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About Bicycle Locks

Bicycle theft is very common, and if not the whole bicycle, thieves steal only the expensive mounting that you may have done separately. You can avoid such incidents by taking the necessary precautions. Buying a bicycle lock is one of the measures you must not ignore.

Although you might have a lock already, the authenticity of the product can be questionable. Even if it is not, the marketplace has now many solutions in the form of technologies or strategies to avoid theft. You can explore types of bicycle locks to get the hang of new updates. However, one strategy that doubles the security is adding two locks: one primary and the other secondary. If not a lock, you can also buy a lock extension as a secondary option. Whether you ride a bicycle professionally or run errands with it, this solution has been popular with everyone. More than number, the best bicycle lock is about quality without which multiple locks cannot even secure the bike. And the quality of any lock can depend on its weight, dimensions, thickness, brand, and overall compatibility. Focusing on these parameters can let you grab the perfect product.

Strongest bike locks as primary locks

D-lock, chain lock, cable lock, and folding lock are the four types you can consider while buying bicycle lock online in the UAE. D-lock is heavy and leaves so much hard work for the thief to do. The only downside is the unease of carrying this heavy product. Another option is bicycle lock chains, but depending on the quality, bolt croppers may chop them down. The third one is a cable lock that contains combination keys to lock and unlock and are flexible as well as lightweight. The last type is a folding bike lock that can secure multiple objects at once. All these types are equally effective so comparing them online can let you make an informed decision from the safety point of view.

Anti-theft bike lock as secondary locks

The first favourite product of all customers is lock extension. These extensions can wrap your wheels and protect them too. For example, you can have a D-lock as the primary one and a lock extension as a secondary safety feature. To enhance this security further, you can have a bike lock with an alarm. But what about the expensive mounting on your bikes? How do you safeguard them? Well, one solution is to unmount them every time you leave your bike unattended. More about the purchase, if you feel a budget constraint while thinking about all the parameters, you can check out some bicycle locks for sale on our shopping platform, You will find plenty of products for a cost-effective shopping drive.

U-lock versus bicycle lock chain

Both have their pros and cons, but if you choose the right product for the right purpose, there should not be an issue. Comparing both, you will find U-locks easy to use because of their stiff structure, unlike chains. All you need to do is fasten it around the rack and street signs or whatever you find to lock it. So, the portability point goes to the U-lock without any doubt. However, sometimes you may find it difficult to fasten them around the lamp post, and for that, you need to invest in the right size. This is certainly not the issue with chain locks. If the chain is long enough, you can even secure two bikes at once. So, you can choose U-lock for portability and choose a chain lock for versatility.

Bike lock with an alarm

Banggood brand has an anti-theft bike lock with smart accessories. It has one clipping alarm with Bluetooth 4.0 version and is waterproof as well. One product can connect with multiple phones, and one phone can be used for multiple locks. You can also use this alarm with electric scooters. Another brand Lixada also has bike locks with an alarm and an infrared remote controller. The range of remote control can be 10 to 30metres, which is a pretty decent range for a bicycle. Likewise, you can explore more such brands and their unique products or even bikes on our shopping platform,

Tips on how to buy Bicycle Locks online

Taking safety and security measurements for both bike and rider is crucial. You buy helmets, gloves, and kneecaps for your safety. Likewise, your bicycle needs safety locks, bicycle cleaners, and other maintenance activities to keep it safe and long-lasting. Speaking of locks, you can strategise buying them for enhanced security. Below are some points that may help narrow down your purchase.

  • Choose the type – Cable locks, chain locks, U-lock, D-lock, and folding locks are some of the popular choices you can prefer for your bike’s safety. All of them are considered one of the strongest bike locks available in the market. Depending on your travel, daily needs, and budget, you can easily choose between the types.
  • Check the weight – Heavier locks are tough to cut but cumbersome to transport. Some of you might not have a problem with carrying extra weight on every journey. At the same time, some will find it as a piece of extra undesirable baggage. What you can do is compare the product’s weight with your bikes’. If yours is a lightweight bike, you can choose the lock accordingly and vice versa.
  • Consider buying two locks – Think of the two as primary and secondary – one to protect your bicycle frame and another to protect your bicycle components. It can be one D-lock and secondary chain lock or one primary bicycle lock chain and another folding type. They can double up the security and thus become an excellent deterrent.
  • Alternate lock styles – It’s not that only certain types of designs are available in the market. You can also find big bulgy locks that cover your entire bike. Or the one that you can wear also. They may not look aesthetically sound, but the safety features are as effective as any other chain or cable types.
  • Safety beyond locks – Buying a safety lock from a reputed brand is a one-step towards the bike’s safety. Other measures you may take include insuring the bike against theft and other dangers. Other than that, you can also use a data tag to help police identify the bike or at least spot the last location. There can be more measures depending on where you live, so it would be better to check your local rules and regulations.

We are hopeful that you find these tips meaningful enough. No matter you have a high-end bike or a standard one for your needs, you must separate some budget for security measures. And depending on the money you want to invest in this purchase, you can explore products on our shopping platform, Some of the brands you will upon your visit here include Banggood, Lixada, Titanker, Schwinn, and Tonyon.

Question & Answer

Which bike locks are the best?

If your regular journey includes office to home and home to office, you are better off with chain or cable locks. Overall, you can choose these lock types where a parking space is available, and you don’t have to worry about additional safety. However, if you stroll through the streets of your city on your bike, you can choose D-lock or U-lock so that you can easily fasten the bike with a lamp post or street sign and sip your coffee at a nearby café. You can also keep an eye on the bike this way. Further enhancements are bike lock with alarm, Bluetooth, remote control, and many others. Therefore, depending on your daily ride or occasional bike trip, you can choose the best bicycle locks.

Which product is better: U lock or cable lock?

U-locks are strong but also heavy and so are inconvenient while travelling. You can have a frame mount for that. On the other hand, you can just wrap the cable locks around handlebars, and that is it. In theft deterrence, both the lock types cannot be easily cut with a basic bolt cutter, grinders, or any other cutter. But only when you choose to buy a good quality product. So, the bottom line is both lock types has pros and cons. If you want something portable, you can go for cable locks and otherwise, U-locks can be your choice.

Can bike locks be cut?

Cable cutters, hacksaws, hammers, crowbars, bolt cutters, and bottle jacks are some of the tools that thieves use to cut even the strongest bike locks. So apparently, yes! Bike locks can be cut, some easy and some might require hard work. But that doesn’t make bicycle locks as non-deterrent. You can’t possibly watch the bicycle every time you park outside, so you need a security measure. The quality, brand, and features of the product make a lot of difference in making the lock anti-theft bike lock. It is imperative that you read the specifications carefully before you add a product to your cart.

Where to buy bicycle locks?

Buying bicycle locks is a matter of wholesome research, followed by knowing your requirements. Along with that, you need a full-fledged platform where you can see maximum products under one roof and avoid switching between the tabs to compare two brands. If that kinda shopping sounds right to you, then our product search engine is what you must explore. Here, you can explore multiple brands and their products, meaning you can compare different products and make a decision under one roof. It does sound like a strategic approach that will result in a satisfactory outcome.