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As a part that always protrudes out, car mirrors are prone to scuffs more than the car body itself. If your mirror is broken or scuffed or faded due to weather, you can use a car mirror cover to give your vehicle a brand-new look.

Side mirrors let you see the vehicles approaching you from behind. Moreover, they are a legal requirement. But all that aside, mirrors add a lot to the visual appeal of the car. But keeping a mirror free of any scratches is a tough job. Whenever you are in a busy parking lot or a gridlock, mirrors are the first thing that takes the damage before the car body. Aftermarket car mirror covers come in handy in such cases. This guide will tell you all that you need to know before buying a new pair of mirror covers for your car. This will tell you the pros and cons of mirror covers and also the different types of them you will come across.

A brief guide to car mirror covers

Nobody wants to ruin the look of a car they have paid a lot of money because of a damaged side mirror. But we know that replacing the side mirror is not cheap. These days these mirrors have all kinds of electronic stuff inside them and cost an arm and a leg. But if the damage is only on the outside cover of the mirror, you can fix it by replacing only that instead of the whole mirror. This guide will help you decide what to do by weighing the pros and cons of replacing the mirror covers against replacing the entire mirror assembly and not replacing them at all.

Advantages of replacing car mirror covers

If the mirror cover is broken, the only way to fix it is either by replacing the entire mirror assembly or replacing the mirror cover. Entire mirror assemblies are always outrageously expensive. On the other hand, a mirror cover costs only a fraction of that. And, even better, you can install it yourself to save more on labour charges. Another benefit is that you can customise the car exterior with a stylish aftermarket mirror cover. You can find affordable mirror covers in a variety of colours and finishes. Aftermarket mirror covers are better if customising is what you are looking for. OEM mirror covers only come in a few colours and finishes.

Drawbacks of replacing mirror covers

There are a few downsides to using an aftermarket mirror cover. In some car models, the construction of the mirror is complicated. This makes replacing the mirror cover a bit tricky. And in some of them, replacing the entire mirror assembly is easier and more cost-effective than replacing just the cover. That is because more complexity adds more work and more work translates to higher labour costs. Another thing of concern is the fit. Most custom mirror covers won’t give a perfect match nearly like that of an OEM mirror cover.

Mirror cover wraps

Wraps are a great option to customise the mirrors even further. If you couldn’t find a mirror cover with the colour and finish of your liking, you can always give the style you want with a mirror cover wrap. This is also a cheaper and much easier alternative to painting the back cover. If you are painting, it is difficult and time-consuming to get a perfect finish. With mirror covers, though, you can always change the wrap if you didn’t like the look whenever you wish. Also, wraps can give some exclusive finishes that cannot be achieved with paint, like carbon fibre.

Side mirror protectors

What is better than replacing a scuffed mirror cover for cheap? Avoiding them in the first place is. There are protectors that go on top of the side mirror covers that can help you avoid breaking the mirror or scratching it in cases of minor bumps. And these side mirror protectors come in two types. The first type is a clear plastic wrap that you can use to cover the backside of the mirror assembly. This will save the mirror from scratches. The second type is similar to a car moulding that can be installed on the mirror cover. When you bump your mirror into anything, the moulding will take the damage and protects the mirror.

Tips on how to buy Mirror Covers

Getting the right kind of mirror cover is imperative to perfect the look of your car. And to get the right kind, you have to consider a few factors before installing a custom side mirror cover on your car. Following these tips will help you make the right purchase decision and avoid buying a mirror cover that you would regret.

  • Choose your style – Aftermarket mirror covers come in a lot of colours and designs. You can find designs that are radically different from the original design. And when it comes to colour, you can choose chrome, black, or a colour similar to that of your car. If you want to stretch more, look for those with colourful patterns.
  • Stick-on cover vs screw-on cover – If you want to hide the damage on your car mirror cover, there are two ways. You can either replace the mirror cover with a brand-new aftermarket one. Or you can cover it with a stick-on mirror cover. Stick on mirror covers are cheaper and also easy to install. And you can change them whenever you want.
  • The fit is everything – As mirrors are among the most conspicuous part of a car, you have to make sure that the mirror cover you are buying offers a perfect fit right to a T. If not, it will show quite visibly and ruins the look of your car. OEM mirror covers will have a perfect look, but if you want a custom cover, you have to look elsewhere.
  • Make sure you have the tools – To install a mirror cover yourself, you need some basic tools. You will need both flathead and Cross-slot head screwdrivers, a cleaning cloth and rubbing alcohol. If you don’t already have them, you can always purchase them here on

Apart from replacing the side mirror covers, try adding a bit more sophistication to the mirrors too. You can stop the mirror from fogging up in the rain using an anti-fog sticker or a rain protector. There are also stick-on films that help you waterproof the mirrors. And if you are not satisfied with any of the mirror cover designs; try a pair of custom-made mirror wraps. Also, don’t forget to check out other products from the car supplies category.

Question & Answer

How to fix a car mirror cover?

The exact method of fixing car mirror covers varies with the car models. If the back cover is held only by clips, you can use a screwdriver and pry out the old cover and just press on the new ones into the slot. But in most cars, mirror covers are screwed onto the entire mirror assembly. In those cases, you will have to remove the mirror glass and access the screws that hold the back cover. But if the construction of the mirror itself is complicated, you will need to get professional help to replace the mirror covers. That’s why sometimes replacing the mirror cover can be as costly as replacing the whole mirror.

Which car mirror cover is the best?

It depends on what you need by replacing the mirror. If you simply want to fix a broken mirror cover and avoid the embarrassment of driving around in a battered-looking car, you should probably get a replacement cover from the original manufacturer. But if you are looking to customise the look of your car, there is little to nothing you can do with an OEM cover. Therefore, you should look for custom aftermarket mirror covers that offer more variety of designs and colours. You can also look for stick-on covers if you are on a budget.

Are side mirror protectors useful?

Side mirror protectors are there to save your mirrors from getting scratched because of minor hits. They do not ensure that the mirror never gets any damage. But they do help avoid noticeable scuffs to a large extent. These protectors are mostly made of rubber or soft plastics. And because they are very cheap and easy to install, you can change them without any hassle. Moreover, when done right, these mouldings can be aesthetically pleasing. If you want it to be more noticeable, choose a chrome coloured one or else go for black matte finishes.

Where can I buy mirror covers online in the UAE?

You can find side mirror covers starting around 50 dirhams in any car accessory shop. High-end car mirror covers might cost around 300 dirhams but not more than that. But the best place to look for them if you want to choose from a wide collection is to look online. And using our product comparison site, you will find a lot of cheap car mirror covers to buy. Here on, you can access an unlimited selection of car accessories including mirror covers, interior and exterior accessories, and much more. Explore more than 500+ shops offering auto tuning products including brands Prasco, Van Wezel, Magneti Marelli, TYC, Abakus, and Stark-Automotive.