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Car owners often juggle between purchasing car exhaust parts from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket brands. The best action to take in this situation is to explore products first. The variations available in the marketplace will give you a clear picture, and you will not miss out on vital aspects of a product. However, the prerequisite here is a basic understanding of a product you should have.

First thing first, why is it critical to install and maintain exhaust parts in your car system? You must already know that your car produces toxic gases in the chamber from the combustion of fuel and air. So basically, an exhaust system work on these toxic gases, so they don’t harm the other car parts or the environment. All in all, this system affects fuel mileage, the environment, and the safety of the system directly or indirectly. In every mean’s possible, exhaust parts remain a crucial purchase you must not be careless about. It is good to know everything about the product, and if still in doubt, ask an expert or read more of this page.

A deeper understanding of your car’s exhaust system and its parts

In short, different exhaust parts work as one system that carries toxic gases and make them environmentally safe. One of the parts is the exhaust manifold attached to the cylinder’s head. It moves gases into one pipe and adds or subtracts the fuel to increase the fuel economy. The oxygen sensor inside the manifold executes the purpose. Then, another part is the catalytic converter exhaust. It converts all the harmful gases like carbon monoxide and hydrogen to carbon dioxide and water. This whole process is quite noisy as it involves a series of explosions, and to curb this, you mount a silencer or muffler. Having all these exhaust parts well maintained is a must for every vehicle owner. So, when you are buying car exhaust parts online in Dubai, you should first understand the specifications to make an informed decision.

Catalytic converter exhaust

It is completely illegal in most countries to not have a catalytic converter in the exhaust system. The reason is simply that your car must not emit toxic gases directly into the environment. It is indeed your ethical responsibility to preserve nature and install or replace the catalytic converter whenever needed. But how do you know you need to replace the converter? In older cars, the gases clog up inside the converter that it cannot pass through the muffler and outside. Some other indications of the replacement are when the vehicle refuses to start or fail an emission test. Sometimes, the cylinder head damages the exhaust manifold, causing the converter to damage. If any of this is happening, you can check out brands like Borla, xForce, and Roush on our online shops and purchase durable car exhaust parts.

Car exhaust muffler

Attenuating the noise from the engine is the major objective of the overall exhaust system. The sound coming from the combustion travels through exhaust pipe wherein they have to pass through mufflers or silencers. They contain a series of perforated tubes or chambers specially designed to minimise the noise as much as possible. However, different products result in varying performances. And talking of performance, your automobile also degrades slightly because the mufflers restrict the gases for a while before they reach the outer environment. Hence, it becomes imperative to invest in either OEM products or only top branded products. Glasspack and chambered mufflers are two major types whose performances are almost the same, but they differ in price and compatibility. You can explore both of them to see what fits your needs the best.

Exhaust silencer for cars

The exhaust silencers are a set of tubes with holes in them. The harmful gases coming inside the silencer reflects in a way that they partially cancel each other. In turn, you get to hear a reduced noise. Government regulations of every country allow a maximum level of noise that comes out of the exhaust pipe. So, you must check these laws and better not overlook them as insignificant. Also, if you are getting your car customised, do a check on modification laws too. Car exhaust parts online on our shopping platform can give you an idea of quality products and their specifications. You can also hop on to our tips section and read some fine points compiled for you to make an informed decision.

Tips on how to buy Exhaust Parts

Buying car exhaust parts can be a daunting task if you start shopping without planning first. By planning, we meant you to have a preferences list. What features you need or what good brands you can compare your product with are some of the questions you should ponder upon. Overall, a basic understanding that you can get yourself or ask an expert in order to grab the best the buy. Here, we have compiled some fine points that may add to your knowledge and let you prepare your priority list sooner.

