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Any automobile includes many different types of panels. Car panels are easily noticeable, and you can also customise them as per your requirement. Roughly, on average, a car can have anywhere between 6 to 12 panels.

While usually, replacement of car supplies such as its car panels is not something that happens as regularly as car servicing or loose breaks, there are instances in case of an accident. If not, then failure to park with caution or damage due to a passing vehicle are all ways in which the panels can get damaged. The worrisome bit here is that in case these car parts get damaged, there is no other way than to replace them altogether. As a secondary option, you can ask a mechanic to remove the panel, hammer it from the inside and then fix it back. The dents will get somewhat uniform in this case; however, it won’t look as good as new. Plus, this only works for simple bumps and won’t fix the serious ones.

Different types of car panels you can find today

With the advancement in technology, it helps to know a little bit about the car you own. It also helps in situations when your car breaks down, and you can spot the minor flaw and fix it instead of waiting for a mechanic. Be it the panels, sunroof or something else; it’s easy to find solutions if you know the basics of it. However, when it comes to more significant challenges like the car panel getting damaged, it’s best to meet with a professional and let them decide. Other common issues like rusting and poor quality that bends easily are something you can fix at a personal level, too, without professional involvement or help.

Rust repair panels

Rusting is such a common yet significant concern for car owners around the world. The tiniest bit of moisture that is left unattended can cause rusting. It’s easy for cars to catch rust, especially when the user is not much. Since the engine is designed to eliminate it only by working, as the heat kills all moisture, not using it adds to the problem. Plus, there is no way to reverse or cure rust once it has attacked your car, and the solution only gets worse. The only way to stay away from this situation is to invest in quality rust repair panels. Created to ensure no rusting happens, these are a must-buy. They are also stronger and better than most local brands and worth every penny.

Replacement body panels

The original car panels are fantastic. However, sometimes, when a model is no longer being manufactured, its parts are not available either. In a situation like this, if you can check for replacement body panels, then it’s really the best thing. The replacement panels can be of an older model; however, something that works best for your car. A good mechanic or centre will be able to trim it to adjust it to your vehicle, so they are no loose ends. If you can, also check online to see if you can ship the right ones from another country. In most cases, they are still available around the world, if not in some particular countries.

Auto body repair panels

It’s common for boards to get defective over time. Even if you take care of your car in the best possible way, some wear and tear are standard over the years, also because of the usage. At the same time, trying to avoid this by using it very sparingly is not good either. This, in fact, attracts more rust and dust, both of which are the enemies of an automobile. Today, it is straightforward to find auto body repair panels online and in stores, and for particular car models too. The important part is that the groups should fit well and be for the specific type of car only. Ensure you buy from a reliable source to avoid getting any duplicates.

Car door panel

One of the most important ones, the car door panel, is on all four sides of the car. This one is a smaller size and comprises windows too. A lot of times, when the window is damaged, it’s easy to replace new ones. However, in case of any harm to the panel, it has to be completely replaced. An essential bit of information is also to make sure to approach a proper service centre or someone reliable. The door panels have the car lock and the handle too on it, both of which are essential bits. You can also look to check for second-hand body panels on online stores.

Tips on how to buy Car Panels Online  

Be it car panels, handles or glass, checking its online prices is an excellent way to be sure you’re not being fooled. With so many different choices and styles, you also get options to select from. Make sure you connect with as many car body panels suppliers as you can, so you can get some good quotes. However, even the best buyers sometimes need tips to help them out. This is how to get it going while buying car panels.

  • Check on the brand and model – Make sure you’re buying the right brand and model for your type of car. A lot of smaller dealers will try to sell you off something that is similar but won’t fit well. So, consider these aspects before you make a big decision.
  • Go for rust-free options – No-rust panels are widespread, and an added advantage. It definitely helps to shell out those few extra bucks and go in for this type. This is undoubtedly an investment that will pay in the years to come.
  • It should be of durable quality – Quality comes above everything else. Don’t try to save money by going in for an alternative, cheaper option. In the long run, when you realise it’s not working out well, you will put in more for a better one than you should have anyway done earlier.
  • Ask for a warranty – Be sure of your choice, and the best way to do it is to seal it with a warranty. It will surely be f great help in the years to come if the panel doesn’t work out well, or you meet with another accident. In any case, also try for options to extend the same.
  • Buy from a reliable seller – Buying from a local supplier will do you no good. Instead, check out the branded stores as per your model around town and then ask for discounts. You’re sure to land a good deal.
  • Check for discounts – Don’t just purchase without checking for a good deal. Ask around, check their social media pages or wait if there is a sale around the corner. It just makes the entire shopping process happier.

While getting a good deal is essential, what is more crucial is you should get value for your money. This happens when you put comes research in before you buy. It also helps to not be in a hurry, although this is not very possible when your car is wrecked. So, check out these factors beforehand, so you’re prepared. Just ask for quotes each time you visit a service centre or dealer, and you will have a few at hand reach when you need a fitting.

Question & Answer

Which are the best rust repair products for cars?

Rusting is a widespread concern that almost all car owners face. Be it due to the lack of cleaning or only not using the car regularly, the reasons can be plenty. The good thing is that you now have car rust cleaning supplies that you can easily buy and use to keep this issue at bay. Some of the best ones today are WD-40 Specialist Long-Term Corrosion Inhibitor, Dupli-Colour Exact-Match Scratch Fix, Fluid Film Protectant and Lubricant, Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Metal Primer, VHT SP229 Rust Convertor Can and Permatex 81849 Rust Treatment.

How should you protect your car panels from harm during everyday use?

For starters, always be extra careful while removing the vehicle. If you have a company, make sure someone is outside to help guide you. This is very important when your car or parking location is new. As you get used to it, you don’t have to do it anymore. Use the right signs, especially at night, to ensure you send out signals to show you’re parking or leaving. All of these small but handy ways are very important to avoid a collision, which is an essential aspect of keeping the car and its panels safe. Also, use headlights and taillights primarily for signalling. You should also ensure excellent service, oiling and another care measure, so no rust or moisture sets in.

How to make custom car panels?

For this, you firstly need a design artist or a graphic designer to help you with the drawing. Make sure you have bright ideas on what you want on the panels. Also, check for the rules in your country and if they comply with the requirements. Next, check out the best dealers in the country and reach out to them with your ideas, and ask for a quotation. Depending on their previous work, it will be easy to analyse whether they will be able to do a good job or not. Make sure you don’t pressurise someone to do something they are not confident about; instead, give them space to experiment with custom ideas to enhance your designs.

Where can you buy car panels online in the UAE?

There are several fantastic stores and places in the UAE from where you can buy custom panels and side panels too. Make sure you check out online to get your pricing and other factors in sync before deciding on the best one. You should check, a product search engine that has more than 500+ brands under it. It’s really the best way to shop in the UAE, making it super easy for anything you wish to buy. Bushwacker, Omix, Ray Buck, Vehicle-Spares and Somora are some reliable brands from where you can buy car panels.

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