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About Bicycle Pumps

Bicycle pumps function by inflating air into the tires through different valves. And because these valves can be available with different specifications, compatibility of valve and pump is the primary concern during the purchase. Let’s say you have two different types of valves. You have options to buy a separate pump or an adapter to get the work done. The choice is yours, and to make an informed decision, it is better to explore around a bit. There may be many ins and outs related to the product and the purchase you must unravel.

The combination of a flat tire and bad weather is deadly. You need to prepare for such worse case scenarios every time, especially when you are on a long trip. Having a portable bike pump in your essentials kit would not even help you but save your entire trip from getting ruined. But buying a bicycle pump online in the UAE needs you to understand a few technicalities of your bike. First, the type of valve you have and second, the type of pump you need for that. Another vital factor that will influence your purchase is the required tire pressure. Summing up every parameter, you can land on the best product possible.

Five different types of bicycle tire pumps

There are majorly five best bicycle pumps to buy: floor pumps, mini pumps, CO2 inflators, electric pumps, and foot pumps. Floor pumps are bulky, thereby suited for home use only. Mini pumps are handy products useful on a road bike. One thing about this type is that you need to put some effort to use them as they inflate less air volume with each pump. Next is CO2 inflators that have a one-time use only, mostly used by bike racers. An electric pump is like any regular pump minus manual energy put into pumping. Lastly, the foot pump, as the name suggests, uses your foot to inflate air through the hose rather than your hand. These types mostly are situation-specific, so you can see what fits your needs.

Two types of valves and compatible bicycle air pumps

Presta and Schrader are two different valves you should know before hitting the buy button. The most common is the Schrader valve fitted to road bikes. Now, all you need is a regular pump to inflate air. These valves have springs inside, which allows the air to flow in and out. The second valve type is Presta, which is thinner compared to its counterpart and comes with a manual locknut. This type of valve either demands a special pump or a regular pump with an adapter. With a regular pump, you need to remove the locknut, put on the adapter, and then the pump to inflate air. The compatibility is simple to understand, and the products are even convenient to buy. You can read the specifications to see what fits and what’s not.

Match your bicycle pump’s rating to tire’s volume

Low air pressure in the pump is an undesirable feature, even if the product is of top quality. You need to put effort and energy to inflate the tire with a low-pressure pump. This manual work can be lessened if you buy a pump with impressive air pressure. But how do you measure it? First, you need to check the PSI rating of your tire. You can find it written at the side of the tire, inside the driver’s gate, or your car’s manual. Floor pumps can deliver a max tire pressure of 160psi, while a bike shock requires air pressure up to 300 psi. Thus, different bicycle pressure requires you to purchase compatible bicycle pumps. Read this feature to make your purchase an informed decision.

Top brands to consider while buying bicycle tire pumps

You must go for the brand that gives the best of features in valve types, valve head, gauge, and accessories. For instance, the Lezyne brand has products with a base-mounted gauge and a metallic universal connector valve head, if that’s what you are looking for. The product’s full name is classic floor drive. Other than that, if you want your gauge to be large and easy to read, you can consider the Schwinn brand’s floor pump. It has one valve head having separate holes for Presta and Schrader. Some other brands having the best of products are Lixada, Leidi, and Enkrio. You can find all of them or even more on our shopping search engine.

Tips on how to buy Bicycle Pumps

We have been wording so much about the technicalities on this page. By now, you already know that you need to check the valve type, gauge, pressure, and volume while buying. Then, what else can make your purchase outstanding? Below is a compiled list of a few more details and practical solutions to add practicality to your purchase.

  • Design – The design of a product impact longevity other than looking aesthetically awesome. Let’s say you want a floor pump or hand pump mounted to your bike frame. In that case, you do not want a design that will add discomfort to your bike riding. So, think about such tiny details about the design, and you can add more days to the product you end up buying.
  • Measurements – The height and hose length of the pumps can make your job easy and convenient. Taller floor pumps don’t want you to bend every time, and a longer hose length lets you connect regardless of the tire position. Despite the benefits of tall pumps and long hose lengths, you should put your requirements and budget first. If you are fine with a shorter length that gives you a good deal, we say go for it. But do not compromise on the quality.
  • Quality – Manufacturing material can be metal or plastic, out of which you can choose one. But you should keep your money away from cheap plastic ones. Neither these cheap plastics are sturdy nor durable. They are even prone to damage during travel. So, consider the quality of metal and plastic you choose.
  • Serviceability – Pump heads and seals can wear out with time, and if it is difficult to replace the parts, there is no purpose in buying the product. Find out if the service centre of the brand is nearby or not. Also, if you read the customer reviews, you can find out the after-sales service of a brand and therefore contemplate your decision accordingly.
  • Number of pumps – Mini products often take more pumps to get the job done. Usually, the specifications list of products may tell you the time. So, do not forget to go through the list thoroughly. However, the size of the product is an important factor to notice here.

We hope the tips will help you find a long-lasting product. You can now start exploring the products on our shopping platform, You can also check out bicycle pumps for sale if a good deal is what you are looking for.

Question & Answer

What is the best bicycle pump?

If you want to go on a bike trip, a portable bike pump would be best for you. However, for home use, a foot pump or floor pump works well. Bike racers use CO2 inflators, mostly. Likewise, there are other types of bicycle pumps based on your needs. Overall, the best purchase depends on two factors: your purpose and quality specifications. Some of the specifications include a compatible valve, pressure, volume, and gauge. A little research before the purchase does not harm and in fact, it lets you grab the deserving product.

How does a bicycle pump work?

Bicycle pumps’ only purpose is to inflate air into your bike’s tire by compressing the air. The process involves air being pushed down the tube of the pump directed towards the tire via the valve. The airflow is controlled by the mechanism of the Schrader or Presta valve. This is exactly how bicycle pumps work, which is pretty easy to understand. But due to the variants available in the market, choosing one could be a difficult task. Research well and explore our platform to get the best buy.

Why do bike pumps get hot?

There are two reasons for bicycle pumps becoming hot during usage. The first reason is the friction that generates through the motion of the piston and cylinder’s wall. And the second reason is the increasing contact between air molecules. If the pumps get too hot, it’s time to give it a break and let it rest for some time. Otherwise, it may explode or do some damage to your tire and the pump. These are minor details about the bike and you better research such situations before buying a bike. Pre-planning your purchase is better than learning a lesson after the damage is being done.

Which gas is used in a bicycle pump?

Bicycle pumps use carbon dioxide gas to inflate your bike’s tire and here is a valid reason behind it. The CO2 gas is more soluble in rubber as compared to oxygen and nitrogen, which is an excellent choice for rubber tires. The CO2 gas protects your tire and provides convenience without any danger of bursting out. It even saves your time when you want to deflate the gas as compared to any other type of gas if filled in any case possible.