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About Cleats

There is a set of equipment every player needs to play efficiently and safely. When it comes to soccer, it is hard to miss on cleats. Soccer specific cleats protect the players against impact injury and make it easy for them to grip the ground. Let us explore how important they are for you.

Cleats are the bumps at the bottom of shoes that either come inbuilt or are used as an external attachment. These are generally worn by soccer or football players. The protrusion on the sole of the cleats provides additional traction against the slippery pitch. A pair of well-formed shoes delivers support, unrelenting traction and a firm grip on the ground. Soccer is a game that requires continuous running and sudden turns. While playing a game, players have to spend 90 minutes running around and kicking the ball. Without cleats, there is a likelihood of injuries from slipping all over the turf. Read on to understand more about cleats and their characteristics.

Things you need to know about soccer cleats

Soccer shoes are important accessories that come in various styles to suit multiple persuasions from field to street. Firm-ground cleats, soft ground cleats, artificial grass studs, and artificial turf shoes are some of the common forms of shoe players require. Soccer shoes dig into the ground so that you can start, stop and cut on the grass in a better way. They offer a huge help in times of bad weather when there are more chances of slipping. They are designed in a manner that you pick the least possible amount of grass or mud from the ground while playing. So, if you are a passionate player, cleats are a must-have! Let us know which one can suit you the best.

Indoor soccer shoes

When it comes to purchasing cleats, indoor soccer shoes are a lot different from the typical ones. Indoor soccer is a lot about quick running in a compressed court with a hardwood floor. Hence, your soccer shoes should have a rubberized sole with enough traction that helps you run quickly. Make sure it fits and is not too tight to harm your feet. Else, you will score severe blisters instead of goals. While playing any indoor game, you have to be very cautious about foot sliding. A right soccer cleat saves you from skidding. It provides you with a smooth impact zone so that you can aim your goals with complete accuracy.

Soccer shoes for kids

There are things you need to know before purchasing soccer shoes for your little champion. It starts by analyzing the top portion of the shoe. The upper part of a kid’s cleat should be soft, lightweight and low profile. It helps your kids get a better feel of the ball. The outsole and midsole are the bottom portions providing traction and shock absorption. Soccer shoes for kids come in a variety depending upon the playing surface. A firm ground cleat is good for youngsters who are consistent players. If your kid plays indoor soccer, then sneaker-inspired shoes with flat outsoles work well. If you speak about the laces, an asymmetrical lacing system should be preferred. It promotes a larger kicking surface and a better grip on the ball.

Difference between soccer cleats & football studs shoes

Cleats for football and soccer are not created equally. Soccer cleats come in just one style, i.e. low-cut style, whereas football studs have three popular types- High-tops, mid-cut and low-cut shoes. Linemen prefer a high cut cleat as it supports the continuous lateral movement. Mid cuts are the best football shoes for running backs, defensive backs, wide receivers and quarterbacks. Lastly, low cut shoes are lightweight that enable fast running. Defensive backs generally favour this type of footwear. Soccer shoes have rubber or polyurethane outsoles. Hence, they are lighter than football studs that have heavier constructions. Also, you will find a toe stud in a football cleat but not in soccer shoes.

Tips on how to buy Cleats in Dubai

A great soccer game starts with picking the right pair of cleats. Your choice of studs should depend upon the type of sport and ground you are playing on. However, there is more to it. As an occasional buyer, you can feel overwhelmed with the variety of shoes you see in the market. So, here are some guiding tips for buying cleats online in the UAE.

  • Type of game – Soccer, football, baseball and lacrosse are popular sports that require cleats. Due to different rules, techniques and playing surfaces, different cleats are required for each one. So, go for the game-specific shoes. For example, manufacturers design soccer cleats according to the speed and agility needed in the game. They are constructed with two cleats set apart from each other at the front.
  • Material – Traditional soccer shoes were made up of natural leather, such as Kangaroo leather. They used to be soft and offer a high degree of comfort. However, for a game like a soccer, your shoes must be waterproof. Natural leather fails here sometimes. So, synthetic leather came into the picture. It is easy to clean, waterproof, and durable. So, when you purchase your soccer shoes, consider comfort, waterproof characteristics and textured uppers.
  • Ankle height – Soccer shoes come in a couple of forms in terms of ankle height. You can go for low or mid-rise. Mid-profile shoes add an extra layer of protection to your ankle. However, if you are a forward, you will feel a slight restriction in motion. So, choose an appropriate shoe according to your role in the game.
  • Fit – Like any other shoes, your cleats should also have a comfortable fit too. Going for too loose or too tight shoes might lead to toe deformities and sprain while playing.

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Question & Answer

Are cleats supposed to be tight?

Just like any other shoes, cleats also offer discomfort and pain if they do not fit properly. If soccer shoes are too tight, it would be difficult for a player to run for a long time. Moreover, tight shoes cut off blood circulation leading to numbness. However, cleats should be fit enough to support a player’s ankles and feet. If you pick loose studs, it would be challenging for you to juggle and control the ball. If you go for the right fit, they offer a huge help in times of bad weather when there are more chances of slipping.

Why do athletes wear cleats?

Cleats are nothing but shoes with studs that help you better grip the ground. Athletes wear them to stay upright while cutting and faster when sprinting. Moreover, cleats provide support to the joints in the lower body. Through such shoes, athletes can make their feet stay healthy and in shape. They also cut down the likelihood of injuries from falling or slipping over the ground. Cyclists also wear cleats to get a better grip on their bikes and ride.

What is the difference between spikes and cleats?

Both spikes and cleats offer traction while running. Therefore, many buyers get confused and use the terms interchangeably. However, there is a slight difference between the two. Track spikes are light and tightly fitted to your foot, whereas cleats are a bit heavier and bulkier. Spikes are just used for running and are generally not recommended for training purposes. On the other hand, cleats support you whether you are only working out on the ground or playing.

Where to buy cleats?

Cleats are available online as well as in physical stores. However, if you step into the market, you can get your hands on just limited options. In contrast, online stores feature an extensive collection offered by various best performing brands in the industry. The exciting part is that you don’t even have to move out of your place. You can get numerous options at your fingertips. If you are unsure about where to shop, log on to On our product search engine, we bring together more than 500 stores that offer soccer shoes online. Here, you can even compare prices to find cheap cleats to buy if you have a restricted budget.