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Car mats, one of the most overlooked accessories, have more than one task to perform. Apart from keeping your car’s cabin clean, it does a great job at preventing accidental spills from ruining your car interior and not to miss; it adds an aesthetic value to your vehicle. Are you planning to invest in one? Let us explore how to choose the best.

When you have a car, you like accessorizing it. The feel-good factor you get from your car does not depend only on its exterior but also on the interior. You may easily overlook car mats but using one; will save you from a lot of trouble washing the floor. Let us shed some light on its benefits. It keeps the dirt away from your vehicle’s floor; soaks up the water you carry with your shoes; brighten the interior, and does much more than one can imagine. The best part is that you can choose from a wide assortment of options. There are varieties available to suit every car interior. Investing in the right one is crucial to making the most of this excellent accessory. We will unveil certain things that would help you find the car mats to buy on this page.  

Things you need to know about car floor mats

Car floor mats can be found in many varieties, varying based on size, material, look, and many more factors. Fabric mats are easily available and are also one of the cheapest varieties. They usually come with rubber backs that prevent them from slipping. But if you look for something long-lasting, then rubber can be a great choice. It mostly comes in black colour and textured surface. Vinyl mats are other popular mats that do not let dirt and grime exit their surface. There is much more to it! Whichever you use, make sure it has an anti-slippery surface. Also, it should fit well in the vehicle. Like, the truck floor mats and car mats are not created equally. Read on to explore more things you need to know before you buy car mats online.

Benefits of auto floor mats

Auto floor mats come with many advantages. The first and obvious reason to have it is to keep the vehicle’s floor safe from dirt and grime. Secondly, when you travel along the route, chances are you are going to take meals or drinks in the car. If you have mats, you will protect the floor from accidental spills. All you have to do is to take out the mat and clean it. Without them, it can get pretty hard to clean the vehicle’s floor. Moreover, the mats give you an odour-free and clean environment. Car mats are important in wet weather. They soak up the water you carry in your feet or shoes. Last but not least, the car mats add an aesthetic appeal to your interior.

Rubber floor mats & other popular materials

You can find them in many materials. Some of the common ones are rubber, fabric, and vinyl. Different materials have different benefits to offer. For example, the vinyl type comes with upturned edges. None of the water and dust exits the mat this way. Moreover, there are spikes at the back that prevent slipping. Rubber mats are one of the most common choices. They may not look that good, but they are for sure the most durable option you have. They are of high quality but do not expect good looks from them. Fabric mats are the cheapest of all the common varieties. But the disadvantage is that they start sagging and slipping with time. So, it’s better to invest in quality. 

Personalized car mats

Some sellers offer personalized styles, which means you can have the wording and prints of your choice on the mat. There can be some graphics or letters printed on the mats. You can find them in various colours depending on your choice. It helps you give a personal touch to your vehicle. This concept came some years ago. You can also find them in many materials to suit your preferences. However, not many people are a fan of custom car floor mats. People usually like spending on the standard ones, and that too, black, and other dark colours.

Tips on how to buy Car Mats online in Dubai

Car mats come with many advantages. However, choosing one can be tricky. You can find them in many sizes, shapes, styles, and materials. Different manufacturers have products of different kinds. But going for the right one is as necessary as having one. Whether you purchase in-store or browse online, you have to keep certain things in mind. So, here are some tips and tricks to understand what exactly to look for.

  • Consider the size – This is the first factor to consider while buying. Choosing the right size is important. It should fit perfectly on the floor. Different cars have different spaces. Hence, different mats may suit. Take time to measure the interior or know your car’s model and go for a compatible one.
  • Consider material – You can find mats in many materials. However, rubber, fabric, and vinyl are common choices. Different types may offer different benefits. For example, rubber is durable, but vinyl is better at keeping the floor away from dirt and grime.
  • Go for the one that matches – The type you choose should also match your car’s interior. Mats can be found in different colours and textures, having different prints on them. Go for the one that best suits the existing interior. 
  • Go for good brands – If you want to have quality, go for good and trusted brands. Some of the best brands are Goodyear, Sparco, Maxpider, Michelin, Lushwhips, and Packy Poda. If you want to find their products in one place, you can explore them right here on

Use the above tips to shop for the best mats as per your requirements. Now that you have collected a lot of information, are you eager to explore the best ones? If yes, then you have entered the right place. offers you a platform that helps you find thousands of products offered by reliable brands. On our product search engine, you can compare the costs of many products to find cheap car mats. So, do not wait and grab the best ones at affordable prices.

Question & Answer

Are rubber car mats best?

Different car mats come with different advantages. Rubber is a common choice as it is durable and comes with an anti-slippery surface. Also, they do not obstruct pedal use. They are capable of retaining moisture with the help of the textured surface. They soak in water and also mud. However, they start looking dirty faster than other types. So, you should not expect a perfect look from them. The best car mat for you will be the one that suits your requirements perfectly. For some, rubber works well, whereas, for others, vinyl or fabric may perform well.

How to buy car mats?

There are certain factors that you need to keep in mind. Firstly, go for the right size. The size fits the floor space perfectly. Secondly, go for the right material. Go for something that lasts longer and also keeps the dirt away from the floor. Thirdly, you should invest in a good brand. It will help you get quality that you cannot expect from local materials. If you are looking for the best and most affordable options online, then you are in the right place. On, you can find as many varieties as you want. There are many sellers present here, so you will have a lot of options to choose from.

Which car mats to buy?

The best car mat will be the one that best suits your requirements. For example, the vinyl type comes with upturned edges. None of the water and dust exits the mat this way. On the other hand, rubber mats may not look that good, but they are for sure the most durable option you have. Fabric type is the cheapest of all the common varieties. But they start sagging and slipping with time. Consider your requirements and then go out shopping for car mats. Since there come in many varieties, you might land yourself in a lot of confusion. So, better weigh your needs and then explore options.

Where to buy car mats online in the UAE?

If you plan to buy the best affordable mats online in the UAE, you don’t have to look any further. You can find trusted stores here that sell high quality and durable products. You can filter and sort the options based on your preferences. Since there are over 500 sellers and brands present here, you will have many varieties to choose from. Moreover, it is easy to compare prices to find cheap products. You can also find other car supplies right here. So, look no further and grab the best ones while stock lasts.