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Car armrests are a part of a car’s centre consoles. A car console refers to the control bearing surfaces in the centre of the front of the vehicle interior. The armrest is an extended version of the centre console located between the driver and the passenger’s seat.

Some modern centre consoles have additional features with compartments and storage options under the cushion. This way, this car accessory is ergonomically, functionally dynamic and adds more aesthetic value to the car. Almost all modern vehicles come with building high-quality armrests. Even if you do not have one in the car or want to upgrade, you can buy separate items online. The installation of these car accessories is effortless and demands some basic tools and skills to get the job done. However, buying and installing this accessory is not easier as one may think. Therefore we are here to share some basic information about the product. Read carefully before proceeding with a purchase.

Everything you need to know about car armrests

Wrist support is one of the most comfortable modern-day inventions. Just like our back and legs, our arms also demand comfort. A high quality, adequately installed armrest is something that can serve the purpose. Initially, the idea came up for use in office chairs but soon made its way to cars. Fact is one of the prominent and much-demanded features in modern cars. One reason can be that while driving, the arms of the driver are in constant struggle. An armrest allows them to rest the arm for a while, specifically on a long journey. Let us review some basic information about these supporting car accessories.

Types of car armrests

When we talk about it in the automobile sector, there are two main types: front and rear armrests. The front one is also known as a central armrest and can be folded as per the driver’s needs. Most modern designs come with separate compartments where you can keep the bottles and cups. In high-end models, you can also find controllers for temperature, windows and more. The rear one is located in the backseat and is foldable. It can also be used as extra seating, and in some models, it acts as a safety seat, allowing it to fold with a seat belt dually.

Benefits of installing armrests

Today, armrests are loved for several reasons. At first, they are a great way to give occasional rest to your arm, specifically on a long drive. With modern designs, you can add extra space to your car as otherwise, you can only use small compartments where you have to stuff everything. A car door armrest can also work for you as a door handle, besides offering you a perfect resting spot on the door sidearm. Finally, the rear one can act as an extra seat and make space for at least one person in the back of your car.

Installing the armrest in the car

Now, as you know the benefits you can enjoy by having it in your car, look for this car accessory next time you head to buy a car. Most modern models come with built-in and customizable car armrests. But if you are not looking forward to buying a new car, buy an armrest that is made or is suitable for the car model you own. However, installing a car armrest depends on the type and model of the car and the armrest you tend to buy. You can either consult a professional for installation or look at the manual if you own basic tools and skills about car accessories.

Replacement of a car armrest

Your priority should always be to invest once in a high-quality product. They generally come from top brands. I prefer buying the one with leather upholstery as it will stay longer than other materials available in car armrests. However, at times the upholstery can get damaged as a result of an accident. In such cases, you can try covering it with armrest covers. But for major damage that can cause dysfunction of the accessory, you can get the upper plastic body changed without digging deep into the metal structure that is normally fixed to the car’s body with screws.

Tips on how to buy Car Armrests online in the UAE 

Before you head to buy car armrests for sale, check your car thoroughly. You must have all the information about the model and the structure of your car. Not all the old models will support the armrest with minor adjustments. And for major changes, you may end up paying a big amount just for a minor addition. Therefore, start by evaluating your car. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to install an armrest in the car, here is what you need to consider while making a purchase.

  • Car type – Start by noting down the model and manufacturers of your car. I always prefer buying car interiors from the same manufacturers.
  • Size of the console – Consider the size of the console that is already installed in the car. If not, measure the available space and consider it while choosing the armrest.
  • Installation method – Always check the installation methods and specifications while making a purchase. It is even more important if you are planning to install it on your own.
  • Usage and features of armrest – Consider a versatile armrest with spacious storage compartments that will come in handy when you start using the armrest.
  • Brand and price – Branded products will always be a bit expensive. Therefore, look for products on different brands and pick the one that suits your budget and needs.
  • Product Description – Once you get hands-on with a suitable product, read the product details to know about installation, material, cleaning other specifications of the armrest.

The best car armrests to buy is the one that puts no burden on your pocket but meets your needs and specifications of the car. Although you can find many cheap car armrests online in the UAE, it is always better to prefer quality over cost. A high-quality branded item will stay with you for a long time and can save you from a lot of hassle of buying and repairing the armrest every few years. To do so, you can consider buying top rated or best-selling products.

Question & Answer

Why do armrests have to be down?

This is probably because a driver has to use his hands to handle the steering wheel, change the gears or operate other mechanicals while driving the car. A higher armrest can be a barrier to the free movement of the driver’s arms. With a lower armrest, the driver will be comfortable operating the car and taking any measures or moving around in case of an emergency. Likewise, a higher armrest will make the driver uncomfortable in the seat and can lead to any difficult situation while driving.

Are armrests bad for posture?

No, armrests are designed to support your posture and provide a resting place for the upper body while you are driving. However, it is important to install the armrest comfortably, considering your height and width ratio. An ideal armrest can help you rest the elbow at the natural height of your body. To get an ideal position for using an armrest, prefer taking professional assistance for installing armrests in your car.

Can you add an armrest to an old car?

Yes, with minor modifications, you can add an armrest to any car. You can consider buying items like MLOVESIE Auto Center Console Armrest Pillow. It comes with Memory Foam Car Armrest Cushion with a Phone Holder Storage Bag Universal Fit for Most Cars. The Timor Car Armrest Cushion can be installed in most cars. Other options that you can consider buying include Car Center Console Armrest Pillow and Auto Center Console Pad.

Where to buy armrests online in the UAE?

You can explore a retail search engine to buy all types of car accessories and tools online. At, you can find more than 500 global brands selling branded car accessories, including armrests for new and older models of cars. Here you can explore and buy products from brands like Maxi Cosi, Saab, Belkin, Clek, Lottie, or Ikross. Always use the price comparison tool to compare and buy products at cheaper rates without compromising quality.

At, you can also search for the best car supplies online in the UAE from shops that the world trust to buy from.

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