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You must’ve seen black, sludgy lungs of tobacco smokers in a health class. Well, similarly, mechanics can show you the pictures of dirty car filters that are just as scary and clogged. In other words, your car and its engine wouldn’t work well without dust and dirt-free, air and oil.

Well, this calls for these filters that ensure a clog-free environment of your vehicle. But what exactly do they do? Well, these air filters act as the main line of defence against the particulate matter that wants to make its way through the car’s engine. Having a properly running air filter makes sure that the air coming inside is clean and free of any dust particulates. This, in turn, enhances your vehicle’s fuel economy and increases your vehicles life span. Moreover, the clean air ignites faster and more efficiently in the cylinder, which leads to better gas mileage. But, remember, this knowledge alone isn’t enough to purchase the best car air filters out there. Thus, we’ve rounded up all that you need to know and understand about the vehicle filters to make an informed buying decision.

Automotive air filters: A complete guide

Every vehicle has many different types of air filters. As owners, you must regularly inspect and service these filters to ensure your vehicles smooth working. However, many a time, the owners are unaware of all sorts of filters in their vehicles that need a check regularly. Remember, neglecting filters could lead to poor performance and eventually damage to your car. Therefore, it’s imperative to know and understand the various types, the ways to replace and service the car filters, and so on. Keeping all this in mind, we’ve rounded up a few essential things you must know about the car filters or for that matter filters of any other vehicles. Check them out below.

The various types of vehicle air filters

Let’s have a look at the most common types of air filters in your vehicles, precisely in a car. The first and foremost car air filter you need to look into is the engine air filter. These car air filters make sure to keep the dirt, sand, or debris at bay from your car’s engine. Note, you must check it properly at regular intervals as recommended by the manufacturer. Further, you’ll see the cabin filter. This filter traps contaminants like dust, pollen, smoke and makes the air cleaner to breathe inside your car cabin. Similarly, you’ll also find a separate oil filter that filters out metal shavings and other particles that could harm your car. Last but not least, there’s a fuel filter too that removes any impurities or dirt from the fuel.

When to change the car air cleaner

How do you know when to change the car air filters? Well, this is one of the common questions that circulate among the vehicle owners. The answer to this isn’t quite simple as it’s for other automotive parts like windshields or wipers. Usually, there’s a general rule that you need to change the filters, particularly car engine filters every 30000 miles. But honestly, it’s just a rough estimate. What really matters is the kind of driving you to do. If you often drive on dirty roads and put your car on high levels of stress, then you need to check your vehicle filters more than usually. To be safe, it’s best to check your vehicle filters twice every year to make sure it’s operating correctly.

The car air filter replacement

Many a time, the vehicle filters need replacement. In such cases, you need to follow a few steps to replace your car engine filters. One of the first and foremost things to do is to purchase the best quality car filter for replacement. We’ll enlighten a few tips to choose the best a little later in the article. Once you have the new car engine filter, park your car, turn off the ignition and put the hood of your vehicle up. Then, find the air filter cover and remove it. Well, now it’s time to take out the old air filter. By the way, if you feel that your old filter isn’t that dirty, then you can clean and reset it if you wish. Otherwise, insert the new filter, re-attach the filter cover and close the hood. You’re done!

The difference between standard and Performance air filters

The filters, in general, must protect your engine, at the same time, should let enough air to reach it. Typically, manufacturers install the standard air filters in the car and oppose performance air filters due to their prohibitive costs. But, in contrast, the standard filters aren’t that efficient in allowing the air circulation. However, performance cotton air filters are the most efficient filters that would enable maximum air to circulate in the engine. Moreover, you can wash and reuse these filters when they get too clogged. But remember, you need to clean these car air filters every 50,000 miles. In short, with proper maintenance, these filters will last of the lifetime of the car.

Tips on how to buy Car Filters online

Indeed, by now, you must’ve gathered the various types of filters, their uses and the way to replace and repair them. However, this knowledge isn’t sufficient to buy car air filters online in UAE. In other words, picking the most appropriate car filters entails looking for specific features that help you achieve optimum levels of air and fuel purification. However, this a lot easier said than done. That’s why we’ve listed down a few critical things you have to look for when purchasing the car filters online.

