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About High Beam Headlights

One of the most important parts of a modern car is the headlight. Without it, all cars will become useless after the nightfall. These days, headlights are not just a bulb surrounded by a housing. For a car to be road legal, it should have both low beam and high beam headlights.

It might be surprising for many to know that headlights have separate bulbs for low beam and high beam lights. However, why would a car have two separate beams in the first place? Is it not sufficient to have one really bright light so that you can use it anywhere? Well, it doesn’t work that way. Sometimes, too much light can do more harm than good, especially if the light falls directly on someone’s face. This is why there should be a low beam light in addition to the bright high beams. Read this article to find out more about them. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices while shopping for them.

A guide to high beam headlights

Car models from the early twentieth century only had a single beam. Even though this was not a problem at the time when cars were few in numbers, it didn’t stay that way for too long. Less than two decades later, European car manufacturers started incorporating both high and low beams in their car headlights. While this was very sophisticated for that time, modern headlights have gotten even more advanced with automatic high beams using multiple LED bulbs. So, if you want to by the right high beams for your car, you should have at least a basic idea about them. This article, will give you just that. In this article, you will also find some amazing tips that you can follow while shopping for them.

High beam vs Low beam

It is useful to know what makes a low beam light different from a high beam light. There are two main differences between them. Firstly, high beams are actually brighter than the low beam bulbs. Secondly, it’s the angle. Unlike low beam bulbs, which will point down towards the road, high beam lights point directly towards the front of the car. In effect, this means you get to see more of the road using high beams. On average, using high beam headlights, you will have a visibility of 350 to 400 feet in front of the car. On the other hand, low beam lights will just show you as far as two hundred feet in front of the car.

Benefits of high beams

High beams are a legal requirement for cars to be road legal, and that is there for a good reason. These lights offer some benefits that you cannot get using low beam lights. First and foremost, having a brighter bulb will give you better visibility of the road. While low beams are sufficient while driving on well-lit roads, high beams are safer if you are riding on suburban areas with less lighting. Although this might not be something that manufacturers take into consideration while designing the light, people do use them for signalling other drivers by flashing the high beams.

LED high beams

While LED headlights are becoming popular in cars these days, they are especially useful when it comes to high beams. High beam lights have to be a few times brighter than their low beam counterparts. This means that regular tungsten high beams consume a lot of power and also heat up quite a bit. LED bulbs solve both of these problems. Apart from these benefits, LED bulbs are more compact and have a longer lifespan as well. But you should be careful while installing LED high beams in your car. Some LED lights are too bright and, therefore, are not legal on regular roads. But you can still have them installed exclusively for off-road use.

Safety concerns

Even Though it is true that high beam lights offer a few benefits that low beams cannot give, that doesn’t mean you should always use high beams. In some instances, using high beams can be a safety hazard. Because high beams point roundly at the face of oncoming drivers, it can’t dazzle them. This is why it is illegal in most places to use high beams in cities. Another thing to keep in mind is that the high beam lights are not an alternative to fog lights. On the contrary driving with high beam lights on a foggy day can actually reduce the visibility.

Tips on how to buy High Beam Headlights Online

At first, finding the right type of high beam headlights might seem like a really simple thing to do. However, in reality, it might be harder than you might think because of the sheer variety within them. It is essential to use the right type of bulb to be safe on the road and also not to violate any traffic rules. That being said, it is easy to choose the right type of light if you know what factors to consider in them. Here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for high beam headlights online.

  • Brightness – It might seem enticing to get a high beam light that is really bright. However, this is not how you should select a bulb. Most countries have laws limiting the maximum brightness of high beam lights. This ensures that the lights are not too bright to cause inconvenience to other drivers. Some people might find it necessary to have a really bright light for off-roading trips. The solution for that is to add additional lights to use exclusively while off-roading on the vehicle instead of using a high beam bulb that is too bright.
  • Durability – One of the best things about shopping for headlight bulbs or any bulbs for that matter, is that it is not that hard to figure out how durable they are. All manufacturers will specify the rated lifespan of the bulb model on the packaging itself.
  • Colour temperature – The colour of the light produced by bulbs will be represented as temperature using a kelvin scale. The lower to the Kelvin of the light the bluer it will be, and as the Kelvin increases, it gets warmer or yellower. Tungsten bulbs produce a warmer light than LED bulbs. But there are LED bulbs with different colour temperature ratings.
  • Brand – You might come across a whole bunch of high beam headlights that are branded and non-branded. Even though you might save a small amount of money by going for a non-branded bulb, it might cost you more in the long run because such bulbs generally have a shorter lifespan.

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Question & Answer

How to adjust high beam headlights?

All modern cars will have a knob on the car dashboard that lets you adjust the high beam light level. What this knob will do is to adjust the angle of the light bulb or mirror enclosure, thereby altering the direction the light falls. By default, the light will be pointing slightly downward towards the road. This is the recommended setting if you are riding on a normal paved road at normal speeds. Lifting the beam will generally increase the range of the bulb. That means you will be able to see objects farther in front of you.

When should you use high beam headlights?

The general use is to switch to high beam lights when low beams are not giving you the visibility that you need. This means you won’t be needing high beams while on a well-lit city street. Moreover, city streets are more often than busy and filled with cars. Using high beams might be a huge inconvenience for other drivers on the road and is actually a safety hazard. In places, you might even get fined for using high beams. You should also not use high beams if you are driving directly behind another car because this will make it difficult for that driver to use the rearview mirror.

Where to buy high beam headlights online in the UAE?

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