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The moment you look at a car from the front, you immediately notice its car bumpers. It is one part that every car has, and very necessary from a safety perspective too. There are several different types of bumpers today that you can buy as per your budget and requirement.

Basically, a structure that sits in the front part of your car, a protector is very important when it comes to the safety of the car and those who use it. For starters, it’s the first car part to take the impact of a collision or accident is you have one. This way, the car goes through slightly less trauma, the car bumper taking the first place. It of course depends on how serious the situation is. If your accident is a major one, then even the best protector will fail to save you from harm. However, in case of a minor one, its better to cause damage to the protector than yourself or another expensive part of the car. It’s prevalent to see people go in for a bumper change, in case this happens, or due to rusting and other factors. Car bumper protectors are also essential add-ons that you can use to ensure a better safety factor.

Different types of best car bumpers you can buy today

Buying car bumpers online in Dubai is not a difficult thing to do. Shopping for automobiles or any of its accessories is relatively simple here. The most crucial factor in making this possible is the vast number of brands that are in the country, all of whom cater to the automobile section. If you’re looking out for quality car protectors, shopping online is a terrific idea. However, if you want to see before you buy personally, then that’s a great option too. Head over to any of the malls or automobile stores around the country, and you’ll find some tempting options on display. However, if you choose to do online shopping, then it is easy to see everything at a glance, without even having to step out of your home.

Bumper cover

The protector protects the car, and a protector cover protects the protector. It is an easy to way to up the safety factor a little more. The shape of the bumper cover is designed to fit the protector perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about size constraints. It’s essential to pick the right one to suit the type of protector that your car has, so go as per the brand itself. They generally come in plastic or fibreglass make, both of which are good options to consider, keeping aside standard pros and cons. Today, you also have the option of universal bumper covers, making it easier to buy without having to keep factors like style and size in mind. Make sure you choose a durable and practical one.

Car front bumper guard

Similar to the protector cover, the car front bumper guard is made of sturdy metal. What looks like two parallel rods joining on the ends and sit at the front of the automobile, they are perfect for safety. You can use the guard instead of the cover in some types of cars, mostly the bigger SUV models. This one does not run all around the length of the protector but covers the front side primarily. However, it is the right choice and helps in case of accidents. Another main advantage of using the guard is to ensure your protector does not lock with someone else’s which is very common in bigger cars since you’re unable to estimate the distance at times.

Heavy-duty bumpers

For the more significant cars like jeeps, SUV’s and trucks, heavy-duty bumpers are the perfect types. These are definitely sturdier, work correctly in case of minor accidents and cover the front of the car well. Depending on the requirement, one can also go in for a protector guard if needed. However, the heavy-duty ones may or may not have universal guards or additional covers. But most stores would also be happy to custom-make one for you, on request. Since bigger vehicles are more expensive, their repair costs are too high, so it always helps to be on the safer side in tough situations. There are several different types available as per your vehicle model so you can choose the best one.

Car bumper protector

The car bumper protectors can be in many forms, out of which strips are trendy. You can easily use them in any automobile and most of them are universal. Like strips, there are several other types of protectors too. The primary use of these is to safeguard the protector for any harm. It is straightforward to find them online and in stores as well. Make sure you buy them while buying a new car or installing the protector, so they are in use right from the beginning. There are also flaps, guards, films, trims, mats and tape options, all who come under protector protectors.

Tips on how to buy Car Bumpers online  

Buying a car protector is as essential as a safety seat, safety belt or comfortable seats. You need to have them, because they protect the car, and in a way its users too. You will be able to notice that the front panel of your vehicle will see less and less damage when you start using car protectors. The protector protectors take it to another level of caution and are essential too. Here are some tips to make your buying experience more comfortable.

