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About Bicycle Stands

Bicycle stands serve their different purposes while not in use. They can be useful for training, maintenance, repair, and parking. If you are thinking to buy one, you need to research first for a long-lasting product. But picking the best would not be a daunting task if you know your requirements.

A bicycle stand can be free-standing or securely attached to the wall or ground. While looking out for options, keep in mind the aesthetics too. The offline and online shops are full of products and accessories with distinctive features and appealing looks. These can elevate your parking stand in front of your door or your garage mechanic workshop. So, there are two factors you must include in your research: specifications and looks. We are going through and thin with the technicalities on this page. However, the design and style is your personal choice because the product has to complement your home as well.

Overview of various cycle stands

It is imperative that you break down your purchase with the distinctive features of a product. And for bicycle stands, you have these features to look out for: type, mounting, space, and material.  First, let’s talk about different types: shed, rack, hook, hoists, shelf, storage stand, tent, hitch, and cover are major types you can see considering safety measures. Now mounting can be of different kinds as well, and some of them include free-standing, overhead, and wall-mounted. Well, the space available at your home somehow influences the mounting you purchase. And, metal and wood are two different material you can choose to complement your home ambience. What you need to do is simply choose the features you want, and you will land on the best bicycle stand to buy.

Here’s all about bike trainer stand

Do you have a bike room or a separate workshop space for all the repair work? If yes, then you would like to have a bicycle stand that can stand firm on the ground. Repair stands are usually heavy, and that’s a major feature you must look while buying bicycle stand online in UAE. Even if you do not have a bike room, you can have a foldable and portable bike stand. It will be easy to transport and maintain after your work is complete. One accessory that you can purchase along with the stand is workshop mat so you can put your nuts and bolts at one place. Different variants of trainer stand differentiate themselves with the clamping adjustments, and there are also options available if you don’t want any clamps, but they will be slightly on the expensive side.

One-size vs customised cycle stands

The structure of high-end bikes is somehow different from the road bikes, and thereby the former one demands a customisable version of cycle stands. Or without occupying your mind in the specifications, you can opt for a one-size-fits-all bicycle stand. However, these stands are successful for in-house storage idea sue to theft issues, which is very common nowadays. What these stands do is they clamp on the seat post and lets your bicycle stand straight. Well, most of the stand can conveniently fit in 26-inch, 27,5-inch, and 29-inch wheel, so you don’t have much to worry about. If you have a budget constraint, you can check some cheap bicycle stand at our retail search engine

Something unlikely about mounting a cycle stand

Why do bike owners don’t like mounting a bicycle stand on their bike? Well, they spend an ample amount of money to shred-off a few grams from their bike. And now, the thought of adding more weight by mounting a bicycle stand gives their shivers. Also, these stands tend to rattle when faced rough terrains and even a few bike owners find them as something unpleasing to look at. Despite this uncanny feeling, you must have this stand mounted on your road bike, especially if your commute is long. Now, you can either check out some bicycle stands for sale or read a crisp buying guide before going on a shopping spree. 

Tips on how to buy Bicycle stands online

Technicalities, looks, and budget are three factors that will influence you buying bicycle stand online in UAE. Whether your cycle stand will work as a work stand or a parking stand for you, it must be sturdy and durable enough to be trusted. Despite their top quality, there are some factors you need to watch out for. These are:

  • Clamping adjustment – When your one hand is busy with the repair work, you want clamps to function really quick. And, these clamps have to be strong, but if not, the whole bicycle can trip over your foot. Some professional doesn’t want these clamps at all, so they choose rubber grips, which are equally effective and functional.
  • Folding size – If you have a space problem whether you are looking to a bicycle stand for storage or repair work, choose the one that can be folded and stored in a compact space when not in use. Well, folding bicycle stands that are smooth to fold and are made of stainless steel are slightly on the expensive side.
  • Height adjustment – This is the feature even cheap stands are providing, so you have nothing to worry about this feature. But finding it under specifications list is must if you are tall, then the maximum height should be according to your height. It would be very unsettling for you to bend over every time to do the repair work.
  • Maximum weight – Whether you have a separate bike room, or you do most of your work inside the house, the weight of the product is an important factor to consider. It can’t be too heavy and too bouncy because it can hamper your work. Or if you are purchasing a bike for storage purpose, a heavy foot stand might be risky when safety is the concern.
  • Load capacity – The weight of your bike is directly proportional to the load rating. If your road is 7kg, then rigidity of your bicycle stand won’t bother you much. But what if your bike weighs 45kg? Choose the weight of your bicycle stand after checking the weight of your bike and the number of bikes you want your stand to hold.
  • Safety measures – If you are looking for the cheaper options, our advice would be to compromise with the features, not with the quality. For instance, you can select a bike without a folding feature, but it has to be sturdy and made of top-quality steel. The nuts, bolts, clamps, and all o the technical features must adhere to the quality standards.

By now, you must have understood the type of cycle stand you require. The next step for you is to look out for an ideal platform offline or online. If you prefer online shopping, we have the best shopping platform for you to explore –, Dubai’s best product finder. Here, you can find top-notch brands like Decdeal, Yakamoz, Toyvian, Juvale, Speedo, and many others. Under one roof, you can find these brands, best online shops, amazing deals, and everything authentic.

Question & Answer

How much does a bike stand cost?

A basic floor stands from one of the top brands Speedo is worth AED 35 only. And once you step up by adding more features, the price tag keeps increasing. Another good brand naming Yakamoz has a bicycle kickstand worth AED96. It has features like a non-slip foot, aluminium alloy built, and designed with adjustable length. You go on further to repair stands or parking stands with appealing loo, you can think of the complementing price.

What is a mounting bracket for the bike?

A mounting bracket is a heavy-duty strap bracket wherein you can put your phone or any other gadget. It can be either customised or purchased while thinking of your OS, whether it is android or iPhone. You can check under the specifications list if the bracket is compatible with your OS. Some features that you can look in the bracket you choose are quick-release latch and 360-degree rotations. These features allow for easy usage overall.

What are bike racks made of?

Metal, wood, or even bamboo – bike racks made of these materials serve their purpose well by being durable and sturdy. However, the finishing materials can be different. These finishing materials could be powder & thermoplastic-coated, recycled plastic, galvanised and stainless steel. The most inexpensive ones are galvanised ones in which they provide a thin layer of zinc for corrosion, and the looks are appealing with a dull grey colour.

Where to buy bicycle stand online?

If you are seeking quality, good service, and durability all in one product, we recommend going for good brands and authentic platforms. One such platform is wherein credibility is at its top for all the enlisted products. The advantage of using our platform is that you get to shop directly from brands’ and grab the deals as well. Still, if you decide to buy your product offline, make sure that you keep the features in mind discussed on this page.

Well, that’s it about making your purchase of bicycle stands into a smart purchase. It is indeed a good time that you start to explore the products online at our shopping platform that is You can also check out bikes’ accessories as we have a dedicated section for it. If not now, then it will be helpful in your future shopping.