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Over the past few years, the number of cars on the road has increased. This means more of us are spending more time in our cars. Obviously, spending a lot of time in your vehicle has repercussions. It also means that we’re looking for ways to make this experience the best now more than ever. Take the car cup holder, for instance. Though it seems like a simple addition to an otherwise good car, spend a while without these holders, and suddenly you’ll find yourself lamenting over the lack of one. This means having them in your car is a great addition. Therefore, in this article, we elaborate more on this. We look at the different types, their benefits, and more. And stick with us until the end if you want to find out some secret tips on how to buy the car cup holders online in Dubai. 

Like every other car supplies, the cup holders, too, had their humble beginnings. The car cup holders’ history began somewhere in the 1960s when the very first variety of glove partitions packed under the car seats was developed. Although drivers were finding places to put their coffee, they were not secure enough. This gave birth to standard car cup holders in the 1980s. And by the end of the 1990s, almost all custom-made vehicles had a car cup holder. Fact is, nowadays, cars relish a diversity of cup holders in numerous locations all over the vehicle. That said, let’s look at some of the trending models that you can confidently invest in. 

The different types of car cup holders for every adventure trip 

Of course, by now, you know that every vehicle today comes with a car cup holder. However, anyone who has ever grappled with fitting their charming cup into your standard car cup holder without success knows that they aren’t equally made. And that’s why you can always add in a few other car cup holders to make things easy for you. Besides, only the right cup holder will hold your coffee mugs or cups safely while you drive. And that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best car cup holders out there that will allow you to take your ideal beverages on the highway securely. And indeed, they’ll also avoid unpleasant spills. 

The universal cup holder for car 

A simple but effective universal cup holder – the cup holder from BottlePro can change your regular cup holder into a giant in minutes. It happily meets the needs of any travel mug. You can use two ways to expand this holder. That is, you either extend the length of the holder or the width of it. If you alter the cup holder’s depth, you can meet the needs of various mugs, cups, or bottles. However, changing the width offers better stability and higher durability. This product from BottlePro comes with a soft fit sleeve. This ensures that your car remains undamaged by scratches while you fit them or when you’re riding on rockier roads. And thanks to their 40-ounce capacity, you can carry as much coffee you want without much fuss. 

The hanging cup holder

What if we say there’s a car cup holder that allows you to store more than just a coffee cup? Yes, the hanging car cup holders can handle anything. You could throw in anything that you could require in your journey. Although not ideal for commuters, as the hanging structure requires you to hang them on the headrest, it’s best to keep them for back seaters. This means that it’s a fantastic choice for family cars and long drives. The hanging car cup holder from Rubbermaid is a classic example of this. The product tends to be dishwasher safe and therefore is very easy to clean. And the best part – the hanging strap is adjustable to match the length you require. Better yet, several such hanging cups are just a click away on our shopping search engine

The adjustable cup holder or the cup holder organiser

If you’re looking out for a slim-line organiser to hide your valuables and hold the cup when needed, nothing beats the holder from KMMotors. This product from KMMotors comes with a quirky design that slides into the gap between your seat and the centre console. Besides, it also has a magnetic flip-up lid that keeps heat-sensitive items away from the sun’s glare. Or you could always hide your change. Usually, you’ll also find two pads along with this product packaging. So, if you feel that your gap might be a little wider, then this item is worth a try. Meanwhile, the product comes in plywood materials along with the central design. All this ensures a stronger fit and greater durability. You can always buy many such models on our platform. 

Other automotive cup holders

Thanks to the excellent storage capabilities of the console options and the adaptability of extending bases, the mini console from Go Gear is all you need in a car cup holder. The upper of the product easily handles the standard go-to items in your car. This includes things such as glasses, phones, and change. On the other hand, the lower half of the cup holders feature two adjustable holders. Furthermore, you’ll find them in a wide range of sizes. Thus, you can be sure that almost any mug or drinking cup will fit in these holders. But, the only real problem with these consoles is that you need to place them on your sear floor. This can make reaching for your drink a little difficult and awkward. However, they tend to be stable and durable.

Tips on how to buy Car Cup Holders online

Finding an impeccable cup holder for your vehicle is often perceived as a demanding task. Here at, we have made everything easier with our modest collection of cup holders. Regardless of which car cup holder you are looking for, we have you covered. To make things even easier, we’ve listed a few tips to follow while you buy car cup holders online.

