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It requires a lot of fuel and air to make the engine run. And it is the exhaust through which all of what goes into the engine come out. Even though that is the only function of an exhaust, that does not mean you have to keep it bland and boring. You can make them far more interesting using a stylish exhaust trim.

There are a hundred and one ways to customise the exterior of a car. You can add sportier and beefier bumpers, custom hoods, and trims and top it off with vinyl. But, whatever you do, you won’t complete the makeover without adding the finishing touch with a custom exhaust trim. Besides, custom exhaust trims are something you should consider if you want to improve the look of the vehicle without affecting the performance and fuel efficiency. This article will help you make a better purchase decision by giving you an introduction to different types of exhaust tips. You can also follow the tips to ensure that you get the right trim for your car.

Different types of exhaust trims

What goes in must eventually come out. Exhaust tips are the final stage of an engine’s power cycle. It begins at the air and fuel intake and ends at the exhaust tips. Regardless, car lovers focus on improving every inch of the car, even inconspicuous exhaust tips. They are among the parts of a car that make a big difference to the finish of the vehicle. Exhaust tips come in dozens of different varieties. And to have the maximum impact, you should choose the right kind of exhaust trim for your vehicle. Here are the most common types of exhaust tips for cars.

Single exhaust vs Dual exhausts

Single exhausts are the most common types of exhausts. In fact, almost all the passenger cars you see will have single exhausts. This is because dual exhausts are only necessary for engines that have six or more cylinders. These larger engines produce more exhaust gas than a single exhaust pipe could handle. But you can install dual exhaust trim in any car for the sake of style. Obviously, this only modifies the tail end of the exhaust tip and gives the impression of a performance car while everything else remains the same. For an upper middle range car, a dual exhaust will make a great impact on its aesthetic.

Dual exhaust tips vs Dual walled exhaust tips

In cars that have functional dual exhausts, the two exhausts begin from the engine cylinders themselves. But the aftermarket dual exhaust trims are just single exhaust pipes split into two at the end. Another type of trim that people often confuse with a dual exhaust trim is a dual-walled exhaust tip. Except for the similarity in their names, both of these are completely different. Dual-walled tips simply have a thicker tip consisting of two layers to give an illusion of a beefier exhaust system. Even though they cost less than dual exhaust tips, they are costlier than single-walled tips.

Turndown exhaust tips

These exhaust tips have ends that bend down towards the road. Because of this bend, they resemble a gutter pipe and are also called ‘dump outs’. There are two functions to this bend. Firstly, they jut out more than a straight cut exhaust. Therefore, if you want a more visible exhaust trim, you can go for the turndown exhaust. Secondly, they reflect the sound off the road and result in a little more engine noise inside the car. For those who want to feel the power of the throttle as they drive, a turndown exhaust is perfect. Truck owners generally use a turndown exhaust tip. It helps them keep hot exhaust gases from ruining the things they’re towing behind.

Angle cut exhaust tips

In this type of exhaust trim, the opening is angled rather than being straight. This means if you measure the length of the exhaust tip, the top and bottom lengths will be different. Usually, the top length will be more than the bottom length. There is no functional benefit to this, and do not affect the sound of the exhaust. But the pointy tip will add to the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. Angle cut exhaust is for you if you want to give your car an aggressive and sporty look. It will also make the tip slightly more noticeable.

Tips on how to buy Exhaust Trims

There are other things to look for, apart from the type of exhaust, to choose a perfect exhaust trim for your car. If you don’t get all of them right, customisation will do more harm than good to your car and your pocket. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you upgrade your car’s stock exhaust trim with an aftermarket one.

  • Shape matters – Because trims are style elements more than anything else, shape matters a lot. You have to look for the type of cut; if it is straight or angled, and if it is double-walled, double tips, turndown tips, rolled edge or intercooler.
  • Outlet and inlet diameter – These two diameters determine if the trim will fit your vehicle or not. The inlet diameter of the exhaust trim should be the same as that of the exhaust tailpipe. The outlet diameter of the trim will help you determine if there is enough room to fit the exhaust tip away from the bumper. An exhaust tip that is too close to the body will damage the bumper.
  • Length of the trim – The length of the exhaust trim should be long enough to extend further than the bumper. If it is any shorter, the constant exposure to hot gas will damage the bumper and stain it with black soot. It should not be too long either to avoid making it difficult to move around the vehicle.
  • The material of the trim – You will find exhaust trims made of two types of materials — stainless steel and mild steel. More expensive among the two is the stainless-steel type. They resist corrosion and last longer. If you are looking for affordable ones, you can go for the mild steel trims. The problem is that it rusts faster than the stainless-steel type.

Exhaust trims are among the parts of a car that lasts for a really long time, even without any maintenance. But if you want to keep the trim shiny and clean, you should clean it regularly. Keeping it free of dirt and corrosive chemicals will help avoid rusting. Also, be sure to follow your local traffic regulations whenever you make any modifications to your vehicle. Finally, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from the auto-tuning and car supplies category.

Question & Answer

Will exhaust tips make the car louder?

Exhaust tips do not play a major role in the sound of the car. The type of the engine and mufflers determine the sound more than anything. So, if you want to make the car louder or modulate the sound, you can do so by altering the muffler structure. Some people even completely remove the stock muffler and use a custom one that is louder. But this is not legal in most countries. By using a turndown exhaust trim, you can create an illusion of a louder sound for those sitting inside the car without actually increasing the overall noise of the car. Somebody who is standing a few meters away from the car won’t feel any difference.

How should I clean the exhaust tips?

You will need a pair of gloves, some sort of non-corrosive cleaner, and non-abrasive microfiber cloth to do this job. In case there is hard to remove dirt and oil on the exhaust trims, you can use a degreaser. After cleaning the tips with water and a cleaner mixture, you can apply the degreaser to remove tough dirt. Wipe away the degreaser with the microfibre cloth. Finally, if you want to add a little more shine to it, you can use a metal polish with a clean cloth. After leaving the polish on for a few hours, buff it off. Doing this often will preserve your exhaust tip’s brand-new look.

Why are diesel exhaust tips vented?

Not all diesel vehicles have extra vents in their exhaust. But those with a larger engine, like the exhaust tips of trucks, have vents for safety reasons. The exhaust gas coming out of them is hotter than normal. The vents help them cool down and also let out some of the hot gas sideways rather than straight towards the rear of the vehicle. Sometimes people attach trailers to the rear end of pickups. If the hot exhaust gas was to hit the trailer constantly, things attached behind the vehicle would either burn or end up very damaged. These vents ensure that those things that are directly behind the vehicle for a long time do not get damaged.

There is no better place to look for exhaust tips than online. There you will find the best exhaust tips to buy. If you are lucky, you will find a lot of affordable exhaust tips for sale that offer great quality. Using product comparison sites like, you also find some cheap exhaust tips online in the UAE. When it comes to customising your car, you should be able to select from a large enough collection to find the one that really suits your style. You can explore more than 500+ shops offering custom exhaust trims here on including brands like Magnaflow, HKS, MBRP, Flowmaster, and Borla.

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