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Have you ever helped your friend or family member change the oil of your car or bike? If you have, then you’ve probably wondered why you need to change these automobile lubricants. Well, just so you know, changing the oil is perhaps the most essential part of car care and its routine maintenance. Indeed, automobile lubricants are remarkable fluids. They keep your automobile engine parts running smoothly. But how do they do that?

Usually, automobile parts have moving parts. As these parts move and rub against each other, the friction creates heat. Now, the automobile lubricants absorb heat that, in turn, allows the internal components to work together efficiently without overheating. Even though the primary function of all the greases and oils for cars and other automobiles remains the same, you’ll still find several types of automobile lubricants out there in the market. This is why choosing the perfect oil for your vehicles becomes a bit challenging. In this article, we shall concentrate on elaborating on the different lubricants and how you can grab the best engine oil for yourself.

The various lubricants used in automobiles

You can find several types of automobile lubricants stacked on the shelves. Even on the online platforms, you’d find a bunch of oils, greases, and more from various brands. Of course, all of their roles are to lubricate your automobile parts. However, note that each of them has different purposes and uses, and they come in different colours too. If you choose the right lubricants for your parts, then the pieces will last longer. Similarly, selecting the wrong one and the wrong amount can completely ruin your vehicle’s engines. So, it is best to bear in mind a little information about these automobile lubricants saves a lot of time and money. We’ve listed the various types of automobile lubricants out there.

The car lubricant

Car lubricants play four significant roles. The first and foremost is that they control the friction. Further, they protect the engine from rusting and cool the pistons. Finally, they protect the engine oil stored in the sump from combustion gases. Usually, most car engine oils have a base of mineral oil that has come directly from the refinery. The remainder of the oils contains components of various additives, antioxidants, detergents, antifoam additives, and so on. In other words, the car lubricants are carefully formulated to protect all the car engine parts and bearings. Also, remember, you’ll find several types of car lubricants, including engine oil, gear oil, transmission oil, greases and various other fluids.

The synthetic motor oil

Synthetic oils are automobile lubricants that consist of artificially generated compounds. In other words, they are chemically modified petroleum components rather than whole crude oil. In fact, you can use them as a substitute for your regular car lubricant or oils. They bring in five significant advantages. One of the first is the resistance of the superior temperature. Synthetic oils safely handle higher operating temperatures. They don’t break down. Similarly, they flow freely in extremely low temperatures too. Apart from this, the oil gives better engine protection and ensures ow oil consumption even in heavy vehicles. And, of course, synthetic oils also provide a much cleaner engine than regular oils.

The diesel engine oil

Many of you do not know, but diesel engine oil has an interesting origin. This automobile lubricant refers to as ‘distillate – a by-product of petroleum refining that you discarded during the process. Not only do people from the automotive rely on it, but many from the industrial sectors have adopted this oil as their primary lubricant for several vehicles. Remember, diesel oil, in its true nature, has different activities according to temperature changes. As the temperature decreases, the molecules of the oil start to gel up and increase their viscosity. In contrast to this, the viscosity decrease, and molecules stop flowing when the temperature rises. Overall, this is also an ideal option if you do not want to go for the original oil.

The dry lubricant

Well, there’s something that stands out from all these oils, and that’s the dry lubricant. Yes, you heard it right! You have a dry lubricant. They constitute graphite, silicone, molybdenum disulfide or PTFE. The particles of this automobile lubricant are super slippery at the molecular level. That’s why they work as a great lubricant agent between two surfaces. Moreover, they certainly reduce the friction between surfaces in contact with one another. Also, you usually find these lubricants in the form of a spray. But, you mix them with some solvent such as water, alcohol, or some other solvent. Once you spray it on the parts, the solvent evaporates and leaves behind the thin film lubricating the actual substance.

Tips on how to buy Automobile Lubricants online

If you love your car, then you should know that just how vital automobile lubricants are. By now, you must’ve gathered some knowledge about their types and the need to have them in your vehicles. However, that knowledge isn’t sufficient to buy car lubricants online. There are a few more factors and essential elements that you need to bear in mind when it comes to purchasing car lubricants in Dubai online. To make things easier, we’ve listed those elements below.

  • Know your automobile type – One of the first and foremost things to consider is the type of automobile you’re using. That’s because a high-performance vehicle may require oils/greases/lubricants that have a higher performance capacity.
  • Consider your automobile’s age – Remember, the engine is continuously changing and improving with the newer models. For instance, ones with high performance give better fuel efficiency. Moreover, you can find advanced oils that help keep up with these increased engineering demands.
  • Assess your driving environment – the driving environment plays a vital role in maintaining your vehicle’s health. Of course, none of us is keen on stop-start traffic, and neither is your engine. Therefore, it’s best to use higher-quality oils that help prevent the onset of engine wear and tear.
  • Understand the properties of lubricants – You’ll find several types of automobile lubricants out there in the market. However, remember that each of them comes with different qualities and characteristics. Therefore, ensure that you’re well aware of their various properties to pick the best one.
  • Assess the quality – There’s nothing as important as the quality of the oils for your vehicles. Choose the wrong one, and you’ll spoil all your vehicle parts. Therefore, it’s best to pick high-quality automobile lubricants that’ll keep all your vehicle parts safe and running.

So, those are the essential tips that you need to consider while purchasing automotive lubricants. Remember, wherever you run into the automotive industry, online or in-store, you’ll meet all sorts of lubricants. They come from different manufacturers and brands. But we’ll always advise you to go with the ones that gel with your automobile models. Also, make sure to check the grade and type of lubricant before you buy them. We hope the above tips and tricks will guide you in the right direction.

Question & Answer

How do car lubricants work?

Have you ever heard the screeching sound your car makes when you apply a sudden break? Well, that’s the friction between the road and your vehicle’s tires. Here the friction works like glue and sticks your car to the road to stop the vehicle. But remember, this friction isn’t always helpful, mainly if it occurs inside your car parts. Usually, the automobile lubricants help reduce any friction between your automotive parts and ensure their smooth functioning. Also, you’ll find several lubricants that work in different ways. Some are grease, some are gels, while others are oils or even sprays.

What are car lubricants used for?

Your car comprises thousands of different moving parts, most of which are metal. Thus, there’s inevitable friction and heat when one metal surface moves against another. The heated part expands in size, and the friction grows, resulting in greater damage to the engine. Replacing the parts isn’t a feasible option all the time as they’re costly. That’s why we need automobile lubricants. They make sure that your car parts function smoothly by reducing the friction between them. As a result, you can prolong the life of your car engine.

What are the types of lubricants?

You’ll find several types of lubricants out there in the market today. Some of the common ones include regular engine oil, grease, dry lubricants, synthetic motor oil, and so on. Remember, the primary function of all these remains the same – that is, to enhance the functioning of the car parts and ensure their smooth working. Apart from these types, you also see a few other types that you specifically use for different parts of the vehicle. For instance, you’ll see gear oil, transmission fluid, chassis and wheel bearing grease, white grease, electric grease, graphite lubricant, and more.

What is the best lubricant to use?

You should never compromise on the quality of the lubricant. One wrong move, and you’ll spoil the entire insides of your vehicle. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a premium quality automobile lubricant. Brands like Mobil 1, Valvoline, Amazonbasics, Pennzoil, Amsoil, Total Castrol, Shell, Quaker State, and Royal Purple bring you the most excellent collection of lubricants for your automobiles. You can choose from a wide variety of lubricants and car supplies from the best brands here on our product search engine. You can also compare prices to find affordable products under each category.