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About Scooter Parts

Nothing can beat a scooter in offering a swift and fun ride. However, scooter-related injuries are as popular as them. So, timely replacement of old scooter parts is crucial. Let us explore various elements that might require an upgrade in your scooter.

Owning a vehicle is a huge convenience, but it comes with many responsibilities. Without regular service and replacement of damaged parts, it can bring some horrible experiences to you. Frankly speaking, regular maintenance is not much of an effort, especially in scooters. If you have ridden much, the parts like decks, grips, wheels and springs might start tearing out. It is effortless to find new parts and get them replaced in a day or two. So, why to postpone the prevention? Let us explore various scooter parts and how to know if they need replacement.

Exploring various scooter parts and their functions

If you have a scooter, you must be knowing quite a bit about its parts. However, understanding their functions keeps an equal significance. Deck, bars, wheels, grips, headset and brakes are some of the parts that come together to make a scooter function. Remember that these parts collectively give you an effortless and enjoyable experience. When any of these malfunctions, your whole ride can become miserable. A good rider must know how a particular part degrades and what is the correct time to replace it. Read on to understand the same in detail.

Scooter handlebar to manoeuvre the ride

The primary function of a scooter handlebar is to manoeuvre and support the ride. They come in different heights, width and shape. Small bars have a lesser weight which makes them appropriate for flip tricks and bri-flips. You can even fit them in your car for your trips to cycling events or tournaments. On the other hand, with a taller bar, you can stay free from back pain. It keeps your back straight, which is great for long rides. Although never choose large bars for children thinking that when they grow up, they will fit in. The same can make it tough for them to control the ride resulting in accidents.

Scooter grips to avoid sudden slippage

Grips are the small cylinders that are applied on both ends of a scooter handlebar. They seem to be a straightforward item to pay attention to. However, the absence of grips might lead to sudden slippage when your hands are wet due to sweat or rain. In contrast, scooter grips ensure a firm gripping to the handlebars. Grips perform a multitude of tasks for riders ranging from creating a non-slippery interface for riders and securing bar ends to preventing hand soreness. Scooter grips vary in construction material, gripping level, and designs. The more comfortable grips you apply, the more confidence you get in flip tricks or battling with uneven terrain.

Lightest Deck to up your scooter game

The deck is the foundation on which the whole scooter is built. It is the platform where we put our feet. The deck includes the horizontal bar and down tube that houses the steering column and neck. They are generally made up of aluminium that is long-lasting and lightweight. The other construction materials include wood, plastic and steel. They come in different length, width, styles and concave. Freestyle riders prefer decks integrated with headsets. On the other hand, the riders who wish to change headsets according to various needs choose decks without headsets.

Tips for purchasing Scooter Parts in Dubai

Scooter parts come in a wide variety depending upon manufacturers, construction material and the function they perform. It can be an overwhelming experience for you if you step into the market. However, we at have worked towards creating a brief guide that would help you purchase scooter parts in the UAE.

  • Type of parts-  Deck, bar, clamp, brakes, handlebar and wheels are some of the prominent parts that riders consider replacing after they have ridden much. So, first, look for the components that have started deteriorating and purchase parts that are compatible to other existing parts.
  • Construction material- Parts for a scooter come in a wide array of construction materials ranging from plastic to stainless steel and aluminium. Every material has different properties to offer. For example, a wheel’s core is made up of aluminium that is durable and strong enough to withstand stunts. Most of the other parts are made up of plastic due to its lightweight. So, it is essential to consider the manufacturing material of components as per the function they perform.
  • Type of rider- Almost all the age groups below 40 ride scooters. However, scooters intended for kids are lighter and smaller than the adult counterparts. Scooters for kids are ridden nearby home, or in the garden; hence they are light and less durable. The same goes for their parts. Therefore, parts meant for kids’ scooters do not generally fit the adult’s scooters. So, while you purchase parts, take the type of rider in consideration.
  • Brands- Brands are the next important consideration while purchasing parts for your scooters. Some of the brands, including Banggood, Decdeal, Xiaomi, Lixada and Megastar, provide high quality and consistent experience when it comes to scooter parts. You can find them all here at

The choice of scooter parts affects the convenience and safety of the riders. Therefore, it is essential to consider certain things while making a selection. If you keep above considerations in mind, it can become effortless for you. The best part is that if you want to purchase the parts right away, you do not have to move anywhere else. Right here at, you can access a humongous collection of parts offered by best sellers in the industry. On our product search engine, we have brought together over 500 online stores selling scooter parts. If you feel even a bit overwhelmed, utilize filter and sorting options to narrow down your choice. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have a happy shopping experience!

Question & Answer

What are the main scooter parts?

The main parts of a scooter are deck, bars, grips, clamp, headset, brakes and wheels, to name a few. Every part has a different function. Let us explore some prominent parts! Starting with deck, it is the central platform on which the whole scooter stands. It is the area where you put your feet plus the headtube. The scooter comes with one-piece fixed handlebar whose width and height are adjustable. Grips are cylindrical pipes lying at both ends of the handle. A headset is another part consisting of bearings, cups, top cap and fork race. A fork is there in place to support the front wheel. Lastly, wheels of a scooter consist of two parts, core and urethane. The core is the part while urethane is just like tires if we compare scooter with a car.

Can you start scooter without a battery?

Most of the scooters are designed to run for 40-60 minutes on a single charge. However, if you run more, the battery might just drain out, leaving you in a difficult situation. Your scooter can run without a battery only if it supports the manual operation. If you have a dual electric scooter, you can switch it to manual mode when the battery drains out. In the dual models, you can start kicking your scooter until you reach next charging point or the destination.

Are scooter parts universal?

No, not all the parts are universal. The parts are designed as per scooter’s model and features. Any random part might not fit your scooter’s frame. So, take your scooter’s brand and model into account while purchasing any parts.

Where to buy scooter parts?

Parts for scooters come in a wide assortment depending upon construction material, brand, production, affordability and durability. The options are so many that it can become an overwhelming and time-consuming process for you. However, the case is not the same if you switch to online platforms. You can sit at your place and get countless options on your fingertips. But, at the same time, you can compare prices to quickly narrow down choices. If you are unsure about where to start, log on to On our product search engine, you will find a variety of branded parts at an affordable cost.

Now that you have got much information on parts, you must be eager to get new ones for your scooter. The good news is that you do not have to move anywhere else. Right here at, we have got a massive collection of scooter parts offered by the best brands operating in the industry. So, why to wait and wonder? Explore the collection of parts for scooters and bikes before the latest stock comes to an end.