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Cars are fascinating machines and there’s a lot more to know about them, than just the sleek exteriors and sophisticated interiors. Of course, we all know that a car’s force generally comes from what’s under the hood. Fact is, all this is futile if the engine’s torque doesn’t reach the wheels. That very important function depends entirely on the car’s drive. And, this would certainly be the least understood part of the vehicle. Which is why we’ve brought you this post. Here we look at the major drivetrain components of car and some tips on how to buy car drivetrain components online in UAE. So scroll on and enjoy reading! 

Before we get to the various components of a car’s drive, let’s answer the most obvious question – what is a drivetrain? Simply put, a drivetrain is a car’s automatic transmission. However, it includes several components like the all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and many more that makes them even more extensive. Even with all these drivetrain components in place, the entire system begins its work with your vehicle’s torque converter. You’ll find this converter next to the engine. This is where the drivetrain transfers and controls the force produced by the engine as you accelerate and decelerate. All this happens before it’s sent to the transmission. Finally, this makes the gears change accordingly and the power goes out to the wheels via additional components. We bet you’re now clueless on what these components are. Fret not, because that’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in the next section. 

The various car drivetrain parts 

A car’s drivetrain isn’t a single thing. It comprises of a collection of drive components. These car parts are the ones that transfer power from the transmission to the wheels that drive it forward. The components include the CV joints, the axle shafts, the drive shafts, the differential, and the U-joints. It’s important that these parts and your car’s drivetrain as a whole functions properly. If you suspect any problem, you to need get them serviced immediately. Remember, to do this repair in a timely manner. As any repair that takes longer will only continue to grow your repairs and the maintenance cost. Nevertheless, you should be aware of each drivetrain components and their functioning to carry out the repairs. Below, we’ve listed them out for you. 

The drivetrain transmission

Typically, the drive and the transmission are two entirely different concepts. The primary function of the transmission is similar to the chain of a bike or a bicycle. It keeps the engine turning till the time you’re moving the wheels, regardless which gear the vehicle is in. On the contrary, drivetrain represents everything that’s behind the transmission involved in propelling the machines. As mentioned earlier, the major function of a car’s drive is to convey power from vehicle’s engine, through the transmission to the drive-wheels on the vehicle, thereby controlling the torque. And finally, the ‘torque’ is the twisting or the turning force. 

The differential and the drivetrain axle

From the transmission, the vehicles power moves to the differential. When you drive your car around a corner, the inside wheel travels a shorter distance than the outside one. So, the outside wheels should move more quickly to make up the difference. The differential is what allows your car wheels to move at different speeds. Whether you have a Ford or a Chevrolet, the differential is where the power makes its last stop before spinning the wheels. However, the axle shafts are a single rotating shaft, on either side of this differential. These axles deliver power from the final drive assembly to the drive wheels. 

The rear drivetrain or the truck drivetrain

In rear wheel drivetrain arrangements, the power in the vehicle transfers to the rear wheels to move the car. In fact, it is the kinds of drivetrain arrangement that has been around the longest, and people still use it today on several cars and trucks. This arrangement offers several benefits over the front-wheel variety. Firstly, it distributes weight more equally to each tires. This, in turn, provides better steering and driving vehicle. Secondly, the rear-wheel arrangement provides superior braking when compared to the front-wheel drive vehicles. Finally, and most importantly, the rear-wheel drives split the jobs of steering and driving that vehicle that leads to better handling of acceleration. 

The rear wheel drive components

Just like any other drivetrain, the rear-wheel drives consist of three major parts – the transmission, drive shaft, and the differential. Each one plays a different role in powering your vehicle. For example, the transmission controls the amount of power that goes from your engine to your car wheels. In rear-wheel drives the transmission is attached to the rear of the engine by a type of flywheel. On the other hand, the drive shaft is a spinning tube that connects to the rear of the transmission. It then transmits the spinning power that begins in the engine to the back of the vehicle at the differential. Finally, the melon-sized differential is the part that sits between the two rear wheels that transfers torque. 

