Bicycle Headset

About Bicycle Headset

A bicycle headset is a set mechanical component on any bicycle that provides a rotatable interface between the head tube and the bicycle fork of the frame. The tube through which the steers of the forked pass are known as the head tubes.

A standard headset includes two cups pressed into the top and bottom of the head tube. These two cups contain a bearing that provides low friction contact between the steerer and the bearing cup. A headset is often neglected and overlooked, yet it is an important part of your bike. A headset contains bearings that keep facilitate easy and frictionless turning of the fork and handlebars. All types of bicycle headsets work similarly. Generally, a bicycle headset contains two bearings in the top and bottom of the steerer tube. The steerer tube projects out past the upper head tube and is held affirm by the handlebar stem. Before you attach the handlebar stem to the steerer tube, the system must be preloaded or compressed together to work on the headset properly. 

Types of bicycle headsets 

Good quality and the appropriate type of headset can last the list of your bicycle. It might not be the best component in the world, but it surely plays an important job. If it is working properly, you might not notice the headset much. But once it gets out of the greasing, you will feel the difference and understand the importance as your steering will not work as you wish to turn the bike. This is the case with most of the bikes. There is nothing like a unified standard when we talk about road bike headsets. However, there are loads of designs available for cyclists out there. Here are some of the most commonly used.  

Threaded headsets 

It was the oldest version when all the headsets were screwed onto a thread on the steerer tube. The threaded steerer tubes are usually one inch in diameter. Although some mountain bikes were built in 1 1/8 inch and one ¼ inch threaded headsets before the threadless designs made their way in. With the threaded system, the bearing cups will be pressed into the head tube. Here the bearings sit above and below the races. The top bearing is threaded and is held in place by a threaded locknut. These headsets are not favouring a good quality cycle; however, you can still seed them in old, cheap, and retro-style cycles.  

Threadless headsets 

They are also known as headsets, but it is not a generic name but a trademark of Cane Creek. Here the original design contains bearing cups pressed into the top and the bottom of the head tube. Here the bearing is still externally. In these styles, the steerer is not threaded. Instead, a star-fangled nut or expansion plug is fixed inside the steerer. This plug acts as an anchor point. You can apply a preload after fixing the stem or spacer. Later you can tighten the stem in position as per the requirements. 

Semi-integrated headsets 

They are also known as internal, ZS, or Zero Stack headsets. They work similarly to the threadless headset, but the cup that holds that bearing is pressed inside the frame with just a blip that extends out of the top and the bottom of the head tube. These headsets come in different types and depths that are not interchangeable. Here suitable steerer diameter is normally 11/8 inches. Here adjustment is made via top cap and bolt at the top of the steerer with a threadless headset. They are also a part of many modern models of cycles that you use.

Integrated headsets 

Integrated headsets use cartridge bearing that fits inside a head tube that is shaped specifically to hold them. Here the frame acts like a cup of bearing that you can slot in and lift out without any special tools. The cartridge bearing comes in different non-interchangeable types, so you need to make sure to get the right type when replacing them. The above bearing is 11/4 diameter with a 45-degree contact to the headset centring cone and 45-degree bearing contact with the frame. Bearing adjustment is similar to a threadless headset with preload applied with a bolt that slots through the top cap.

Tips on how to buy Bicycle Headsets online in the UAE

When you head to buy mountain bike headset bearings or the time comes to look for the best bike headset bearings to buy, going online is the best way. There are dozens of brands that serve you with quality products. On a comprehensive website, you can find top-quality, best-selling products that are easier to compare and choose from. This way, you can make reliable decisions about the quality and performance of the product without worrying or getting out of budget. Let’s review some tips to make a sensible decision.

  • Type of headsets – At first, you need to decide what kind of headset you need to buy. The type of headset depends on the type of cycle you have and the cycling practice you follow.
  • Size of steerer – Besides the perfect type, you need to pick the accurate size of a headset according to the size of the steerer. Here you can consult experts to pick the right option.
  • Brand and price – Always look for branded products. But they will also cost you a high amount. So, use the price comparison tool at to find cheaper branded headsets.
  • Product details – Before you add a product to the shopping cart, read and understand the specifications carefully. Explore the product description section for all the details.

The product description section of any product helps you get information about the material, the make, Durability, size, and other product specifications. For more insight, you can check the customer review section. Here you will find what other users have to say about the quality of the product and the overall performance. Such insights are useful and help you make well informed buying decisions.

Question & Answer

What is the importance of the bicycle headset?

Although we can barely see these parts of the bike, headsets are still the most important part of any bicycle on the road. With a poor installation of the headset, the bike will wear out quickly. It will also damage the bike handle and steering. It also deals with the vibrations from poor road bumps and braking, and the absence of a headset will hurt the performance, grip, and condition of the bike. So if you want to enjoy a supreme ride, a headset is a must. Likewise, it is an ideal option to add more years to the bicycle’s life.

What size headset do I need to buy?

Generally, a bicycle head tube and headset size are about a 1-inch diameter steer tube: some manufacturers are not also offering 1⅛ inch diameter of the steering tube. They are sufficient for regular bike rides on roads. But if you are looking for added stiffness to the steering portion of your bike, as in the case of mountain or racing bikes, you will need a larger diameter. So, an ideal option depends on the type of bike and your cycling style. It is great to do some research and brainstorm before buying a new headset.

What does a crown race do?

A crown race rests at the base of steerer mates with bottom bearing. They offer the facility of self-centring on the bearing, and when the preload has been applied, the shape of the angle of the crown race ensures support to both lateral and axial loads. Additionally, the top race performs corresponding duties for the upper bearing. In many modern bikes, the crown race is integrated to eliminate the need for a separate race. They are machines to either 36- or 45-degree angles.

How much preload should be applied to the headset?

There is no exact torque rating for the preload bolts. However, if there is too much preload, your handlebars will not turn quickly. Also, you will have to play between the headtube and steerer tube if there is not enough preload. So, you can check the load by setting the bike on the ground, grabbing the front brake. Rocking the bike back and forth. If there is any kind of play, you will feel it. You can also see the play in the gap between the bearing cover and the headtube when you rock the bike.

Where can I buy a bicycle headset online in the UAE?

For any types of bikes and related tools and accessories, explore a retail search engine online. This is how you can find every single product that is available in the market. Such comprehensive shopping sites will also give you the freedom to look into products from different brands and make a sensible buying decision. On, you can find bikes with all types of bike parts from brands like FSA, Campagnolo, Neco Bike, Shimano, or Trek. You can also use the cost comparison tool to compare and buy branded bike parts at economical rates.