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About Trunk Dishes

If you think about it, the trunks are the most abused part of any car’s interior. Over its lifetime, it’s likely to have countless shopping bags thrown into it. This could have a cracked egg or a leaking milk bottle. Indulge in a sport activity, and the chances of damaging the plastic are increased exponentially. Whether one, or two of the aforementioned apply to you, investing in the quality trunk dishes or the car boot liners can save you a lot of money and time. In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best trunk liners that you can purchase. Plus, we also give you some useful tips on how to buy boot liner for car online in UAE. 

Car boot liners are game changers. They’re typically a synthetic mat designed to protect the automobile’s boot or trunk from spills and dirt. Hence, the name – trunk dishes. Further, these products ensure to protect your cargo against abrasion or shock while driving. Specifically, the trunk liners shields the vehicle carpet from any potential damage. Apparently, they come in different types too. Are you now thinking about picking up a car boot liner? Well, we’ve compiled a list of finest trunk liners for your various car models to choose from. 

The best-selling trunk dishes for you to choose from 

Fortunately, you’ll find several types of trunk dishes for your various needs. Besides, there’s one for each of your liking. However, the standard PVC car boot liner is universal in nature. It is trimmed to fit by the end user. Typically, it’s developed for simple shaping and come in flat shape. Because of this, it provides less protective qualities. Alternatively, you’ll also find trunk dishes that come in rubber materials that you can easily tailor to fit the flat space of your car’s specific cargo area. Ideally, all the models usually have a channelled, repeated upper design and raised edges. However, each different types of trunk liners come with specific features, although their primary aim remains the same – to keep protect your car’s trunk. That said, below we’ve listed a few popular models of car boot liners that you can consider investing in. 

The Carbox form mat or the cargo mat

CarBox supplies many well-known vehicle manufacturers with their trunk dishes. However, their car mat or the form mats are a win. It offers a very good fit to several vehicles, particularly Volkswagen Tiguan. However, you need to strategically cut them to match the model’s fit. Further, the studs also allow the optional multi-mat to quickly attach itself inside the boot. They then function as a non-slip surface inside the boot. You could also drape them over the bumper to protect it more effectively. These features of the trunk liner makes them an ideal model for dogs jumping in or while loading items that could scratch off the paint.   

The Boot buddy boot mat

The boot mat from Boot Buddy offers even greater protection than the trunk dishes from Carbox. However, the greater the protection the higher the price. In case of boot mats from Boot buddy, strong plastic boards completely cover the booth floor, seat backs, and sides, held together by pop studs. Therefore, you might really need to purchase the optional anti-slip mat as well with these. Getting them makes it safer for dogs to travel in the boot. Plus, it also prevents any heavy items, like tools, from sliding around in the trunk. Additionally, a variant – the deluxe bumper guard from buddy offers more benefits. It not only resists scratches, but also staves off minor dents from tow hitches. 

The Hatchbag car boot protector

Just like the trunk dishes from Boot Buddy, the Hatchbag not only covers the base of your boot, but also the sides and rear seats. However, instead of plastic panels it uses a flexible PVC materials. These plastic materials holds in place with the help of Velcro. It sticks to the carpet upholstery and loops that go over the rear headrests. This, in turn, makes them light, flexible and easy to take in and out. Further, this rubber base mat also fares well in impact protection test. Above all, there’s also an optional fold out bumper protector that comes in similar materials for maximum protection to your car trunks. In short, it’s a great trunk dish to add to your car arsenal. 

The Hard Castle heavy-duty SUV cargo liner for dogs

We all love dogs, but we do not love the kaleidoscope of mess they leave behind in your car. Even if you banish them into your car’s trunk, they still manage to leave their slobber, dirt, and hair all over your place. But, the best cargo liner for SUV means you need not worry about your dog making a mess, plus storing your any cargo in the trunk. Some of the finest car boot liners that protect your SUV trunks from dogs and heavy-duty cargo include models like Bishopsstone trunk liner, Zellar car boot liner, Digiflex water-resistant car boot liner and so on. By the each of these models come with different specs, although they all have a common goal – to protect your car’s trunk. 

Tips on how to buy the best Trunk Dishes online

Now you know that not all the car boot liners are same. Some are always better than the others. But, how do you know which ones to choose? It’s simple – have a few assessing points at the back of your mind while searching for your car boot liners online. To make things simpler, we’ve listed out those useful tips that’ll come in handy when you’re out searching for your trunk dishes online.

