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About Fasteners

Ever noticed a nut or bolt rattle off your bike after a speedy ride? It affects almost all the riders at some point in time, leading to catastrophic accidents. Bike fasteners get loose with time. So, an average rider needs to check them at least once a week.

Fasteners are the hardware devices that hold your bike together. No matter how perfectly manufacturers install them, they get loose over time due to various reasons. Vibration is the prime reason why your bike’s nuts and bolts rattle off. The fear fact is that if you do not keep an eye on them, they might back out in the middle of a ride. It is not just a case with track riders but also casual riders on other terrains. Hence, bikers have to be vigilant about checking the necessary fasteners of their bikes. Let us get more education on fasteners to safeguard your future rides.

Exploring various types of bike screws and bolts

Your bike can have nuts and bolts connected to it in a count of hundreds. Before you start screwing, you need to know their location and roles. Prioritize crank bolts, stem bolts, and suspension pivot bolts while you check your bike. They are critical to your safety and get loose quickly. Different bolts support braking, stem/bar, seat, crankset, derailleurs, and other bicycle systems. After spotting loose bolts, use a torque wrench to tighten them. In the case of missing or corroded bolts, consider replacing them. So, let us understand suitable fastener materials for various applications.

Stainless steel bike bolts

Stainless steel is an alloy. It is made up of low carbon steel, chromium, nickel and a few other metals. A bicycle’s components like brakes, wheels, derailleurs and chains are generally stainless steel. This alloy can be milled into any shape, including wire, bars, tubes and coils. If we speak about fasteners, over 150 grades of stainless steel can be used to build them. The good part is that it is corrosion resistant and hence low maintenance. It can withstand harsh environments like extraordinarily high or low temperatures. Stainless steel bolts are cheaper than other prominent metals like titanium but are more cumbersome.

Titanium bicycle bolts

Titanium bolts form a great alternative to steel bolts. They are lightweight and highly corrosion resistant. Titanium bolts are suitable for most applications, including high-stress points, such as saddle rail clamps and faceplates. Before you buy bicycle titanium bolts online in the UAE, you need to know that they come in different types and grades. Titanium is alloyed with different materials to produce various grades. Each has specific qualities. Therefore, your choice depends upon the environment in which you want to use the fasteners.

Aluminium bicycle wheel bolts

Aluminium fasteners are one-third of steel in weight. They are the least costly among other common bicycle fasteners. They come in two forms – hardenable and nonhardenable. The tensile strength of some grades of Aluminum is equal to or exceeds mild steel. Manufacturers harden it further by alloying. So, fasteners made up of this metal are suitable to support various functions of your bike wheels. Moreover, if you want to go for cheap bicycle wheel bolts, Aluminum should be your choice.

Tips on how to buy Fasteners in Dubai

You need to have a good knowledge of bike fasteners before you purchase them. Different fasteners are used for various purposes. Look for an appropriate type, material, shape and size of the nuts and bolts as per your bike’s model. However, looking at a variety of options, you will feel a dilemma. So, here are some guiding tips that would help you best bike screws and bolts in the UAE.

  • Type of fastener – Bike fasteners come in a wide assortment depending upon their usage. For example, a 5mm cable pinch bolt is suitable to pull callipers against rims in brake cables. 4-6 mm binder bolts secure the seat post at the correct height inside the seat tube. There are so many types of fasteners used for different purposes. So, your choice depends upon what you want to fasten.
  • Material – A range of materials are used to manufacture bike fasteners, including stainless steel, titanium, brass and bronze, to name a few. Different materials have different properties. Stainless steel is used for a long-lasting application due to its durable and rust-free nature. They come in a clean silver-coloured look, making them apt for decorative applications. On the other hand, silicon bronze is superior to stainless steel in terms of corrosion resistance. However, it is more expensive than most of the different types of bike fasteners. Aluminium, Titanium and alloy Steel are other common fasteners bikers go with.
  • Brands – Fasteners are an integral part of your riding experience. They hold your bike together. Hence, do not compromise on their quality. Some of the brands offering the best fasteners in the industry include Deda, Specbolt, Lixada, Velo and Enkrio. To browse their latest collection, you do not have to go anywhere. You can find them all right here on
  • Source of purchase – You can get bike fasteners online as well as through local stores. However, in physical shops, there would be limited styles. You might not get an appropriate size, shape and material. So, choose to order your fasteners online, where you can get your hand at a wide variety. The good part is that you do not have to roam around in the market. You can browse and order your choices through a few finger taps.

Now that you know much about different types of fasteners, you might want to commence your shopping. On, you can get various styles based on your requirements. Through our product search engine, we provide you with all the features that streamline your purchase. You can use advanced filters and sorting options to narrow down your choices. You can even compare prices to get the best options falling under your budget. So, go ahead and enjoy shopping for accessories here.

Question & Answer

What is the size of the bike bolts?

There are various bolts applied to attach different parts of a bicycle. The bolts on the brake, including the cable pinch bolt and brake pad bolt, are 4-5 mm in size. Speaking of the bicycle seat, 4-6 mm hex bolts are apt to attach the saddle to the post. 4-6 mm binder bolts are suitable to secure the seat post at the correct height inside the seat tube. 4-5 mm bolts are attached to connect middle and large chainrings. A 5 mm clamp bolt attaches the front derailleur to the seat tube. The size of other bolts ranges between 3-5 mm in most applications. However, the range alters as per the bike’s model.

How do you stop bike bolts from rusting?

Fasteners are generally at risk of corrosion due to the metal they are made up of. However, there are many ways to prevent them from rusting. The first step is to use coating, insulation or paint to seal the bolts. Make sure to install the fasteners in a manner that offers constant pressure. If the load keeps on changing, then the chances of corrosion become more. Lastly, bolts come in a variety of construction materials ranging from stainless steel and zinc to titanium. Some metals are corrosion-free. However, the chances of rust also depend upon the difference in electric potential between bolt metal and the surface they are fastening. Choose the bolts that have similar electric potential as the material they are fastening together. It would reduce the chances of corrosion.

Where to buy bike bolts online in the UAE?

Bike bolts come in a wide assortment of sizes, shapes and construction materials. Your choice depends upon where you want to use them. Bike bolts are available both in physical shops as well as online stores. However, you will have access to just a limited variety in brick and mortar stores. So, choose to order your bolts online. This way, you can get the desired size and style to suit various requirements. If you are unsure about where to shop, here’s the good news. Right here on, we feature a vast collection of bike fasteners. Here you can find durable and high-quality products offered by reputed brands in the industry. So, commence your online shopping journey before the collection lasts.

How to tighten bike fasteners?

Bikers or the repairing centres use a torque wrench to tighten fasteners to a specific torque. There are two types of torque wrench- Beam type and click type. Beam type comes with a simple design and functions. To use it, you have first to add the right bit to the socket. Now, hold the handle with your hand and tighten it till the reading on the pointer matches the torque specs. On the other hand, a click-type torque wrench comes in a ratchet and socket set. It allows you to set the torque from a designated range. To use it, you need to add the correct bit to the socket. Now, select the desired torque setting and go ahead with tightening the fastener until you hear or feel a “click”.