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About Seat Belt

Despite the fact that vehicles are nowadays equipped with more and more safety features, the seat belt still holds the most importance. It’s a part of most of the vehicles already but if you think yours is damaged now, it’s high time to replace it. You can find many types and sellers for this. Let us explore how to pick the right replacement belt.

A seat belt is a vehicle safety device that vehicle occupants wear to protect themselves from sudden or harmful movements that may result due to an unanticipated stop or collision. It basically reduces the risk of serious injuries or death in a traffic collision. Apart from preventing you from sudden movement, it also keeps you in the right position for maximum effectiveness of the airbag. It has benefits to offer a lot more than one can think. However, if you have a faulty or damaged one, it may result in some serious injuries. Seat belts may get damaged due to an accident or get worn due to a long period of use. On this page, we will unveil certain things you need to know about replacement belts. This guide will help you find the best seat belts to buy.

Things you need to know about replacement seat belts

Seat belts, saving countless lives every day, come in many types. Some of the common types are 2 point, 3 point, 5 point, and 6 point harness belts. Each one is different in its design and function. For example, if you talk about the 2-point harness, it directly goes across the occupant’s lap. There is no shoulder harness. 3-point, on the other hand, goes over the shoulder and also crosses the lap. In a similar way, different types of seat belts come in different designs and protect you differently. Whichever belt you buy, you should check its compatibility with the vehicle you have. Continue reading to know more.

Six-point, five-point & 3-point seat belt

3-point seat belts are a part of most modern vehicles. It usually comes in the form of a single strap that stretches from the occupant’s shoulder, runs across the chest, and ends in a lap belt. It has been designed in a way that whenever there is a sudden movement, the belt helps spread out the energy across the chest, pelvis, and shoulders. Five-point is another common type that is safer than other common types of seat belts. It is often a part of cars that carry babies or competitive racing cars. However, you can choose to have it in other cases as well. Six-point is more of advanced protection that is much like five-point. But it has an additional belt that goes between the legs.

Other types of seat belts

There are many more types of belts. To start with the oldest one, lap belts have been a part of old vehicle models. But as you can guess, it does not much protection in case of collisions. The shoulder belt is another kind that restrains the rider across the torso, but it works well only in conjunction with the lap belt. In the case of the automatic type of seat belt, the shoulder and lap belts were separate. The rider has to manually fasten the lap belt. The shoulder belt automatically comes into place across their body when the car starts. However, it has a buckle, so you are free to manually release it if required. There are many more types to choose from like sash, belt in the seat, and more.

Seat belt extender

If you think your belt is not damaged but just a bit short to fit, then you can invest in a seat belt extender. As the name suggests, it helps you make the belt longer. Earlier, these were just for obese people. But now, many uses have come into the picture. Like, making a pregnant lady use the seat belt. However, you should only use it if you cannot fit in the original seat belt. Also, get it from the manufacturer of the vehicle in case you need it. However, the extenders may fail during a heavy collision. So, be specific about your car brand and car model while purchasing one.

Tips for buying Seat Belts online in Dubai

By now, you must have realized that seat belts come in a wide assortment of options like 3-point, 5-point, universal seat belts, racing seat belts, and many more. Also, there are many materials, brands, and sellers to choose from. So, while you shop for one, it is natural to feel a bit confused. Although, if you keep certain factors in mind, this shopping journey would become effortless for you. So, here are some guiding tips that would help you choose not only the best but also appropriate type.

  • Explore their varieties– Seat belts come in a wide array of options. Some run across the lap whereas others offer complete security with a 5-point or 6-point harness. So, before you head shopping, it is important to get aware of all the types.
  • Check the compatibility– Whichever type you choose; it should be compatible with your vehicle. So, keep the vehicle’s brand and model in mind while choosing one. Different vehicles have different interiors. Hence, different sizes and types may suit.
  • Quality matters– Since it is safety equipment, do not forget to look for quality. A quality seat belt will be a protective shield for you. A faulty one may result in serious injuries. So, go for quality!
  • Brand matters– An easy way to find the quality is to go for a good brand. Sparco, Takata, Securon, Gucci, Corbeau, and Recaro are some of the best brands. The best part is that you can find their products right here on

Now that you have gone through the tips, you must be eager to get the best one for your vehicle. If you are thinking about where to find the best, you are in the correct place. On our product search engine i.e., Shops, we have over 500 online stores that sell the best products at affordable prices. Moreover, use filters, sorting, and direct search to quickly find the things you are looking for. Also, do not forget to explore other car interior accessories under the car supplies category. So, make no delay and find the right one while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

Can seat belts be replaced?

It’s good to replace the seat belts that were in use during a collision or crash. It is done to be sure that the belts will offer the same protection in future also. Some manufacturers even suggest changing all the seat belts after the collision. Also, if you think the seat belts are frayed due to long term use, you can consider replacing them. But make sure to read the manual instructions on replacement.

Where to buy seat belts online in the UAE?

If you are planning to buy seat belts online in Dubai, UAE, then the good news is that you have arrived at the right place. At, it is easy to find a wide range of options that reliable stores offer. We have brought together more than 500 online stores here that come up with quality products. Moreover, you will have many quality options to choose from. Not just that, you can even compare the prices of different products to find the best one for yourself.

What are inflatable seat belts?

Inflatable belts are different from traditional belts in both design and function. It is basically combining airbags and vehicle seat belts into one package. The inflatable seat belts have many advantages. They work towards spreading the force over a wider area of the body. The same reduces the risk of injury to the chest. Also, the bag tightens the belt. It reduces forward movement and hence, head injury.

Why seat belts are necessary?

It is a safety device that vehicle occupants wear to protect themselves from sudden or harmful movements that may result due to an unanticipated stop or collision. It basically reduces the risk of serious injuries or death in a traffic collision. Apart from preventing you from sudden movement, it also keeps you in the right position for maximum effectiveness of the airbag.

If you have a faulty one, it’s high time to buy one now! Right here at, you can find assorted options offered by the best brands. If you feel overwhelmed by the range of options, you can narrow down them using filters. Use the sorting feature to find the kind of products you want quickly. Moreover, it is easy to compare prices here to find the seat belt for sale. So, go ahead and buy it now!