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Talk to a seasoned car enthusiast or a veteran car racer and they’ll probably tell you how important a proper gear knob is when it comes to driving. Indeed, it may seem like a trivial accessory inside your car interiors, among the many other car supplies. But, do not be fooled by its appearance and size. Because, the tool is much more than its size. In this article, we’re going to take a look at what these piece are, their importance and a few trending types that you can get your hands on. And yes, do not miss out on the few valuable tips that’ll guide you on how to buy gear knob online in UAE. So shift your gear, sit back and enjoy the read!

So what exactly are these auto tuning parts? Well, a gear knob, commonly known as the shift knob is a vehicle part that you can attach to your gear shift. It is what the driver grabs onto as they change between the gears of the vehicles. You can easily thread or bolt the shift knobs onto the gear shift. Once you install these gear knobs, you’ll be surprised to see how much difference it makes. Generally, automakers have so much more to consider when making the cars. Therefore, most factory shift knobs tend to be mundane and drab. Although, you’ll see some sports cars with nicer options, but nothing beats the aftermarket shift knobs. However, with dozens, if not hundreds, of options out there, how do you know which ones are the best? That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in our next section.

The best-selling car gear knobs to choose from

Fortunately, when it comes to the gear knobs, you’ll get to see numerous choices out there on the market. However, manufacturers of these shift knobs like to categorise them into four significant types – the stock shift knobs, the vehicle-specific, weighted, and the custom shift knobs. Each one comes with different features. For example, stock-shift knobs come with the car and usually match the interiors. They’re pre-installed. Whereas, you can interchange the vehicle-specific knobs with stock. But, when it comes to the weighted, they tend to be super specific. And their stand-out feature is their extra weight. Finally, you can also customise one as per your needs. Below, we’ve compiled a few best gear knob for car based on the aforementioned classification.

The best option in white: 5-speed Hurst shift knob

You’ll probably have a hard time finding a manufacturer of gear knobs as popular as the Hurst. Try and take a stroll through the pits at any drag racing track and you’re guaranteed to find a few cars using Hurst products. From shifter cables to shifters and bushings, Hurst focuses on quality driveline elements along with performance. And our list would be amiss without the shift knobs from the brand. It is one of the most iconic offerings from the brand. Featuring fantastic white finish, this shift knob comes in a solid high-gloss, high-strength plastic material. It measure 1-7/8 inch and comes with an inlaid pattern of shift. The bottom has moulded brass thread along with a jam nut.

The heavy weight BFI shift knob

Just because your car doesn’t have the third pedal, doesn’t mean that you should be stuck with some goofy shifter. Until now the options were limited. But, this gear knob from BFI is a boon to many car enthusiasts. Fortunately, with their proprietary design, you can confidently ditch your stock shifter and switch to a more stylish shift knob. Apart from a straightforward installation process, the shift knob from BFI tends to be compatible with several MK4 Audi models. For installing, all you need to do is to lift them and install. These shift knobs work with both sides & front triggers! Further, the brands also offers you some of the best leather gear knobs out there on the market.

The DC sports weighted shift knob

If you’ve ever followed the import scene in the mid to late 1990s, you’d probably be familiar with this brand. DC sports have been offering part of sports cars for decades now. The company has few shift knobs to offer, and this model surely includes in our list for several reasons. The model starts its life from 304 stainless steel before receiving gunmetal grey powered finish. These weighted beasts tip the scale at 402 grams. This heavy-weighted nature of the knobs make shifting feel a lot smoother and more precise. Further, each knobs come with four threaded adapters to accommodate M8X1.25, M10X1.25, M10X1.50, and M12X1.5 fitments. All this covers most of the vehicles out there.

The DEWHEL automatic shift knobs for Dragon Ball Z lovers

We all love customising our vehicles. It’s a way to show off your personality. Therefore, we believe our list needs to include this unique option. If you love Dragon Ball Z, then what better way to show it than with this Dragon Ball Z shift knob on your shifters? The model sports a 54mm diameter and come in durable and high-quality acrylic. The knob itself is compatible with M12X1.25 fitments. But, you’ll also find three copper adapters that enables you to use them on M8 and M10 models. This should cover majority of the cars available today. DEWHEL offers this model, and houses a wide array of gear knobs other than this. Make sure to check them out while you’re there for shift knobs.

Tips on how to buy Gear Knob online

We bet you’ve always thought of replicating that moment on the big screen, when a character clutches on to a stylish shift gear and launches into a flurry of well-orchestrated driving methods. Fortunately, you can do that, but, you need to have the right and stylish gear knobs for that. And with so many options out there, things might get complicated when you have to choose one. But, fret not, you can always turn around the situation when you know what to look for. Here are a few tips to help you navigate through your options and get the best out of the lot.