  • Look for signs of damage – The first and foremost thing to do, even before you start your browsing, is to identify the damage signs of your car filters. You must thoroughly check your car air filters including the oil, cabin and fuel filters. Each of them shows different signs if they’re damaged. For instance, if you have a damaged engine air filter, then the engine makes strange sounds. Similarly, a damaged cabin filter sends out a foul smell. You need to identify them and then head out to purchase a new car filter.
  • The method of purification for cabin filters – Currently, there are three major methods to purify the air in the car cabin. They are filters, ionisers, and ozone generators. Each of them follows a different way to cleanse your cabin air. For instance, filters draw cabin air and circulate it, while the ionisers do not circulate the air. Instead, it releases a steady stream of negatively-charged particles called anions into the air. Your choice of these methods will zero-in on what’s best for your car.
  • Consider ones with multiple layers of purification – Many car filters come with a combination of different methods of air purification. For example, many come with a combination of air filters and car ionisers. In other words, your best chance of cleaning the air inside your car cabin is to get the car filters that come with multiple layers of purification. As this ensures that the air inside your car cabin remains free from dust and other particulates.
  • Look out for the ease of operation – Remember, you do not want a complicated system. In short, it should be easy to use. Most systems require plugging into a car’s 12-volt cigarette lighter socket, while others just require a USB adaptor plugged into the outlet itself. Some even come with single button operation facilities, while others come with a lot of buttons to tinker with. Make sure that you choose one that’s a lot easier to operate.
  • Consider the ease of maintenance – Air filters require some degree of maintenance. This includes cleaning and replacing the car filters with the recommended replacement unit. However, dedicated car ionisers don’t really need any maintenance as long as you keep it clean. In other words, you must pick a car filter model that you can easily replace, clean or repair without the help of any external service. This way, you can save a lot of time and money.

Filters are generally inexpensive and durable. However, you must always make sure that you purchase the filter for your car to save your engine, cabin, fuel and its other parts from potential damage. We hope the above tips and tricks will guide you in the right direction and help you pick the best car air filters among the wide variety of options out there online.

Question & Answer

Can you clean the car air filters?

Replacing your car air filters shouldn’t be your first option. If there’s a chance to clean and maintain them, then you should resort to this method. Moreover, it’s also essential to clean your filters every 15,000 miles to prevent too much dirt and debris. And yes, you can clean the filters yourself. However, you must follow certain steps to achieve this. First of all, you need to locate your clogged air filter. Once you’ve found the clogged filter, you can then remove the current filter by opening the hood of your car. Further, you can clean the air filter and also the chassis around the filter. Then, securely place your cleaned and dried filter back into the car.

Can you recycle the car air filters?

Yes, you can recycle the filters. However, remember that the process is not so simple. You cannot just toss your filters into the recycling bin. The reason being that the frame of the filter may be recyclable, but the filter itself may contain several materials that you cannot recycle. For instance, the filter’s construction uses materials like fibreglass, wire mesh, paper, and plastic. However, when it comes to oil filters, you can easily recycle the oil filters. But, note you must properly dispose of them by law. You need to locate an oil filter recycling centre near you and then proceed with the recycling.

Are car air filters expensive?

Well, this depends on the specific type of filer you’re interested in. For instance, the difference between various car air filter cost for cabins isn’t that significant. However, when it comes to engine air filter price, you’ll find a considerable difference depending on their quality and brand. That’s why it’s best to set a budget for yourself first before heading out to explore your various car filter options. Moreover, you need to first identify the damage before you do that.

Which is the best car air filters to buy?

Several brands offer different types of car filters. However, remember not to ever compromise on quality. That’s why it’s imperative to pick your options from the reputed brands. Check out prominent brands like Honda, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mercedes, Subaru, Audi, Mitsubishi, and Lexus. They bring you a fantastic collection of car filters that offer high performance and efficiency. You could also buy car air filters for sale at nominal and affordable rates during the festive offers.

Where to buy car filters?

A reliable and trustworthy platform is the key to purchasing the best products. If you’re in search of such a platform, then is your stop. From premium quality car filters to other optimum car care products, you’ll find numerous car supplies only on our product search engine . What’s more, you can shop many other products from over 500 different online stores and make your way to the perfect products online.

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