The engine drivetrain

From the sleekest supercar to the lowliest hatchback, every motor vehicle has one thing in common – the powertrain. Powertrain is a collection of components that includes the engine, transmission, and the drive shaft. All of these drivetrain components work together to get the vehicle in motion. That said, a powertrain’s exact design depends on numerous factors. It ranges from the type of engine (electric/hybrid/combustion) to its layout on the chassis. Moreover, this is what ultimately determines how energy efficient your car or nay other vehicle is. Besides, it also determines the power of your vehicle and the degree of dynamics.

Tips on how to buy Drive Components online

By now you’ve figured out that the drivetrain components are significant pieces of a vehicle. This means you need to pick the best car drivetrain components while you’re out shopping them online. Just like any other component you need to ensure that you make the right choice and not fall prey to its appearance alone. Here are a few valuable tips to consider while you’re buying the car drive components online.

  • Sort out your needs – What drivetrain components do you need? Do you need all of them or just a few? For which vehicle are you planning to use them? Try and ask a few questions before you begin your search online. Sorting out your needs and priorities must always be the first step in your online buying process.
  • Quick research helps – Once you know what you want, the next step is to research a bit about the product. Try and understand the various mechanical and technical jargons that you might encounter while buying them online. The more you know about the product the better it is. Plus, it also enhances your knowledge of the product you intend to buy.
  • Discover your options – Drivetrain components come in different styles, qualities, and types. It’s better to explore your available options. Try and understand the specifications and characteristics of each drive component. Being aware of the various specs and the jargon helps you easily narrow down your choices.
  • Check out the quality – It’s very important to consider the quality of the drivetrain components. Not all the drivetrain components come in the same quality. Some are always better than others. Therefore, ensure that the one you pick always has the highest quality. Because any substandard quality component might damage your entire vehicle.
  • Pick them from a reputed brand – One of the easiest ways of making sure that you have the highest-quality drive components is to pick them from a reputed brand. Some of the brands that you can consider buying the components from are Hurst, Derale, B&M, Ford, Moog, Mr. Gasket, and MOMO. They offer premium quality drive components.
  • Consider the price – Just like the quality, the drivetrain components come at different price ranges too. You’ll find both expensive and cheap car drivetrain components out there on the market. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself before your begin your search online. You could also get car drivetrain components for sale online in UAE if you’re a serious economiser.
  • Read online reviews – You cannot feel the products when you’re purchasing them online. Therefore, take time to read through the product reviews penned down by some serious buyers. The comments and feedbacks help you give an idea about the product performance, quality, and durability. Go for the ones that have maximum positive feedbacks.

Replacing your drivetrain is a considerable undertaking. Generally, it’s best to let a professional tackle that job for you. However, you ought to get the drive components yourself. Because there’s no one knows your car better than others. Try and keep the tips above in mind before you start your search online. This will help you navigate through the numerous product options easily and help you secure the best drivetrain component among the lot.

Question & Answer

Which major drivetrain component requires a fluid?

To the fact, every part of an automobile needs one of the other types of fluid to work. Generally, most of the drive components of a car or any other vehicle require a regular check when it comes to fluid. However, a shift lever offers operator control of gear selections. This includes a park, reverse, neutral, and four forward speeds for different driving speeds. As an operator, you must periodically check the fluid level of the transmission.

How to choose the right drivetrain component?

At first, you need to have the complete knowledge of the machine, automobile and the parts you are about to deal in. Choosing the drivetrain components isn’t an easy job, particularly if you’re a novice. Regardless, of what level of knowledge you have about cars, you should consider a few factors before you buy them online. Some of the significant factors to consider you buy the drive components is the transmission, axle, brand, warranty, quality, and of course the price.

Where to buy car drivetrain components for cars online in UAE?

Several online stores today offer you the convenience of buying different drivetrain components online. While you’re out purchasing one, do check out the numerous option on too. Our superfast product search engine houses several drivetrain components for distinct vehicles and cars from famous brands. What’s more, you can purchase them from your favourite online stores too.