  • Know what you need – What kind of car boot liners are you looking for? What do you plan to store in your trunk? What is the nature of your items? These are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you begin your search online. Understanding what you need and what you don’t is a crucial thing to consider for securing the best model out there on the market.
  • Research a bit – Detailed research of the product you intend to buy always proves useful when you have to purchase them online. Not only you’ll have a strong background about the product, but it’ll also help you narrow down on your choices easily. Try to find the popular manufacturers and the places from where you can get the organisers. The more you know about the product the better it is.
  • Explore your options – As mentioned earlier, not all trunk dishes come with same construction. Some are always better than the other. For instance, some models come with a lot of compartments, while others don’t. Similarly, some have a sturdy built while others might offer greater protection for heavy-duty, large items. Therefore, make sure you explore your options before you settle in for the final one.
  • Consider the items you’ll store – The nature of the product you’re planning to store in your trunk is imperative consider. It helps to have a good idea of the type of organiser you need depending on the size and type of item you store. It may often turn out that you do not need the largest most robust liners all the time. Even a budget-friendly small model might accommodate your gear. Plus, you might have to opt a different one if you intend to travel with your dogs.
  • Look at the size – Of course, you must consider the size of the items you intend to put in your car’s trunk. Apart from that, also check out the size of your car when you’re looking out for a car boot liner. Large vehicles will obviously accommodate more items. In such cases, you’ll definitely need a liner that allows you to store more items and offers higher-degree of protection. If you have compact vehicle, then make sure you get a small size.
  • Assess the material – The construction of the trunk dishes matter for a few important reasons. Firstly, you need to remove your liners from the car – especially when you’ve weighed them down with items. It’s important that you get a robust model in such cases. The second reason why the material matters is because of the need for waterproofing. Remember, thicker materials always last longer.
  • Look at the number of compartments – You may need your trunk dishes to have more compartments if you wish to store many items. You’ll need different dividers and sub-dividers to keep your things in place. Some popular car boot liner models come with removable or replaceable compartment. You can re-arrange the compartments as per your needs.
  • Consider the lids and straps – Most car boot liners come with Velcro straps. However, not all of them have lids. Remember, straps are vital for moving the liners out of the car trunk. It makes moving them easily while they’re loaded with items. Likewise, lids can offer extra stability and security to the items inside.
  • Go for a portable model – Some of you might use the trunk liners to store an emergency kit or other items that you need not move. In such cases, you can overlook the portability. However, if you plan on moving the liners often, then you might want to pick a model that you can easily move around with.
  • Set aside a budget – Not all car boot liners come at same rates. It’s kind of obvious, because you’ll find several trunk dishes with different features and characteristics. Remember, the more the sophistication the higher the price. Which brings us to the point that you’ll find both expensive and cheapest cargo liner out there. Therefore, set aside a budget before you begin your search online. You can always get a trunk mat for sale online in UAE if you’re an economiser.

Do not jump on to any trunk dishes that gives you a fancy appearance alone. You should evaluate their functionality and then make your decision. Above all, the model you pick should be one that suits your requirements and liking. Besides, it must also fall within your budget. We hope the above tips will guide you in the right direction while you’re searching for you perfect trunk dishes online.

Question & Answer

How to remove trunk liner in Nissan Altima?

Trunk liners pretty much have similar removing principle, regardless of which car you’re installing them in. For removing the trunk dishes from Nissan Altima, you need first remove the trunk floor rim. Next remove the clips situated at the sides. Once you do that, next release trunk rear plate pawls. Finally remove the trunk rear plate to remove the trunk liner.

Which is the best trunk mat?

The best trunk mat is the one that offers your car’s trunk highest protection from various external elements. Moreover, it gives you high performance in terms of durability, material, design, and installation process. Consider popular brands like WeatherTech and Dino to purchase stylish and highly functional trunk dishes online.

Where can I buy a car boot liner?

Luckily, you do not need to fret over where to buy the trunk dishes, as several online stores bring you different types of car boot liners. You can also check out if you’re on the run to buy the perfect trunk liner for your car trunk. Our product search engine houses the biggest collection of superior trunk dishes from famous brands. Better yet, you can easily compare prices of various models and buy them from your favourite stores right here on this platform. What’s more, you can also check out various other car supplies too.

Feeling motivated to protect your car’s trunk? Yes? Then get started now! Browse through the numerous choices like cargo liner for Honda and cheap Nissan trunk mat on and pick your best one from the lot. We hope the guide has offered you the required information you need to do so!