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Have you ever wondered why some cars look classic and clean all the time, but yours keeps getting dull? The upholstery on your car sets is one of many reasons why your car looks dull on the inside. Here weather elements, improper maintenance, lack of cleaning and rough use are additional contributors to the problem. So, the only way to keep your car in good condition is by adding your car seats. Luckily, you can do this by simply adding car seat covers for your baby & toddler .

These are essential items for those who wish to uphold their car in spotless condition. All you need to do is add these removable covers to the existing car upholstery. The best thing is that they are custom-made to fit over the car seats and are held in place by buttons, zippers, and Velcro fasteners. Today you can find them in both leather and synthetic material. Even though some of these covers are custom-built to fit a specific seat, most of them have standard dimensions and can accommodate all sorts of seats in any given vehicle.

A discussion about seat covers for cars

The car seat covers are made of various materials, including leather, Rexine, and fabric. Meanwhile, many merchandises use neoprene, famous for its water-resistant properties. Also, different seat covers offer unlimited protection against spillages and dirt. The following are various types of car seat covers available in the market. These seat covers are made of pure leather and Rexine. So, you can pick any colour of your preference. Universal seat covers to suit all sorts of seats. Plus, they are easy to install and uninstall. Whereas custom-fit varieties are the most available seat covers in Dubai. They offer products based on your demands.

The benefit of car seat cover

One of the main motives you bought your car is its gorgeous design and exterior quality. And since your car’s tint is open to heat, rain, or crashes, it is inevitable for your vehicle to experience wear and tear. At such times, car seating covers will guard your car from all-weather agents. These durable covers wrap your seats, protecting them from all odds of any damage. Also, they withstand harsh environmental conditions with the help of UV protective fabric. This guarantees complete protection from the sun. It can also reflect the rainfall.

History of seat covers for cars

Production of baby seat covers began in 1933. Before that, the car seats did not consider baby comfort and safety. In 1962, a safety seat cover was invented by Jean Ames. These latest designs had traps that could hold the padded seat alongside the rearmost traveller seat. The child snuggly sits inside the seat with the help of a harness. In 1966, rear-facing car seats for infants and convertible seat covers came to market. Before the invention of a car seat, parents were using booster car seats to raise their kids while in the car, although they were unsafe for little ones.

Distinctive properties of seat covers for cars

These covers are a great way if you are looking forward to changing the car interior without investing in new seats. Luckily, all the latest models come with unique features. The built-in cushioning is one of the most prominent features of these covers. It offers additional padding for your car seat. Some covers are water resistance protecting your car from spillages. The cover straps are adjustable. Straps fine-tune both the quality and look of your seat. A good fit is necessary for a smooth look and a comfortable sitting experience. The seat covers are presented in a different colour to match your car look.

What is the best cover for your car

The seat covers are a stylish fixture for the car, but they add value by keeping the interior perfectly. Some detachable varieties have elegant designs and colours that can brighten up your interior even though their primary purpose is to retain your car seat spotlessly. The primary issue when it comes to acquiring these fantastic products is their universality. Some of the best seat covers for cars include universal fit ones designed to fit nearly all car seats. You can also find waterproof versions that guard seats against dust and water. Moreover, you can find custom-made covers. So if you want anything special, place the order and give your car a unique feel from the inside.

Tips on how to buy Car Seat Covers online in the UAE

Owning a car demands a considerable amount of investment. With time you will find yourself investing in different parts to keep the vehicle in good working condition. A car seat is one such fundamental part of a car that needs constant care and upgrade. However, changing it can be costly. Hence, comes the idea of these covers. These are economical, classy, and easy to use, and you can replace them whenever you wish to. There are dozens of brands and manufacturers offering seat covers online in the UAE. So, choosing the best option entirely depends on you. Here are some pointers that can help you get through the buying process successfully.

  • The materials – Pick a waterproof material that comes with UV protection properties. Materials like neoprene are waterproof, washable, and economical. Also, consider that the cover price will vary based on the material they are made of.
  • Customisations – When buying a seat cover, you need to investigate its level of customisation. Pick one that you can regulate to fit your necessity. You can also go for easily detachable covers. They come with removable parts to let you fit extra features into your car.
  • Budget – Always set a budget limit to avoid overspending. At, you can find a variety of covers in varying budget limits. Also, while setting a budget, focus on why you want to buy car seat covers. Also, remember that the price varies based on the model of the car you own.
  • Purpose – You need to be precise on why you must buy the seat covers. Remember, they are designed to serve different purposes. You must therefore decide whether you need one for protection purposes, comfort, or dual purpose.

The cover for car seats is almost mandatory for everyone yearning to guard their car’s value by guaranteeing safety to their seat. Now that you have discovered tips on buying some of the best seat covers online, it would be wise to explore more on our shopping search engine . Check out our car interior category for more selection.

Question & Answer

Is it necessary to cover your car seat?

Covers are not mandatory, but they add a layer of protection to the seat. They sustain the actual car seat material and add age to the seat. Also, they protect the seats from environmental damages like the extreme heat and UV damage. Moreover, they help you add cushioning and make the sitting more comfortable and cosy. Most seat covers are also washable. Hence, you can keep your car interior spotless without having to spend bucks for buying new ones. You can wash them at home and save the cost of cleaning in a commercial facility.

Why use a seat cover in the car?

The coolest and easiest way to personalise your car is by using covers on a car seat. These offer an economical way of reupholstering your car by allowing an additional layer of security for your seats. You can do that in two different ways. You can decide to put your new covers over the existing car seat, remove your old fabric, and replace it with a new one. It’s chiefly a personal choice. Remember, replacing old upholstery seats is expensive and time-consuming. To fasten the procedure, apply the first method mentioned above. They can shield your classy leather seat from constant wear and tear.

How to clean seat covers?

Cleaning these covers is a step by step process. It is better to clean the seat cover every two weeks. Always start by removing the floor mats. You can apply the brush to clean the dirt off the mat. For fabric-based covers, spray multipurpose cleaner over the unclean areas and allow them to dry. Cleaning leather covers is a bit time-consuming, as you need to wipe them down with leather dusting wipes. Then you need to wash them with restrained fabric until the entire cleanser goes away. Beige with a dry cloth and then smear protectant for conditioning purposes. You can as well get the entire procedure in the seat cover manual.

What is the best car seat cover material?

These covers are available in three different materials, each with its pros and cons. Amongst the three, leather is the best material, but it’s expensive. If you can afford it, then it’s best to choose Rexine. It’s breathable and easy to maintain. You can also find different price ranges in Rexine. They are easy to install and maintain. Fabric seat covers, on the other hand, are the cheapest among the three. It looks lovely with a diversity of patterns, and just like any other fabric material, these covers can easily get dirty. Suppose you will be having kids in your car most often, then you may go for other seat covers.

Where to buy car seat covers?

Would you please head to a retail search engine online? This is where you can find the most variety of products available in the online market. For instance, at, you can find products from more than 500 brands, manufacturers, and sellers worldwide. When it comes to seat covers, you can find a wide range of options from brands like Kozdiko, Maxi Cosi, Lushwhips, Good Year, and Iottie. Explore the shopping search engine to get a quick lead to all types of car supplies .