  • Daily miles – If the number of miles you commute daily in your car is shorter, the chances of corrosion is more because the water vapour inside doesn’t get enough time to evaporate. Thus, the water corrodes the exhaust pipes. Invest in stainless steel if your commutes are shorter.
  • Vehicle compatibility – If you are going to buy an aftermarket product, it is imperative to see if your vehicle is compatible or not. Other than that, you may want two exhaust pipes or a bigger exhaust system overall. In that case, we recommend taking the help of an expert here.
  • Weather effect – If you live in a location where salt is used on roads during winters, you should wash the inside of your car after every few weeks. The reason is again corrosion that is accelerated by salt. Run the engine after washing so that all the water on the pipes drives off. That being said, you need to invest your time more on maintaining the system than you generally do during other seasons. Check what maintenance products can make your work easy and buy them accordingly.
  • Check O2 sensor – Your car’s engine light will alert you about the failure of oxygen sensors. In fact, you should replace the sensors every 60,000 miles, even if the engine light doesn’t warn you. The reason is that gas consumption will increase if you don’t replace it.
  • Loud exhaust – Any break or crack in the exhaust pipe can result in an unusual amount of noise and hissing sound, especially when you accelerate. Therefore, invest in high-quality stainless steel, carbon steel, or cast iron to prevent such situations from happening in the long run.
  • Low performance – If you are ignoring your car’s maintenance for long, you can see a corroded exhaust pipe as a result. Hence, it will block the overall performance of your vehicles, such as a decrease in engine power, acceleration, and even fuel efficiency. Thus, thoroughly explore the maintenance products without fail.
  • Hanging pipe – Exhaust pipe is visible from outside and therefore must be repaired if seen hanging. If the problem reaches the rubber that keeps it intact, it will then damage the whole exhaust system. Prevent the problem in the starting and cut down the cost for a bigger problem.

Invest in these top attributes and keep the product up-to-date, following which you will get the elongated durability of exhaust parts. Along with these tips, we would also like to mention a few brands with which you can begin your shopping drive. These are Invidia, Tomei, Mustang, Corsa, and BMW. If you do not want to be brand specific, you can check out exhaust parts for sale on our retail search engine and apply filters as you like.

Question & Answer

How much price do you have to pay for car exhaust parts?

The price for the same product might differ depending on the brand, shopping platform, and manufacturer. There are two types of manufacturers here – Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket brands. For instance, Borla is one of the top brands for car exhaust parts that will give you the price range of AED366 – AED900 for a car exhaust muffler. If that doesn’t fit your budget range or you want to explore more, you can check our shopping platform that is where you will find more than 500 online shops to cater to all your needs.

Where to buy exhaust parts?

How about starting with a top-notch brand? Milltek and Dynomax are two of the most premium brands you can explore. Milltek products are manufactured from T304L stainless steel to make them stand strong even in the toughest environments. You do not have to worry about degradation and discolourations. And even the Dynomax brand is equally competent with its products and specifications. You may have to compare and contemplate your decision because both the brands have got their own advantages. For more clarification, you can explore more on our platform that is and see what else is there in the online marketplace.

What exhaust parts to buy?

Exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, muffler, pipes, and oxygen sensors are some major car exhaust parts to buy. If you are completely replacing the exhaust system, you need to keep in mind all these parts. But what if your exhaust pipes break? Or you are experiencing a hissing sound once accelerating the car? These problems alert you with a corroded pipe or clogged catalytic converter, respectively. Corrosion is the major problem of exhaust degradation. So, you should invest in a part that needs to be replaced and not the whole system. For that, get your car checked, or if you are an expert, you may already know what part you want to replace. You can explore them all on our online shops.

Can you paint exhaust parts?

Yes, you can paint exhaust pipes when it starts looking grumpy. And the only reason to paint them is to make them look new. But a painting job is a five-step process. The first step is cleaning the pipe, obviously. The second is to use a high-heat primer and let it dry for one hour. The third step involves painting. Two-three coats of paint will give better results, and again let it dry for an hour or two. Complete the curing process by running the vehicle and allowing it to cool down. The last and fifth step involves cleaning up once dried. You need to cautiously perform all these steps, so there is no chance of re-doing or damaging the part whatsoever.

The information on this page is all that you need to buy a quality exhaust system or parts. Our shopping platform here guarantees a seamless shopping experience where you can explore, compare, and buy potential products with convenience. With multiple brands and online shops, you can be sure of the availability of every product available in the marketplace. If you want to explore more, you can check our car supplies as we have a whole section dedicated to it.