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About Cycling Helmets

A good cycling helmet is one thing that will make sure all your bike adventures are a delight! Even though cycling accidents are not as grave as car or bike ones, they are definitely not any less painful. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Cycling is a delightful activity with the right accessories. Do it in a group, or by yourself, and it is always a whole lot of fun! Plus, not to forget that it’s the best way to get your daily dose of exercise as well. With this one, you can also skip the gym and still get your cardio activity. All in all, it is the best way to get to places, along with fulfilling your exercise quota for the day. For a lot of people, also try to avoid using their cars to go to work, and instead use the bicycle. It’s just about some time management, leave about 20 minutes early than you generally do, and it’s achievable. However, this scenario is a possibility only when you live close to the workplace.

Different types of cycling helmets that you can buy today

A good cycling helmet is one thing that you require when you ride your bike. Whether you are an excellent cyclist or not, it helps to enhance the safety factor to a considerable level. We always ask our kids to make sure they are secure but don’t use the same guidelines for ourselves. This single factor can eliminate the chances of a grave accident or an injury to a large extent. The first thing to do here is to consider the right safety helmet. A good one should not be too tight or too loose and protect your head well. There are many different types of amazing helmets that you can buy online or in sports stores also.

Cycle helmet with lights

The cycle helmet with lights is perfect when you love to get your cycle out in the evening time. They reduce the chances of any mishaps as you are well prepared. These helmets have high-quality but small lights on the top. Some have additional ones on the side too. A lot of professionals use the second kind. These helmets are slightly more expensive as compared to the regular ones, and only a few brands manufacture them. But for those who love the late evening strolls on their bikes, it makes for the perfect option. These lights are LED ones, and sometimes apart from the regular white lights, there are options for coloured ones too. Another thing is to check with the traffic rules and see if they are permissible.

Racing helmet for cyclists

Racing bike helmets are mainly designed for professionals. They are lightweight, designed to suit the skull better than the ordinary ones and are ventilated as well. The newer ones have even better features, and you can hunt for something that works for your needs. The pricing of these is again higher than ordinary helmets. In a race, you need to focus only on getting to the goal, and often the speed of cyclists is higher than those cycling on the road. Thus, a helmet that is capable of safeguarding the wearer during great times like this is essential while racing. Again, there are different types of racing helmets available today so that you can pick the best one.

Custom-made helmet

The best type for those who love to flaunt is the custom bike helmets. These can be designed; however, the wearer wants to, and professional artists are the best people to consider for this job. A good graphic artist will be able to give you a design, and then you can have it printed and put on the helmet. A good quality helmet base is essential here because you don’t want the work to go waste when it starts to chip off or so, so invest in a good one. Some people love the neon ones, while others like it with some celebrity inspiration. Whatever you wish to portray, make sure you get it done from somebody good at his job.

Foldable cycle helmet

A folding bike helmet is a terrific option for those who don’t like carrying a helmet after they are done riding. This one has a way to completely get the sides in, and it comes together into a small pouch or case, whichever was provided with the helmet. You can simply pop it in your bag, or attach it to the cycle, with a secure lock. They are great for picnics and everyday rides, especially when you stop at the market or to meet friends on your way home. It’s a great way of being safe and not worrying about finding a keeping place for your helmet. It’s best to get one that comes with its pouch, so it makes carrying the helmet even easier.

Tips on how to buy Bike Helmets  

Be it a cycling helmet with a visor or a helmet with indicator lights; if you go by some buying rules, it gets easy to target the best ones. It is important to remember the core purpose of using a helmet – for life safety. This is vital because a lot of people go by other factors while judging helmets and leave this out. So, always keep this as a priority and the other things as the helmet lights, style and design as secondary.

