Bicycle Flags

About Bicycle Flags

After years, cycling has become a popular leisure activity and healthy choice among the masses again. Every time you peddle, you contribute towards greener transportation. However, heavy traffic can be harsh to your little vehicle sometimes. So, make sure it has all the safety equipment like bike mirrors, lights and most importantly, bicycle flags.

Bicycle flags are excellent accessories that add visibility and fun elements to your cycle. Flags come in a variety of colours, prints and construction materials. It is easy to mount them on the rear axle of your bike. Cycling is common these days. Hence, some countries have started managing cycle traffic with bike lanes. Still, it is important to take essential preventive measures before setting foot into massive traffic. Bike flags can be an excellent pick for you if you are a regular rider. They are not just safety equipment but also exhibit a cool look. Go for custom-designed flags to decorate your bicycle. For example, you can get your name, logo, or message screen printed on the front of the flag. Let us find out some more exciting features of bike flags in detail.

Exploring characteristics of bicycle visibility flags

Drivers operating heavy vehicles sometimes fail to spot bicycles due to their small size. Hence, bike riders need to look out for themselves. A bicycle fails to draw the attention of onlookers in multiple cases. For example, it can get hit while a car pulls out from parking. Maybe, a driver or passenger opens the door of the car on an oncoming cycle. Bicycle visibility flags ensure safety at such times. They can quickly cut the chances of collision in half. You can affix it on your bicycle, and rest assured of your visibility to other vehicles.

Avoid bike accidents with bicycle safety flags.

Bicycle accidents commonly occur when cycles collide with a motor vehicle. Human error is the first contributing factor in such cases. The people behind the wheel of trucks, cars and other huge vehicles might not look for cyclists and take a turn in front of them. However, putting a flag on your cycle gives other people a line of sight. It is generally elevated to a point where it remains visible to all the nearby vehicles. Additionally, it is an excellent addition to your child’s bicycle. The bright colour flags add safety to your little one’s ride and add a fun element.

Promote your business with bike banner flags

Do you want to get the attention of the masses affordably? Bicycle banners are fantastic at communicating your brand’s message. These banners come with an assembly kit for you to advertise your services effortlessly. Imagine your message being seen on the streets, everywhere. You do not have to rent a banner stand and go to advertising companies. Banner flags are that great! Just put it on your bicycle and roam in the city to generate awareness about your business. It is a cheap method of brand promotion that never exhausts. Moreover, everyone likes green and clean advertising. So, you are already top scoring the race with cheap bicycle flags!

Exhibit uniqueness with customized flags & flag stands for bikes.

Bike flags come in a variety of construction materials ranging from nylon and vinyl to plastic. They are generally mounted on a flexible rod flag pole. You can give any look to your flag. Many manufacturers give you an option to customize flags. They have their graphic artists who communicate with the buyer to generate the required designs. You can opt for specific colours, materials, designs and even include a logo or message on them. For example, if you plan a family bike ride, you can get special flags printed to show family pride and unity.

Tips on how to buy Bicycle Flags

Bicycle flags come in a wide assortment of colours and styles. You can get your hands at small triangular flags as well as large banners meant for advertising purposes. If you are eager to purchase a flag, you must be worried about choosing the right one. Here on, we believe in educating our customers before pushing them to shop. Below are some tips that would help you buy bicycle flags online in the UAE.

  • Purpose of purchase – Riders buy flags for various reasons like decoration, advertising, or adding safety. So, the purpose of your purchase is essential. Safety flags generally contain fluorescent colours and are mounted on height. On the other hand, banner flags are humongous in size to let the onlookers notice your advertisement.
  • Choose a good brand – Your bicycle flag should be strong and durable enough to battle against the speedy wind. So, when it comes to purchasing one, pick a quality product. Good brands tend to provide a consistent and better experience than local shops. Diamondback, Roaduserdirect, Uelfbaby, Sunlite and Premier Kites are some of the high performing brands in the industry. You can find all these right here on
  • Consider the size of your vehicle – People put flags on bicycles as well as motorbikes. The size of your flag should go in line with the size of your vehicle. Unnecessarily large or tiny flags might turn out to be a waste for you. So, choose the one that suits your vehicle.
  • Purchase your flag online – You can get bike flags online as well as through local stores. However, at physical shops, you will have limited options available. So, choose to order online where you can get a vast collection featured with various styles. Moreover, many manufacturers allow you to customize your flag fully to suit your needs.

Now that you have got a lot of information about flags, your shopping will be safe and worth it. If you are thinking about where to start the journey, here’s the good news. Right here on, you can find any variety of flags for bikes . We are home to more than 500 online stores selling bike flags at affordable prices. You can even compare prices and narrow down your choice based on price, brands, colours and more filters. Also, get many bicycle flags for sale. So, what are you waiting for? Kick start your online shopping before you miss on to the latest collection.

Question & Answer

Why use bicycle flags?

Riders use bicycle flags for a variety of reasons. The prime reason for putting a flag on the bicycle is safety. When you ride a bike in the middle of traffic, it is hard for other drivers to spot it. Bike flags add visibility to your cycle and prevent you from a collision. Secondly, a flag is a fabulous decorative material for your cycle. Besides, you can use it as advertising collateral for your brand. Many business owners use banner flags for advertising purposes. It is an affordable and environmentally friendly way to generate brand awareness.

How to attach bike flags?

Flags come with a variety of assembling kits and application methods. Generally, to put a flag on a bicycle, you have first to remove the nut of the back wheel. Then, slide the bracket over the bolt. Put back the nut in its place and tighten it. Now, slide the whip rod containing the flag into the bike flag bracket. And it’s done! It is not necessary that you can apply all the flags using similar steps. Speak to your bike technician in case the system seems out of the ordinary.

Which size of the bicycle flag should be attached to the bike?

Bicycle flags come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You should decide the size of the bike flag according to the size of your vehicle. 12*18 inches long flag is the most common size bikers go with. How large a flag also depends upon the purpose of using the flag. For example, flag banners that are used for advertising purposes are unbelievably large. Bike flags can be an excellent pick for you if you are a regular rider. They are not just safety equipment but also exhibit a cool look.

Where to buy bicycle flags online in Dubai?

Bicycle flags are accessible online as well as through physical stores. However, it is hard to find variety in brick and mortar stores. You may not see the desired styles and best bicycle flags to buy. In contrast, online stores offer a wide assortment of bike flags in different colours, prints, shapes, sizes and even construction materials. If you order your flag online, you can get thousands of options at your fingertips. The good part is that you do not have to step out of your place. is one such place where you can get everything under one roof. We bring together hundreds of online stores selling bike flags on our product search engine . Log on to our website now to browse the latest collection.