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About Dress Guards

Cycling has grown in popularity for a variety of health and environmental benefits. However, certain gears are required to make your rides stress-free and safe. Let us explore one of the most important safety equipment, i.e. dress guard. 

A skirt guard, also known as a dress guard, is a device placed over the rear wheel of a bicycle. The purpose of a dress guard is to stop loose clothing from getting stuck into the spokes of the wheel. If you wear clothes like a flared skirt, long coats, tunics or even bell-bottoms, then it is a must-have for you. Dress guards come in two popular forms – Solid and netted. Both are different in appearance but work the same. However, netted dress guard are lighter in weight than solid ones, and hence riders prefer it. Let us explore how useful are they for you. 

Popular types of rear dress guards for bike

Skirt guards are categorized into different forms depending upon their shape, construction type and material. The purpose of all of them is the same. However, you can enjoy certain properties using a specific type. Your dress guard can have a straightforward structure like just plain stretchy cords or a complex surface like crochet. For the people who are particular about aesthetics, there are various gorgeous styles as well. Skirt guards come in a variety of construction materials like copper, brass, stainless steel, plastic and even yarn. Let us explore which one suits your bicycle the best. 

Solid surfaced skirt guard attachment

Solid surfaced skirt guards are made up of metal or plastic sheets. The application of these guards prevents your clothing from getting caught between spokes. Due to their plain structure, they are inexpensive and easy to clean. However, if you pick big sizes, you will face a disadvantage of air resistance. The gusty side winds might make your ride unstable. Hence, riders prefer small plastic sheets as they promise moderate air resistance. This type of dress guards is most suitable for utility bikes. Once you have these guards attached to the rear wheel of your bicycle, you are ready to roll. 

Netted dress guards for ladies’ bicycle

Netted dress guards are made up of metal mesh to cover the upper part of your bicycle’s rear wheel. They are light in weight in comparison to the solid guards. They are good at offering a stable ride due to their permeable design. Dress guard for ladies’ bicycle comes in a variety of shades, patterns and sizes. Along with safeguarding your rides against accidents, they also offer beautiful aesthetics. While purchasing your guard, make sure its construction material is rust-free and lightweight. Some of the metals having these properties include stainless steel, copper, brass and bronze, to name a few. 

Crochet skirt guards

If you want to stay safe and look cool at the same time, hand crochet dress guards would be your choice. Crochet is a piece of fabric made up of yarn. Crocheting materials come in varying weights that have to be taken into consideration while purchasing one. Prefer lightweight materials so that you can enjoy a ride. The exciting part is that you can get them ready-made or even DIY at home. If you think crochets are a thing of the 70s, then you should know that they have made a huge comeback. They can make an ultra-modern dressing for not just you but also your little two-wheeler. 

Tips for purchasing Dress Guards in Dubai

You must have understood the importance of a dress guard for your ride by now. It is a crucial safety gear for a trouble-free ride. However, while you shop for it, you can feel a bit overwhelmed with the number of options you have. Skirt guards come in a wide assortment of construction material, size, shapes and shades. Are you wondering which one to choose? Here are some tips that would help you buy the best bike dress guards online in Dubai.

  • Material– Coat guards come in a wide assortment of construction materials ranging from plastic and metal to crochets. Different materials have different properties to offer. Plastic sheets are low cost and easy to clean. However, heavy sheets can bring a disadvantage of air resistance. The metal mesh is most of the bikers’ choice due to its lightweight nature. Although, it’s hard to clean net surfaces so its high maintenance. So, make sure you clean it regularly. Crochet is the next common material that riders prefer. If you are even a bit crafty, you can create several DIY styles using crochet.
  • Weight– When you install any additional accessories on your bike, make sure they do not add up too much weight. A light bicycle performs well under various conditions like while climbing a steep hill or battling a rough track. Your dress guard should be designed in a way that it is lightweight. Netted skirt guards; metal or crochet are light in weight in comparison to solid ones.
  • Size– Skirt guards are applied on the upper area of your bicycle’s rear wheel. It covers a bit more space than a quarter of the wheel. They come in different sizes and shapes. So, while purchasing one, make sure it fits the model of your bike. Too small guards do not offer much protection. In contrast, too large ones can make your ride unstable.
  • Durability– You bike’s skirt guard has to withstand the pressure of wind and fast rides. Hence, it is important to invest in a durable material. For example, if you opt for metal sheets, make sure the material is rust free. Also, remember that a durable material does not have to be costly. You can find plenty of cheap skirt guards online that are long-lasting too.

Now that you know much about skirt guards, you must be eager to purchase one for your bike. The above tips would help you narrow down your choices to a great extent. If you are wondering where to start, then here’s the good news. Right here at, you can get a variety of bicycle skirt guard for sale. On our product search engine, we feature a humongous collection offered by best brands in the industry including Wovelot, PCM, Laxzo, ACAMPTAR, Atlas, Decathlon and Ventura. So, start your online shopping journey before you miss some fantastic deals.

Question & Answer

How to fix dress guard on your bike?

Skirt guards come in an arc-shaped design. It is easy to fix it on the rear wheel of a bicycle. Start with placing the guard on the bike so that everything is positioned as correctly as possible. Now, proceed with tying it to the fender. Some guards would require you to drill holes into the fenders. However, others have clips that can be snapped on the fenders.

Are dress guards necessary for men bicycle?

Yes, dress guards are necessary if a man carries loose or trailing clothes like cargo pants, tracksuit bottoms and even overcoats. Dress guards protect your clothing from getting stuck into the spokes of the rear wheel while you peddle. In addition to coat guards, man’s bicycle should also have chain cases so that the bagging bottoms do not get trapped in chainrings. So, if much of your regular clothing fits into the loose category, then dress guards are must-have for you.

How to choose skirt guards for my bike?

Skirt guards come in a wide variety of manufacturing materials, size, shape and textures. Two of the most popular forms include metal and plastic sheets. The dress guards made up of metal can be solid or netted. Solid guards are inexpensive and easy to clean. However, they are a bit heavy. Netted patterns are pretty much in demand due to their lightweight and cool look. The permeable nature of sheets also makes your ride stable. If you love the funky ensemble, then crochet skirt guards can be your choice. They come in great colours and beautiful patterns. So, look at the pros and cons of different types of guards to finalize one.

Where to buy dress guards online in Dubai?

You can find several stores in Dubai, selling amazing dress guards. However, if you visit physical stores, you will have access to just limited styles. So, prefer to order it online where you can get your hands at a humongous collection. You can find anything and everything over online stores. Besides, many websites also come up with a price comparison feature so that you can find products under your budget. If you are unsure about where to start, come to us in We have designed our search engine, specially for the audience residing in Dubai. You can find a wide variety of dress guards here offered by best-performing brands in the industry.

Dress guard is an essential safety gear when it comes to riding. So, if you are a regular rider, you do not have to compromise on clothing. Just apply a skirt guard on the rear wheel, and your ride is safe, no matter what you wear. At, you can find a wide assortment of coat guards in different colours and patterns. Here, we have brought together more than 500 online stores selling amazing guards. If you ever fall in a state of dilemma, you always have an option to narrow down your choice using filters and sorting. What are you waiting for now? Explore an amazing collection on our website and buy a bike skirt guard that suits you best. Go ahead and have a happy shopping!