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En route pour d�couvrir les formes 3-4 ans : Maternelle Petite Section
En route pour d�couvrir les formes 3-4 ans : Maternelle Petite Section
En route pour d�couvrir les formes 3-4 ans : Maternelle Petite Section
AED 11.-
Hello Kitty et les couleurs : Kit de dessin
Hello Kitty et les couleurs : Kit de dessin
Hello Kitty et les couleurs : Kit de dessin Published by Hachette
AED 78.18

About Children's Books

Kids are wonderful! Everyone loves them. However, teaching them new things is a big task. Their reactions often leave us perplexed. So, children’s books come to the rescue here. Let us explore how these books expand your child’s knowledge and experiences.  

Books should be informative. But, when it comes to children’s books, we must look for something comprising attractive graphics, colours, and typefaces. These books are for readers between 0 to 8 years of age. Books for adults are detailed and more about world-building, plots and strong characters. In contrast, the books for kids are mostly picture-based with a small dose of text. It starts with board guides of durable material to not get damaged by little hands or mouth. Based on the child’s grasping, we move towards the picture, chapter-based books and graphical novels. On this page, you will read about different types of books and how they help grow your child’s knowledge and abilities. Also, you will find some quick tips to purchase the best books in Dubai towards the end.  

Everything about storybooks for kids 

We cannot deny the love kids have for stories. They love to hear about heroes, dragons, beasts and many such characters. So, why not teach them through exciting stories? Well, that’s what storybooks are all about. They develop children’s literacy and shape their beliefs, values and attitudes. Children do not only listen to the story but also live them in their imagination. The characters they get to know through books often become their friends. Reading also helps them cope with feelings and increases confidence levels. Moreover, stories make them learn about basic concepts like space, shape, size, colours, numbers, inside and outside, up and down etc. Read on to understand different forms of storybooks.  

Fiction stories for kids 

With fictional stories, the possibilities are truly limitless. In children’s imagination, they can study at Hogwarts, travel the world with Tintin, and go swimming with Peppa and George. These stories help your child explore and express problems, emotions and day to day habits. Initially, kids are unable to grasp different stories. They end up finding the maximum of two stories they love and keep on listening to them on loop. So, make sure your child’s book has short fiction with few characters and an easy to remember theme. These are the best kids’ books to read initially.  

Inspirational stories for kids to read 

Kids have immense power to imitate the characters presented in a story. Stories about great personalities and their struggles can be the right encouragement for your child. At a little age, they will understand that no barrier can stop a person from achieving dreams. Children start learning new things through these books. When it comes to dreaming big, kids are indeed experts. So, as adults, our task is to give a home to their passions and give them a vast space to experiment. Don’t hesitate to bring some excellent inspirations content for your kids. It’s never too soon to inspire your little ones! 

Classic children books 

In simple terms, a classic book is any book that is not new. It is popular in masses even 5, 10, 100 or more years after its publication date. A children’s classic is a book whose popularity has survived through the ages. For example, ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was published in 1866 and has been in print since ever. Alice’s stories are not just popular among children but also among the whole generation of young readers. Classics are analyzed by mathematicians, philosophers, psychologists and many historians whose views confirm their endurance. They bring real value to your children as they have successfully stood the test of time.  

Tips on how to buy Children’s Books in Dubai

Let’s admit that children are our priority. So, why compromise on their development? Reading books is an integral part of learning at every age, especially in childhood. Children’s books come in various options, so parents often fall into a state of dilemma. If it’s hard for you to select the best ones for your little kid, then here are some tips. These tips would help you buy kids’ books online in the UAE.

  •  Your kid’s age matters – The age of your child is the first deciding factor in selecting books. Kids aged between 0 to 2 are generally given just board books. These books come in some attractive colours and hardly contain any text. They are made up of durable material not to get damaged by little hands or mouth. For 2-5, picture-based storybooks are preferred as pictures are easy to grasp. However, children above five can accommodate small chapters complemented with eye-catchy images.
  • Who’s the writer? – A book is all about its inner content, so the book’s writer matters a lot. Only good writers are capable of producing content that is easy enough to understand by various age groups. They have techniques to make children learn a concept through stories. So, pay attention to the author of the book.
  • Source matters – If you want to buy a book, you might wonder where to get the best options. So, our secret tip is always to order it online. Over online stores, you can get plenty of options as compared to physical stores. Sometimes, you can even get some free online books published on various websites for kids.
  • Consider your child’s choice – Look for the book that your child finds appealing to read. Your choice should invite them to talk about the content. If you want to make children learn fast, it is essential to keep their likes and dislikes in mind.

Now that you know about different types of children’s books, you must have figured out which one to bring home. If you are still in a dilemma, do not worry, we have done half of the work for you. Here at, we bring together more than 500 stores that sell the best books online. You can filter down books based on your choice of authors. Here, you can also find some cheap kids’ books to buy. So, waste no time and log on to our product search engine to get your hands on a huge collection!

Question & Answer

Why are kids’ books important?

Books are important to inculcate reading and language skills in kids. Stories written in books encourage kids to think and widen their consciousness. Moreover, the content stimulates sensory awareness in children helping them to see, hear, feel and smell. Books develop a foundation in children’s minds to accommodate future studies. Some of the commonly purchased books for children include fiction, non-fiction, inspirational, and classics.

Which are the best kids’ books of all time?

The books that have won hearts through ages are called classics. Children’s books have existed since the seventeenth century, and some have passed the test of time beautifully. Some of the kids’ books of all time include ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, ‘James and the Giant Peach’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to name very few. There is a wide range of books you can for, ranging from fiction to inspirational ones.

Which kids’ books should everyone read?

We cannot deny the fact that the books we read as kids shape us for the future. From storybooks to commercials, some tales are genuinely timeless. People like to read them even when they are stepping into adulthood. For example, both kids and the young generation have a passionate love for Harry Potter. It starts with the wizard, witches, platform 9–3/4 and more stuff, but then the story begins submerging into metaphors and themes requiring a matured understanding. ‘Matilda’, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, ‘The BFG’, ‘Harry Potter and ‘James and the Giant Peach’ are some of the great books everyone should read.

Where to buy children’s books?

You can find kids’ books online or in any bookstore. However, physical stores have a limited collection to choose from. If you want to select your books from a vast range of options, then prefer to order online. Online stores have the latest collection from well-known writers. Moreover, you can read reviews right there and then and make an informed decision. Online stores let you filter down your choices based on authors, price, sellers and even age group. If you are unsure where to start, here is a way out! Come to us on where we feature hundreds of online booksellers under one roof. You can choose from an extensive collection and find almost everything.