  • Choose as per your biking style – It all starts with the type of cyclist you are – a road helmet or mountain bike helmet or just a regular one. You can compare the choices depending on what you are aiming at. The helmet is thus, better equipped and more suitable for your needs.
  • Find the right size – Helmets come in various sizes, and it’s important to determine the right fit when you plan to buy one. The international standard sizes are – extra small: 51cm, small: 51cm–55cm, medium: 55cm–59cm, large: 59cm–63cm, extra-large: 63cm and one size fits all size.
  • Determine the budget – The budget is essential while choosing high-end and custom helmets. It is possible to conclude if you do some online research. Once you have this, your shopping will get more targeted.
  • If between sizes, pick the smaller one – The more modest scale, in this case, is better because it will fit snugly instead of too tight. However, if it’s too tight, then you might have to go with a brand or type that has a bulge or wear a beanie inside.
  • Compare the insides – The insides of the helmet are mostly of expanded polystyrene foam and is very important in reducing the blow to your skull. The outer shell also provides puncture resistance. It’s essential to know the make of the helmet, so you can understand whether it’s of good quality or not.
  • Check the key features – Along with the above ones, there are several more features to keep in mind, depending on the type of helmet you want. Here are some of the – ventilation, retention system, chin strap, padding, weight, reflectivity, impact protection, visor, eps liner and carapace.

When it comes to picking the right helmet, it’s easier said than done. So, don’t rush. Take time to check out options in stores, online and then conclude. Some amazing discounts come up now and then, so make sure to check them out if you have the option of waiting. You will probably be able to buy a more advanced model on the same budget if you spot a sale. Also, check the warranty or guarantee factor of the helmets.

Question & Answer

Which are the best and cheap bike helmets for kids?

Kids love bikes, and it’s an excellent way to get them out of the house. Buy a size they can use for at least two to three years, without outgrowing it. The significant bit in this scenario is the right kids’ helmet. Thankfully, some good brands cater to kids, so it’s now easy to buy them the right helmet. Some of the best one’s today are Giro Scamp, Joovy Noodle, Nutcase Street, Uvex Quatro Junior, Nomad Jr., Bell Sidetrack Helmet, Krash Black Gator Helmet, Bell Pint Toddler Helmet, Pro-Tec Jr. Classic Fit, Nickelodeon Bell Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D Bike Helmets, Woom Kids Helmet, Bern Nino, Nutcase Little Nutty, Naranja Minimalista, Raskullz Kitty Cat, Ouwoer Kids Bike Helmet and Triple Eight Gotham.

Which are the best mountain bike helmets today?

Thanks to so many people taking the concept of mountain biking to a whole new level, many brands cater to providing accessories for it. In general, mountain bike helmets should be sturdy, sit well and last long. Here are some of the top helmets for mountain bikes – Troy Lee Designs A-2 Jet Helmet, POC Tectal MTB Helmet, Smith Optics Forefront Mountain Bike Helmet, Giro Montaro MIPS Bike Helmet, Bell Super 3R MTB Helmet, Giro Feature Mountain Bike Helmet, Fox Flux MTB Helmet, Endura Singletrack II, Lazer Roller MIPS, Bontrager Blaze WaveCel, Specialized Ambush with ANGi, Smith Forefront 2 MIPS, Bontrager Blaze Wavecel and Sweet Protection Bushwhacker II.

Do bike helmets expire?

We generally hear this term when we talk about fruits or ingredients, but not so much when it comes to other products. However, coming back to safety devices, it is a question to consider. So, in this case, we can see and understand that helmets don’t have an expiry date listed anywhere on them. However, it is safe to go by the rule that you need to replace them every five years. The straps, inside the casing and the cover, go through a lot of outside impacts, and hence, replacing it with a newer one is a good idea. If you meet with an accident, and some parts of the helmet get loose or damaged, then it is vital to repair or replace it immediately. Carrying on with a damaged helmet is as good as not wearing one.

Where can you buy bicycle helmets online in the UAE?

Thankfully, Dubai is full of some of the best sports stores, so it’s easy to get your hands on the best accessories that you wish. When it comes to buying bicycle helmets, it is essential to be sure of the quality, make and other details too. Check out, a fantastic product search engine. With more than 500+ online products listed under it, it’s the best way to shop! Along with making online shopping very easy, it also ensures you do not end up paying a higher price ever again. Some of the brands that you will find on include Oakley, MTB, Cairbull, Aero, POC, & more.