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A bicycle crate is an essential item to transport goods in an efficient manner. However, the efficiency depends a lot on the things you want to transport, and for that, you need a compatible crate. So, if you are up to buying a bicycle storage item, it is imperative to first get your needs straight. If you don’t know where to begin, how about reading a bit about the product? Let’s review points can clarify so many things and help make an informed decision.

A bicycle crate is very much different from a bicycle basket. You can think of a crate as an essential storage item for professional and personal needs. On the other hand, a basket is more like an aesthetical attachment to your bike. Although it can store necessary items, the buying approach you follow for a basket involves elevating the looks and having something to store side by side. In some cases, the two products can be thought of as one. Thus, if it is a crate that you want, you have to consider the size, shape, mounting, placement, and lots more. You can start by knowing some of the types of crates you can explore.

Consider mounting types before buying a bicycle crate.

This is an important aspect of buying a bicycle crate – deciding on the mounting placement. You can choose front, rear, and side mounting. But how do you choose? Riding a bicycle is all about balance, so you should not store anything that would disrupt the balancing, right? You cannot stow too much at one side where the crate is mounted that the bike feels sloppy. If you have more items to store, rear mounting is the perfect placement. The rear seat is actually designed to fit another person, so a crate will not imbalance anything. However, front and side mounting work for lightweight items. Also, sometimes the material of the crate matters too because that will add to the overall weight. Therefore, checking the weight of the product will make things less difficult in future.

Wooden bike crate

Your bike will elevate to a vintage outlook with a wooden crate. There are many designs and personalisations you can choose from. A few brands can also customise to fit a cup holder inside or outside the crate, wherever you like. The drawback of wood material is that the weather will take a toll on it. You have to pay special attention to maintaining it. Making it stain or weather-proof might work here. Although the wood material will look good wherever mounted, the rear placement can handle bigger crates and therefore store more items. The wooden crate in the front will look gigantic. If you really want a vintage look, you can go for wicker or rattan baskets that are equally sturdy or shop for smaller crates for the front.

Plastic bike crate

Unlike wooden material, a plastic one is lightweight. The purpose of the crate is very well handled by this type. You can stow items and carry on with your ride without discomfort. The milk crates you see very commonly on the streets are one example of plastic crates. A plastic crate from a reputed brand can hold up to 22kgs and is multi-utility. You can keep clothes, toys, kitchenware, fruits, vegetables, pantry items, toiletries, beauty products, school supplies, mail, magazines, and much more. To buy one, all you have to do is scrutinise the weight, dimensions, and quality of the product. That is not hard to do given that everything is written under the products’ specifications list.

The rear crates

Another commonly used type of crate or carrier on a bike is the one placed in the rear. These crates are generally bigger, thus offering more space and having the capacity to store more goods. You can also find a pair of front and rare crates to make your cycle spacious. The rare baskets are stylish yet durable to carry heavyweight. In terms of installation, you can simply hook them onto the rack of the cycle. With easy installation and durability, these baskets are great for shopping with the ease of adjustability. You can also use these baskets for carrying small pets.

Tips on how to buy Bicycle Crates online in the UAE

Today cyclists can find a wide range of best bicycle crates to buy online. With an online shopping experience, you can enjoy endless options in all types and materials of crates for sale. However, so many prospects will surely make any buyer stressed, and the chances are bright that they will end up skipping one or two of the basic elements their crate must-have. Therefore, we are here with some tips and a list of elements that you need to check while buying a crate for a bicycle. These tips and checklist will help you ensure a lasting, high quality and efficient purchase for all your cycling needs.

  • The material of the crate – The crates are made of different materials including chute, stainless steel, iron, or wood. Some hold aesthetic values, while others are best for their durability and long-lasting features. So be clear about your preference before you start searching.
  • Size of the crate– These crates are available in a variety of sizes. The selection depends on your needs and how much stuff you wish to carry in the crate. Generally, these crates are ideal for carrying smaller things with reasonable weight. For bulky items, you will need to pick a carrier.
  • The shape of the crate – With increasing aesthetic demands from users, the brand offers a vast collection of bicycle crates for sale, each with different shapes and colours. So, you can easily find a colour and shape that satisfy your taste and bicycle accessories you already own.
  • Installation methods – You will either find them with belts and hooks to hang them on the front of the bike. Otherwise bigger sizes are available with installation through screws and generally fit well on the back of the bikes .
  • Ease of access – When it comes to crates, people generally prefer buying an option that is easy to access. Even if you are in need of a crate with a lid/cover, make sure it can secure your stuff while giving you comfort to access the things with one hand, while riding the bike.
  • Additional Features – This crate may have additional options like Size adjustability, lid or no lid, zip or hook lock, and additional pockets or compartments to keep small stuff handy. You can read the product description section to find what the selected crate has to offer.

Besides the above mentioned, price is another important element to consider while looking for a bicycle crate for sale. Luckily with the help of you can find a long list of cheap bicycle crates for sale online in the UAE. Here you can also use the price comparison tool to find reliable options from top global brands and enjoy quality with economy side by side. However, it is important to note that some advanced branded items are costly. So, in such cases, prefer flexibility in your budget to enjoy the advanced features.

Question & Answer

Which bike crate is best to buy?

Luckily there are several manufacturers and sellers offering high-quality products from top bike products including bicycle crates for kids and adults. Although the comp[etition is higher and there are several reasons why some people like certain items available online. Some of these available items are everlasting and loved by my majority. The Retrospec Half-Mesh Apollo Bike crate is one such item loved for the overall best performance. Other best selling items include Schwinn Wire Basket, Mattisam Handlebar Bag, Confit Detachable Bike Basket, Anzome Bike Basket and the Wald 157 Giant Delivery Basket.

Where to buy bicycle crates online in the UAE?

You should explore a product search engine to find quality products from top global brands like Sensi, Enkiro, Wicker, Ventura, Lixada and many more. Explore and use the price comparison tool to find cheap products from such trusted brands. Here you can find dozens of options for the rear and front bicycle crates suitable for different types of bicycle models. Hence, ensure a secure buying decision while saving money.

How to install bicycle crates?

The installation of a bicycle crate varies according to the type and material it is made of. Besides, it also varies according to the position of if you want to install it at the front on in the rear. For a simple chute crate, you can use the straps to hang tight on the rod at the front or back of your bike. But for steel racks and crates you will need special tools like screws and drivers to ensure proper installation. Therefore, when you head to buy a crate or rack for the bike, check the installation process and pick the one more comfortable for you to deal with.

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