  • Get the right size – The most common mistake that people make it go for an ill-fitting car bumper. Yes, this is a widespread mistake, and its as good as not using a protector at all. The wrong one will do no good to the car or you, and instead, add to scratches and inconveniences while parking.
  • Go for the complete set – For full protection, the protector, bumper guard and other accessories play a significant role in ensuring absolute security. So, if you shop for all of them while buying the protector, it’s a good option. In this way, you don’t end up for an accident to happen and then shop.
  • It should fit well – The protector and its guards should be for your car type and model. A lot of the universal brands are reasonable; however, they might not work in case of custom-cars or important ones. So, consider all these factors before you buy.
  • Ask for some advice – Don’t dive into the decision of buying a protector but prepare before you do. If you have a colleague or friend, or better a salesman or shop owner who is a car fanatic, take to them first. Ask them for recommendations and advice, and this information will really help in the shopping process.
  • Shop online – It’s the best way to get all your choices in front of you without having to run from store to store. You can get some fantastic discounts and freebies, and who doesn’t like that? It’s the easiest way to shop!
  • Make use of sales – If you can wait until there is a sale, so you can make the best of it. A good discount is the best thing if you’re on a budget. Sometimes, you might even end up buying a product in a higher price range, in your original set budget, if you spot a good deal.

A lot of people tend to go in for the wrong protector and then complain that it’s ineffective. Make sure you do your thorough research before buying one. If you are a car fanatic, chances are you already know the basics, however, if you don’t, its never too late to brush up. This will make sure you’re not taken for a ride with cheap quality products. You will also know what exactly to look out for a while at the automobile store.

Question & Answer

Which are the best and cheapest car bumpers?

Car bumpers play such an essential role in safeguarding the car as well as the drive. You are sure to see its importance in the first few days of installing one. Most cars have one as part of the primary mode when you purchase it. However, you can always upgrade or replace it for something better if you spot a good one. FH Group Bumper Butler, TAC 3″ Bull Bar Front Bumper Grille Guard, GOLD EDITION Bumper Bully Extreme, BumperBadger HD EDITION Front Bumper Guard, Bumper X Car Bumper Protector, BumpShox XL – Front Car Bumper Protection and BumpTek RP-53 Stick on Rear Bumper Protection are some excellent choices.

Which are the best choice bumper guards today?

An additional safety measure to your protector, the bumper guards, are growing in popularity in the recent few years. They help in taking care of the bumper, which is expensive to reinstall in case they get damaged. Here are some fantastic bumper guards that you can buy – Parking Armor Rear Bumper Protector, BumperX Car Bumper Guard, Bumper Bully Extreme Gold Edition, MetroBumper Rear Bumper Guard, BumpTek Rear Bumper Protector, Luv-Tap Rear Bumper Guard, FH Group Bumper Guard, BumpShox XL, Bumper Badger Retro, BumpTek Rhino Guard and HitchHammer Super Duty Rear Hitch Mounted Bumper Guard.

Which bumpers are perfect for heavy vehicles?

Heavy cars like SUV, jeeps and the kind are more sturdy than other regular cars, and however, in case of an accident, they can see tremendous damage to. As compared to ordinary automobiles, repairs for them can cost an arm and a leg, even if it is as simple as getting a bumper replacement, so it helps to be safe. Here are some reliable options for heavy vehicles – Ranch Hand Sport Front Bumper,  Iron Cross RS Bumper, ADD Race Series Front Bumper, Steelcraft Front HD Bumper, ICI Magnum Front Winch Bumper, Road Armor Front Stealth Bumper, Go Rhino BR10 Front Bumper, Joytutus Car Bumper Guard Strips, BLACK EDITION Bumper Bully – Bumper Protector – Rear Bumper Protection and COSMOS Rear Trunk Bumper Protector Guard.

Where can you buy car bumpers online in Dubai?

There are some fantastic brands and stores in and around Dubai to buy car protectors. Some of the best brands in the world are now in the UAE. So, you can have all the choices you want at hands reach before you choose to go shopping. Another good thing to do is to opt for online shopping. Make sure to check out, a fantastic product search engine . This one has more than 500+ brand under it, making it the best. Some top brands today are Bumpshox, Carid, Toughcountry, Iron Cross Automotive, Westin Automotive, Move Bumpers and Edmunds.

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