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About Bicycle Mirrors

Bicycle mirrors do have an aesthetic appeal but they are more of a functional accessory. A quality mirror placed correctly can give you a 360-degree sense of your surroundings. It means you will have full control of the vehicle, which is the testament of a good rider. If we talk about buying a mirror, you will have qualms if you buy it just like any other accessory. As we said it is a functional accessory, so spend time exploring products online and getting an understanding before hitting the buy button.

While exploring online, you will see that a simple bicycle mirror has multiple variants. It is not confusing to pick one but sure shot a necessity to explore the products thoroughly. You need to read all the features associated with a particular mirror to see if it is compatible with your requirements or not. It is not always necessary to buy a high-end, latest, or expensive item when there is no need for it. This is the time to look at the product with a practical mind, not falling for the flashy advertisements or a salesman pitch. Comfort and compatibility are two prime factors that will influence your purchase, followed by budget, brands, and the shopping platform.

The two components of bicycle rear-view mirrors

Mostly, a bicycle mirror has two components, one is the handle, and the other is the mirror. Both these components differ in material, shape, and quality. A mirror can be convex or concave out of which you can choose one based on your needs. The other component that is the handle varies in its material. You can find it made up of either plastic or carbon fibre. So, when it comes to scrutinising products online, you should see them as two components and figure out their quality separately. This way, you can never go wrong with your judgement as the item you buy will serve well and last long. And yes, the approach should be the same for cheap bike mirrors or for high-end ones. You must not be lenient towards a product just because it is cheap. 

Bicycle mirrors for handlebars

Handlebar mirror is the most common and is known to be the third eye of the cyclist. The mirror shape can be round, oval, and rectangle due to which the size of the handle will vary. Compared to other types, they are bigger meaning they can give you a wide-angle view. Although a valuable purchase, these mirrors have a few downsides too. First of all, they add to the width of the handle and the overall bike. If you bump into something accidentally, the handlebars will be the first to get damaged. Secondly, they are difficult to transfer from one bicycle to another and if you do it on a frequent basis, you can make the mirror weak. It will then jiggle while cycling. The only solution to avoid such mishaps is to take precautionary measures as you now know what could go wrong. 

Bicycle helmet mirrors

Helmet mirrors are probably one of the best mountain bike mirrors and equally good for road strolls. As they are mounted on the helmet, they become less prone to damage, unlike handlebar mirrors. These are also easy to mount with a clamp or a velcro strap. You can easily adjust the field of view by turning your head. However, at first, you may take time to hang with it, but once adjusted, helmet-mounted mirrors can prove to be an excellent addition to your bike accessories. The major disadvantage of these types is either the adhesive wearing out or the joints getting loose. For that, you need to investigate the quality of the product and invest in a long-lasting product.

Eyewear and lens-mounted mirrors

Both types of these mirrors are mounted on your eye gears, but there is a difference you must know while purchasing. You should not opt for lens-mounted mirrors if you wear prescription glasses because the image will pass through your glasses first, which will give you an unclear image. However, eyewear mirrors are mounted on your glasses, so fits everybody. Some of you will find both of them inconvenient to use, and for some, they are the best invention. It is up to you and the comfort level these mirrors provide. We have some products listed on bicycle mirrors for sale, which you can explore to find something interesting.

Tips on how to buy Bicycle Mirrors online

The purchase of bicycle mirrors is overlooked sometimes. The reason may be that a new bicycle mostly comes equipped with it. So, you never think of upgrading and replacing the already mounted mirror. Your everyday strolls nearby may be fine with a standard mirror but difficult terrains need you to invest in upscaled versions. Even if you own a standard mirror, we encourage you to explore the online marketplace. Maybe a new variant can fascinate you and can even be more compatible. While you are on a shopping spree, below are the points that may help you narrow down the purchase.

  • The material of the handle and the mirror – The handle can be of plastic, carbon fibre, and other resistant materials. You can choose any depending on your budget but make sure they can absorb vibrations, especially if your ride includes rough terrains. Otherwise, the model may break or become loose in no time. If we talk about mirrors, your options are plastic, resin, and glass.
  • The shape is another aspect to consider – Round, oval, and rectangular are different shapes of the bicycle rear-view mirrors. The round models are for the eyewear mirrors, and oval mirrors are for handlebars or bicycle helmet mirrors. Instead of an oval shape, rectangular mirrors are also in fashion. Overall, the shape is more associated with aesthetics than mechanics.
  • Choose between three variants of the mirror – Handlebar, helmet, arm, and eyewear mirrors are the options to choose from. The best choice depends on your comfort. For example, if you wear helmet mirrors, you have to wear cycling glasses too, and some cyclists don’t find it comforting. Similarly, some cyclists are comfortable with two mirrors for a good view while some feel confused with it.
  • Type of lens can be convex or flat – Flat mirrors provide undistorted images of the objects and street behind you. With flat mirrors, you will also get the idea of distance with more accuracy. On the other hand, you can opt for convex mirrors to get a wider rear image that will allow you to see more elements. Here, you can choose between wider angles or clear images, depending on the kind of terrain you visit.
  • The versatility of the product – If you buy a product now, it would be good if you look at future needs because when you replace the bike, the same accessories can be mounted. So, compatibility with all types of bikes is also a feature worth investing in. Also, if you opt for handlebar mounting, you can see if the product is versatile enough to be mounted on the left or right side or even below the handlebar. Likewise, thoroughly read the specifications of different products and see what different features you may or may not get with the product.

We hope the tips will prove fruitful. Now that you know and understand the product well, you might be ready to explore the variants. You can go with our list of brands to make a better start to your shopping drive. These brands include Rockbros, Lixada, Banggood, and Zefal. All of them or even more such reputed brands are available on our retail search engine for you to explore.

Question & Answer

How to install a bicycle mirror?

The placement of mounting depends a lot on the process of installing the mirror. Let’s talk about handlebar mounting here. You need to unscrew the end of the handlebar as a first step. Then, insert the mirror and screw it back. These three steps are as simple as they sound. The only tool you need here is a screwdriver. More or less the same steps are required to mount a bicycle mirror in other locations like helmets or glasses. Instead of a screw, you can also mount them with Velcro or adhesive.

What is the best bicycle mirror?

The best bicycle rear-view mirror can have two parameters to contemplate: the mirror quality and the overall product quality. The mirror mounted on the product must be weatherproof and able to provide clarity as much as required. Next, the product quality depends on the roads you travel. Your journey may include rough terrains or smooth rides. In that case, you need features like vibration sensitivity, tough mounting, and protection around the mirror. So, keep all this in mind whenever scrolling through the products online, and we are pretty sure you will grab the best one.

Is one mirror on a bicycle enough?

Yes, one mirror is enough only if that one mirror is able to give you a clear and wide-angle view. However, the question of mounting more mirrors come on a special purpose. For example, you are planning a mountaineering trip on your bike and suspect that bicycle mirrors for handlebars can get damaged. Then, you can have a secondary bicycle helmet mirror or mount one on your cycling glasses as well. It is actually not about primary or secondary types, but your comfort comes first. Scrutinise each and every type, and you will ultimately come to the decision of buying the best fit.

Where to buy bicycle mirrors?

Our product search engine is an excellent platform to begin exploring the variants of bicycle mirrors. It will be easy for you to compare two different products and come up with the right decision by buying the best fit. With 500 plus online shops available to single out even the tiniest features, you will also get a flexible budget range and alternatives to go for. Not just the varieties are endless here, but deals are amazing too. So, check out now and see all the potential products the platform has to offer.