sizes of cups to deal with different dents. So, the more cups you add, the more it will cost. But the good news is, that you will find many dent removal kits for sale if you search online.

What is paintless dent repair?

Paintless dent repair fixes the dents without messing with the painted surface of the car. But to accomplish this, you need to access the back panel of the car body. It can be either through the window opening or by removing the inner panels. This will take a bit more work and a bit more knowledge of the car parts to pull off successfully. But the advantage is that you can repair slightly larger dents. Even if the dent cannot be completely repaired, mechanics use this technique to decrease the use of fillers before repainting a dented portion. But in cases in which it can be done, they can help save the cost of repainting. Also, they mostly do not leave any sign of damage once completed.