  • Sort out your preferences – What kind of cup holder do you wish to have? Sorting out your intentions is one of the first and foremost steps to carry out before you begin your search online. Once you know what you want, the buying process becomes extremely simple.
  • Research a bit – A bit of research about the product is always an added advantage. The more you know about the product, the better it is. So, try and understand the various aspects like the places to buy, top brands, history, etc.
  • Explore your options – By now, you must have figured out that not all cup holders are equal. Each one comes with different features and characteristics. Plus, each car requires a different type of holder. So make sure you explore your options first. This helps you pick the right one.
  • Pick the right size – The size of your cup holder makes a huge difference in how it fits in your car. Pick too small; it wouldn’t fit in your car. On the other hand, pick too large, and it will just get in your way while driving. Therefore, always pick the right sized holder or a universal adjustable size.
  • Evaluate the material – There are two main reasons why a car cup holder should consider the materials. One, you’ll no doubt want a decent cup holder that allows you to enjoy your new car without intervening in its interiors. Secondly, good material ensures stability, reliability, and durability.
  • Look at the features – While there aren’t plenty of features on a standard car cup holder, there are still a bunch of ‘nice-to-have’ features that you can add. For example, several car cup holders come with extendable bases. Similarly, you’ll also find ones with additional compartments and organisers.
  • Check out the convenience – By convenience we mean, how easily you can fit and remove the holder. Besides, you should also see how well it cleans up. Typically, you can bring standalone cup holders from car to car without any fuss. On the contrary, fitted options require some effort.
  • Pick the best quality – Quality plays a vital role in determining your car cup holders’ lifespan. This is why, to acquire a premium-quality cup holder, you must buy them popular brands. Brands like Maxi Cosi, Belkin, Clek, Iottie, Diono, Ikross, and Britax offer top-quality car cup holders online.
  • Look at the shipment policies – Always confirm if the online store you are procuring car cup holders from has a shipment and return policy. That’s because it’s pretty normal to procure an accessory and become displeased in the long run, possibly because of incompatibility.
  • Consider the delivery time – While buying a car cup holder online, you must confirm the delivery time for convenience. Remember, not all online store offers instant delivery. You must be careful to confirm that before purchase.
  • Check out the cost – Car cup holders come at different price tags depending on the brand, the places you buy, and the features. You’ll find both expensive and cheap car cup holders online. So set aside a budget. You can always buy premium models of car cup holders for sale.

No one wants excessive coffee spills while driving a car. And we also want to be able to sip a coffee with peace of mind. Well, the car cup holders let you do both with ease. But only the right cup holders will work your way. So, ensure you follow the tips above to make the buying process a breeze. Make sure you take time to evaluate each model before making the final decision carefully.

Question & Answer

What car had the first cup holders?

As individuals were spending more time in their vehicles, car interiors converted into spaces where people could take their food and drink with ease. Subaru cars have over 15 cup holders amounting to nearly three cup holders for every single passenger. The eating and drinking in cars, which seemed impossible, can now be attained. The first car to have eating accessories was the Model T. People could only use them in parked vehicles. Later, vehicles like Rolls Royce become furnished with extravagant carriers filled with silvery gears. These were only meant for a classy wayside picnic but not eating. It was not until 1953 that a Texas designer patented the car cup holder.

How to keep car cup holders clean?

Car cup holders can turn to be the dirtiest extent in your car. Amongst coffee slicks, spots, and archaic hair, it can get so unpolished that many a time, you choose to secure your cool coffee sandwiched between your knees. If you close your eyes and hollow them out into the cup holder, you might discover the scraps cannot lift. A trivial vacuity can come in very useful here, but that is next to impossible. If you are in such a mess, you can employ socks and some cleansing agent to clean them. While cleaning, cover the cup holder with a sock as you sprig some domestic cleanser on the bottommost and sidewise within the cupholder. If you don’t want to use socks, keep the cup holder spotless using silicon muffin tableware.

How wide are car cup holders?

Are you looking for something sizeable to grasp your drink while you are on long expeditions? There are several car cup holders available in the market. They differ in width for stability purposes. Among the sizeable and cheap car cup holders online are stainless cup holders. These car cup holders have an overall width of 4 inches, while the hole dimensions are 3.5 inches. Most car cup holders have a diameter of 2.25 inches and look very decent. Several Stainless cup holders are brilliantly custom-made with a diameter of 2.75 inches. These can be used in cases where more than one cup holder is needed. They can also make pronounced smartphone holders.

What size are car cup holders?

Nowadays, virtually every car has space for cup holders. Some car owners may want additional cup holders within their car or even desire to add cup holders capable of housing bigger bottles. Luckily, several car cup holders can acclimatise to your existing cup holder and hold a bigger magnum. If you need better options for your car, then the size of car cup holders matters a lot. With sizeable cup holders, you will be at ease while travelling. Remember, these gears are very basic, so you must shop grounded on the features you want. Most car cup holders’ standard size is 72 mm. visit our online stores for more detail.

Where to buy car cup holders?

While procuring cup holders, you must guarantee that it’s significantly standardised. Remember, it’s prudent to purchase quality cup holders rather than purchase cheap sub-standard car cup holders that might be unsafe to use in a car. Having the best cup holders will make you feel more secure while eating within your vehicle. Even though several car cup holders are available in the market, it’s wise to buy those cup holders from reliable suppliers. If you are not aware of online sites, you can rely on, as we’ve got you covered for all necessary car interiors along with the car cup holders.