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About Bicycle Lifts

A true bike lover can tell you that there is no such this as not having enough space for another bike. And if you try to convince them of it, they will share endless options of bicycle lifts to store your bikes overhead and out of the way.

A bike lift and carry mechanism is a special type of holder that can hang the bike on the wall or from the ceiling, giving you a lot of extra space on the ground for other activities. Most of the modern bicycle lifts come with an exclusive rope locking mechanism that prevents unwanted release. They can easily suspend one bike with a given load limit. These bikes can be of great help for cycling lovers or people with limited space in the garage. Besides, we can see these bikes as a part of basic cycling accessories recommended by experts.

Best bicycle lift stands for your garage

Luckily, cyclists can find a wide range of cycling gadgets and accessories to make their rides comfortable and help them enjoy the best of their bikes. Like any other product, there is a wide range of bike lifts to help cyclists deal with space problems. These racks come in a variety of mechanical setting that solves many problems. Besides, it also helps to keep the bike in good condition and stored adequately.  However, it is noteworthy that different bikes have different demands and needs. Thus, they need different types of racks for suspension.  Therefore, we have gathered some of the bestselling options to make your buying easier and more focused.

Koova wall mount bike storage rack

It offers a simple and uncomplicated way to hang bikes. It is easier to assemble and work on pretty much every type of wall one wishes to use. With a 32 inches width, these racks can handle up to six bikes at a time. These lifts have fat tire hangers that can easily handle modern large size bikes up to three inches. These racks are generally made of heavy gauge steel where each component is cut, formed and powder coated. Although they are long-lasting, durable options to consider for various bikes, the performance may vary based on the types of bikes you own.

Steady-rack classic rack

This is surely another much appreciated wall-mounted bike storage solution available on all stores online. These racks are designed to hold a single bike at a time. These are attractive little contraptions that allow easy hooking of your bike on the wall. With sleek size, it takes minimal space on the wall and keeps the room cleared up nicely. These racks fit hybrid roads and mountain bikes with a diameter of 20 to 20 inches and a width of up to 2.4 inches. Such lifts can hold on to the weight of up to 35 kgs. With the ease of installation and versatility, installing these racks anywhere can fold them against the walls when not in use.

Wall-master garage bike rack

This is one of the best-selling, fully functional, and aesthetically pleasing rack for lifting any bike. These lifts are made of special material that stands heavy load than those discussed previously in this article. These racks are about 16.5 inches wide steel structures that can hold up to200 kgs of weight. These racks have expandable rails with adjustable hooks and around 5 to 6 smaller hooks for hanging accessories like helmets. However, most users fall into the trap of clustering bikes together too much and thus make them a messy place to store bikes and accessories.

Tips on how to buy Bike Lifts online in the UAE 

Bikes are becoming more and more popular among youth, and thus there is more demand for a mechanism to handle performing the routine check, repair, and maintenance on them. This is why a bike lift is among the basic tools to ensure that the bike remains in good condition.  And considering the needs of different users, brands offer a wide collection of bike lifts for sale. Whether you are buying the best bike hoist for professional use or just looking for a cheap bike lift to buy for your personal use, cores features remain important. Here are some tips on how you can be sure of having the best bike lift online in the UAE.

  • Weight – The lifter must be able to manage and hold the weight of your bike. However, it will always be a nice idea if you pick a heavy-duty, durable and long-lasting bike lifter that comes with a steel-based mechanism.
  • Versatility – Different parts of hardware work together to make most of your lifting experience. Likewise, different lifts can handle a variety of accessories and attachments while expanding your range of capabilities. Make sure the model you pick is capable of doing so.
  • Performance – It depends on how the list is powered. However, some manually operated options are suitable for personal use and lightweight bikes (they work with pumps and pedals). But for heavy lifting, always choose mechanical lift.
  • Pricing factor – Bike lifters will cost you a considerable amount. Additionally, the brand, mechanical system, powering mechanism, and quality of the product will also increase the price. So set a realistic budget before you head to look for a lift online.

Once you have had hands-on a reliable option, read the product carefully before you settle for paying. At first, you can read the product description section to know all the mechanical specifications of the lift and find the tools and other important feature information. If you believe that the product can satisfy your needs, go to the customer review section. Here you can find unbiased realistic reviews about the product. Read carefully what other users have to say and make a practical decision.

Question & Answer

Where to buy bike lifts online in the UAE?

You should explore a product search engine to find quality products from top global brands like Rotterdam, MTB, Robtec, Mastercraft, Parkis and many more. Explore and use the price comparison tool to find cheap products from such trusted brands. Here you can find dozens of options for other bike accessories and tools suitable for different types of bicycle models. Hence, ensure a secure buying decision while saving money.

Are bicycle lifts expensive?

The price of these lifts depends on certain factors. These include the power mechanism a lift consists of, the size, weight carrying capacity and other features. It also varies according to the brand you opt to buy. However, generally, the price tags fall somewhere between AED 80 to AED 1000 or more. However, with Shops, you can find many cheap bike lifts for sale online in the UAE. So, if you have a limited budget, you must explore and search for products from different brands.

How to use horizontal bicycle lifts?

A horizontal lift works if you install them on the ceiling or under the roof. These types of lifts are designed to save space in your garage or smaller spaces like apartments and shared living spaces. Hence, it is a common choice of many. To hang a bike on these lifts, you need to install the lift under the ceiling. You can either look for professional help to fix these lifts or can opt for DIY tutorials and a user manual for the model you are about to use for your bike lifting. There are many tutorial videos you can find online to use horizontal bicycle lifts correctly and efficiently.

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