  • Know your preferences – You ought to know what you need before you begin your search online. Do you want a custom made knob? Or are you satisfied with the factory version? Asking yourself a few simple question like these helps you easily spot your perfect model online.
  • Research a bit – The more you know about the product you intend to buy the better it is. Get to know the various jargons, that you might likely encounter during the online buying process. Understanding the features, types, and various available styles helps you easily narrow down your choices.
  • Explore your options – Not all shift knobs are same. Some are apt for manual transmission while other work best for automatic. You’d also find other models that work for both. Therefore, be sure to carefully lookout for your options before you begin your search.
  • Get the right fit – in general, most gear knobs come with universal fit. You can install them in a wide variety of cars. However, sometimes the knobs might not fit the shafts correctly. In such cases, you might need an adapter to install them. Make sure you get the right fit for maximum performance.
  • Look at the functionality – Purchasing the shift knobs is all about getting the one that works with both manual and automatic transmission. You can pick a manual or automatic model shift knob depending on your car. However, some work for both models. So check out the functionality of the knob.
  • Assess the design – The design is important to consider. That’s because it affects how the shift knob feels in your hand, and as result, affects you whole driving experience. It all boils down to your personal preference. You can test out different designs to make an informed choice.
  • Go for a stylish finish – The ideal finish depends on the kind of statement you want to make with your shift knobs. For example, chrome finished models look excellent in sporty cars. Whereas, the ones with gunmetal black or grey finishes make your car interiors look sophisticated.
  • Pick a comfortable model – Comfort is important. The shift knob you pick should be comfortable to use. If you pick an uncomfortable model, then it’ll affect the way you drive and even make your gear shifts erratic. Therefore, make sure to consider the comfort factor when you buy the knobs.
  • Check out the installation – Manufacturers do install a standard gear knob during the manufacturing process. But, many a time, you’d want to show off a more stylish and sophisticated knob. In such cases you might have to install a new one. Therefore, ensure that the one you pick has easy installation methods.
  • Consider the weight – Another important factor to consider is the weight of the knob. While some prefer lightweight models, the others prefer a weighted knob. Note that heavy-weight knobs tend to provide a smoother, more secure-feeling shift than lighter options.
  • Look at the price – Shift knobs come in different models and thus are priced at different rates. You’ll find expensive as well as cheap gear stick knobs out there. Therefore, set aside a budget for yourself before you buy. You can also get a few gear knobs for sale online in UAE.

When picking your ideal gear knobs make sure that your product has a brand guarantee, allows faster switches, and comes with a sleek finish. Anything less than this wouldn’t do much good to you and your car interiors. Of course, it’s your personal preference that matters in the end. However, make sure you do regret making a choice after spending a fortune on it. We hope the above tips will be your spirit guide when you’re walking through the numerous choices out there online and help you secure the perfect shift knob model.

Question & Answer

How to change gear knob in the Chevrolet beat?

Chevrolet beat comes with a standard shift knob on its shifter. If you wish to change this, you need to first lift/pull up the shifter. Next, remove the cover on the gear. When you remove this, you’ll see a tie belt. You can remove that, or cut off the tie belt before you install the new shift knob. Once, you do that, you can easily fix your shift knob on the shifter. You can watch online videos to get visual know-how. However, the process is pretty simple. You will find similar steps in other vehicles too.

What is a weighted gear knob?

A weighted shift knob or heavy-weight knob is exactly what the name states. The knob tends to be slightly heavier than the standard shift knobs. This extra weight allows you to engage yourself in a smoother driving experience. Besides, it enables you to switchgear in a swift and smooth manner. You need not put much effort while shifting the gears when you have these on, on your shifters. However, remember, there isn’t a standard weight that classifies the knobs into the heavy-weight category. You can customise the weight according to your liking or you think will be good for driving purposes.

When to replace the gear shift knob?

Overtime the gear knob can wear out. You may hear or see warning signs. For example, you will hear clunking, humming, or whining sounds, which is a clear-cut indication that something is wrong with the knob. Visibly, you can see dents and scratches on your gears. This is also an indication that is it is time to change or replace your gear knobs. Replacing and maintaining the shift knobs is necessary to spruce up your shifter and help achieve a smooth and stylish driving experience. If you do not want the gear knob wearing out soon, make sure you are maintaining it well.

Where to buy a gear knob online in UAE?

Many online stores today offer you a range of shift knobs of different types. If you’re actively searching one, then be sure to check out the available options on Our product search engine brings you the biggest collection of stylish and sleek shift knobs from famous brands like VW, Suzuki, Maruti, Chevrolet, Vauxhall, Eaton, and Momo. Better yet, the platform allows you to purchase these products from your favourite online stores. Do also check out other car supplies from world-renowned brands while you’re here.