Saddle Covers

About Saddle Covers

The important factor while enjoying the long rides doesn’t depend on your bike’s weight or the number of gears you have installed. But on the quality and comfort of your bike’s saddle covers, which will last longer! Thus, you need to choose the proper seat cover depending on the type of riding & your body mechanics. So, let’s explore more about it in the upcoming sections!

The saddle covers are available in different sizes to accommodate different body types of riders. However, the proper seat covers depend on the width of the saddle cover & how comfortably it supports your sit bones. Besides, the width of the cover varies with the male and female hip-width. However, an ill-fit saddle cover for the horse can give sores & an unpleasant ride. But you will be surprised to know that leather is the age-old choice for the seat cover. And the reason is due to longevity and reliability! Thus, it boosts the riding comfort and enhances the rider’s enjoyment. So, if you wish to buy saddle covers online in UAE, then you are in the right place to seek help!

Different types of bike saddle cover to look for your next ride

In rough terrain, bicycle riding can be exhausting! And mainly to keep your backside from getting sore. So, you need a comfortable and good quality bike seat cover. It provides extra padding between your buttocks and the bike seat. Besides, it provides the necessary protection that the bike seat requires for extended service and value. Thus, learn about the different kinds of bikes and tips to pick the right one. So, when you plan to buy saddle covers for sale online in Dubai, you could buy them easily without getting wrong!

Fleece saddle covers

Fleece saddle cover is an ideal way to protect your horse saddle from dust and scratches. Besides, it comes with plenty of stretches with an elastic band around the edge to hold the cover in position. It is available in more than 20 colours and comes in quality soft fleece fabric. And you can easily wash it! However, there is a dressage seat size for long flaps and standard size to fit most seats. And the covers are cost-effective to give a stylish look. So, if you are hovering for the best saddle covers to buy, then prefer shopping from popular brands. Among them are Tchibo, End Zone, Planet Bike, Zipsoft, YUIOP, YardStash, Selle Italia, Shimano, Ergon Lottie, and much more.

Personalised saddle covers

Do you wish to have a personalised name inscribed on the saddle? Well, then personalised seat covers are an ideal choice for you! You can choose the colour of the embroidery, name style, and size of the name on the cover. Besides, you can select the font of your name, horse name & logo. So, it provides a stylish look to your horse as well as safety measures, in case it gets lost. Thus, if you wish to buy cheap saddle covers, then browse at And explore the distinctive collection of bike accessories with the limited edition from eminent brands and stores.

Stirrup covers for saddles

The stirrup iron provides a stable area for the foot to be placed while riding the horse. So, to protect the iron stirrup from getting rusted or worn out, matching stirrup covers for saddles are used. Besides, it’s best for hanging the horse as it helps to keep the stirrup up and not dangling down the side. And it’s available in sturdy nylon covers to stirrups with quick grip straps. Thus, it’s easy to use, durable, comes with adjustable hooks and a loop. So, are you seeking the best saddle covers to buy? Then prefer shopping from the best shopping site in Dubai. And explore the jaw-dropping collection of products at an affordable price. 

Endurance saddle cover

This saddle cover provides extra cushioning to your horse seat cover. Besides, it’s the best choice for all the riders due to its quality, durability, and washability. And it’s attached with elastic and tie string for easy use. So, you can use it for long-distance travel on horseback vacations. And it will provide you with comfort and a safe ride to you along with your equine friend. So, if you are looking for the saddle covers for sale in Dubai, then click at We have a massive collection of seat covers from the reputed shops under one roof.

Tips on how to buy Saddle Covers

Saddle covers not only provide a comfortable ride but also enhance your riding experiences. Whether you choose bicycle riding or horse riding, proper seat cover helps you in balancing, muddy or rough terrain. Therefore, while shopping for seat covers, you might come across a variety of different materials which perform specific functions. Thus, it might match your choice. Gel seat cover offers a better gripping capability, is weather-proof, and is waterproof. Whereas, spandex covers are affordable, and come in a variety of decorations for aesthetic boosting. And, memory foam set covers adopt the rider’s body type to provide them with the best comfort. However, we want your shopping experiences to be happy and thrilling. Thus, we compiled the tips and tricks section to help you to buy saddle covers online UAE.

  • Decide the saddle materials – The seat covers are made with a variety of materials like cotton, leather, and synthetic. However, it can affect things like weight, flex, weather-proof, and cost. So, while shopping online for your bike saddle cover, decide accordingly.
  • Choose the right size – The right size of the seat cover varies with the width of the saddle as well as your hip width. That’s how it supports your sit bones. Thus, ignoring it while buying the endurance saddle cover, you might get rubbing or irritation while riding.
  • Select the cushioning – There are varied bike saddles cushioning, the performance seat has minimal cushioning and cushioning seat has plush padding to absorb bumps in the road. So, while shopping for fleece saddle covers, choose the cushioning that suits you.
  • Consider the type of riding – While selecting the personalised saddle covers, choose as per your riding purposes. Suppose for mountain biking you need a mountain-specific seat cover with padding. And, a durable cover with a streamlined shape to support your movement.

Thus, choosing the right kind of saddle cover can be more efficient and serves your requirements. So, if you haven’t purchased for bicycle or horse ride, buy it right now! Browse We have more than 500 top-notch brands and shops allied with us. Some of the popular brands like YUIOP. YardStash, Selle Italia, Shimano, and many more. Thus, you browse through the mind-blowing collection of products. Besides, you get to enjoy the unbelievable discounts and offers all season. Hurry! Start shopping today!

Question & Answer

Where to buy saddle seat covers online in UAE?

Online shopping is the best option to opt for while you head to shop for your desired product. Not only does it come with plenty of benefits but also saves your wallet with big savings & discounts. Besides, you get to shop from the myriad collection of products from notable brands. So, if you wish to experience & look for such a platform, then browse We are the best product search engine with 500+ popular brands & shops allied with us. Thus, you get to explore the mind-blowing collection of products at an affordable price.

Is a seat cover necessary for a bicycle?

Yes, seat covers are necessary for a bicycle to extend its longevity. Besides, placing a seat cover helps you in avoiding sweat and friction from damaging your bike seat. However, on rough terrain or bad road, bicycle riding can be exhausting! Thus, you need a comfortable and good quality bike saddle cover. The one which provides extra padding between your buttocks and the bike seat. Besides, these covers are available in a variety of materials like cotton, leather, and synthetic. So, you would easily get your desired cover for your favourite bicycle.

Are gel saddle covers good?

Yes! Gel saddle cover is good as it provides you with splendid comfort. Besides, the exterior of the cover is made with lycra or spandex material. And they are light, durable, and washable! However, the gel provides additional comfort through the soft yet flexible cushion. Thus, most of the riders prefer this superior comfort covers for casual rides. So, if you wish to buy a saddle cover for your next trip, then scroll at And explore the unlimited collection of bikes from reputed brands and shops.

What is the most comfortable saddle cover?

YUIOP is a notable brand name in the domain of automotive accessories. It is known all over the world for its brilliant seat covers products. So, while you seek to buy it online, you will come across different designs, sizes, and materials.  Some of the products come with a weather-proof and adjustable cover. And it fits all sizes of seats and comes with sturdy elastic drawstring locks. Thus, it makes it easy on and off of the seat cover. Besides, it comes with a comfortable laminated soft polyester knitted fabric.