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Imagine riding your bicycle home with everything on your back, from your back to groceries. Not a good idea, isn’t it? You can indeed carry most of the items in your backpack. But how about the items that you can’t? How are you going to transport heavy goods? Well, an ideal bicycle rear rack is the answer to all this. 

You’ll definitely need a good bike luggage carrier if you’re interested in touring, running errands, commuting or otherwise hauling gear with your bike. These rear racks attach to the back of your bike and feature rails. You can use these rails to secure panniers, bags, baskets, and other items. You could also accommodate bungees and netting for attaching items. Many call these bike luggage carriers just ‘bike racks’. However, this term seems to be problematic. That’s because the term can also refer to the rack you put on your vehicle to transport your bicycle from one place to another. Anyways, in this article, we focus on the bike luggage carriers that you install at the back of your bike. So continue reading to know more!

The best options for bicycle rear racks to choose from 

Remember, not all bike luggage come with similar features. Each one has a different make and characteristics. Besides, not all the bicycle rear racks fit every model of bike out there. For instance, if your bike has hard disc brakes, then you need to ensure that you pick a model that’s specifically designed to work on disc brakes. Similarly, if your bicycle doesn’t have eyelets, then look for options that work without eyelets. As you see, each bicycle has a specific requirement. Moreover, you’ll find several such options too. Let’s explore a few such popular ones that are trending in the market these days.

The best bicycle luggage rack with seat-post mounter and commuter

Whether out with your friends for a brief ride or commuting for longer journeys through the mountains, the Ibera bicycle rear rack is one of your best picks to store everything you need. The product allows you to carry many necessities effectively. From a tiny repair kit to all your food items, you can store everything in your bicycle luggage rack. All these features give you a day bag or a traveller bag opportunity. Besides, it also helps you get the most out of your best-carrying choices. Apart from that, it also provides you with a stable framework that can hold up more than 110lbs. Furthermore, this rear rack supports your luggage in all weather conditions.

The retractable aluminium alloy bicycle luggage carrier

The Outtag aluminium alloy bike luggage carrier is your best pick if you want to carry a maximum of 10kg weight on your bicycle. This also gives you a higher chance of success in carrying heavy loads safely. Besides, it also comes with an easy installation process with a hex key. Furthermore, you can add this product as a secondary option, particularly when you already have a rack on the rear of your bicycle. This gives you more space and power to carry all your items like food, water, and other tools. That’s why many often consider this product to be the best when it comes to longer journeys. In short, installing this onto your bike will ensure that you have an ultimate companion for your longer journeys.

The rear bike bag carrier and mount 

Flexzion is an adorable and versatile bike rack that’s your best bet when it comes to longer journeys. It constantly supports your weight while riding, thereby giving you the freedom to choose your way according to your mood. The rear support constantly gives adequate support while riding. Moreover, you’ll also find a strap attached to the luggage and backpack habitats that helps you to attach your luggage to the rack easily. It is manufactured from hollow metallic cement. This product is lightweight and easier to install. Apart from giving you a versatile performance, it also helps you carry weights up to 55 pounds. Above all, it comes at affordable rates too.

The touring road bike luggage carrier

If a quick mountain ride with heavy materials on your bicycle is what you’re looking at, then the Voilamart Bicycle Rear Touring Carrier Rack is your ultimate choice. Just as mentioned earlier, you can transport heavy stuff with its versatile heavyweight structure. With an alloy frame, these sturdy bicycle rear racks can hold up to 132 pounds. Additionally, it also comes with a pair of universal installation tracks that usually works on all types of bikes. Besides, the model also gives five different positions that you can change while driving your bicycle. Apart from that, it comes with an easy installation process, with which you can adjust this product on any size of wheels. 

Tips on how to buy Bicycle Rear Rack online

You’re now aware of the trendiest types of bicycle rear racks out there in the market. However, understanding the types alone will not get you your best luggage carriers. You need to consider several other factors too. Besides, if you’re a regular biker planning to transport heavy items frequently, it makes sense to invest in the best system you can afford. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed out those factors to consider when you buy luggage carriers online in UAE.

  • Check out the stability – Some bike luggage carriers have more stability than others. For example, the roof, towbar have more stability than the boot-mounted. Even though this isn’t an issue when you’re carrying lighter stuff, if you’re carrying heavy loads like mountaineering equipment, then you need a rock-solid bicycle rear rack.
  • Consider the efficiency – A few types of bike racks can affect the overall aerodynamics of your bicycle. Therefore, the efficiency of the bicycle rear rack becomes extremely important to consider when purchasing them. Also, you need to consider the ease of installing and uninstalling the racks if you want something that’s straightforward and not complex.
  • Check out the safety – Make sure that your bike luggage carriers aren’t hiding your license plates. Besides, it should also not obstruct your rearview mirrors. Apart from that, ensure that the racks have smoother finishes and shapes. This way, it’ll eliminate any potential harms that might occur when you’re loading your stuff onto the rack.
  • Look for compatibility – As sighted earlier in the article, not all bicycle rear racks are compatible with all bicycles. However most of them are, but while purchasing, you need to make sure that you pick the right one. The one you pick must be compatible with the height and weight of the bicycle. One of the easiest ways to do that is to observe the specifications carefully.
  • Check out the materials – You’ll find several materials for bicycle rear racks. You’ll find some in aluminium, while others in aluminium alloys. Make sure that you pick the ones that best suit your needs. For instance, if you want to load something heavy, then you want racks made of sturdy materials. However, you could go for aluminium alloys materials for loading lightweight things.

Apart from the above-stated factors, also makes sure to consider the quality of the racks you buy. You do not want to end up spending a fortune on something that’s not even worth the money. Besides, it makes sure to set aside a budget for yourself. This helps you not to stray away from the wide variety of options out there. We hope all these factors and tips will guide you in the right direction and help you pick your ideal bike luggage carrier effortlessly.

Question & Answer

What do you call the rack on the back of a bike?

Well, you call them the bicycle rear racks. So basically, these are racks that you can affix to the rear side of your bicycle. From groceries to tools and other essential items, you can store them all when you’re travelling for short as well as long journeys on your bikes. Besides, these rear racks prove to be highly useful, particularly when you’re mountaineering with tents and other goods. It is an important bicycle accessory if you are interested in touring, running errands, or commuting by bike across the city.

How do you carry cargo on a bike?

Whether you want to carry bicycle gears, touring tools, or a change of clothes, you can certainly do them all on the bike. There is a whole range of options to choose from to carry cargo on your bicycle. From cargo racks with panniers to baskets and different types of bags, you’re sure to find a method that works for you. That is, you can either install a dedicated cargo rack at the back of your bicycle, use bags, baskets, or panniers or get a cargo bike itself.

How much weight can a rear bike rack hold?

You’ll find several types of bicycle rear racks. Each comes with different features and characteristics. Hence, each may have different weight capacities. Usually, when it comes to weight, the racks can hold weights from 20 to 5 pounds. However, some racks come in sturdier built that allows you to load up to 130 pounds. However, make sure that you check the specification of the model before you load anything on your rack. It is generally on the package, or you can confirm it with the seller.

Where to buy a bike luggage carrier?

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