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About Bicycle Crate Covers

Are you among the cyclist who wants to cram as much into the basket as possible? If yes, a bicycle crate cover can help you by allowing expendable rim for bulk exceeding the rim of the crate. Besides, it will also prevent the container’s content from hooping out while you are going over the bumps.

From protecting the goods peeking out of the basket on every bump to keeping them dry on a rainy day, bicycle crate covers are famous for several reasons. With the increasing popularity of bicycles came the demands of bike crates for additional space. And with that comes the demands of accessories that can protect the stuff we keep in the basket or crate.  Besides many others, a bicycle crate cover is the handiest to cover our groceries in an open coop.  Apart from functionalities, these covers have strong aesthetic values as well, and you can find a wide range of cute and attractive covers matching your cycling accessories.

Benefits and uses of bicycle crate covers

Using your bicycle as a primary or the only mean of transportation demands a lot of adjustment in the main structure to maximize capacity, convenience, and comfort. Besides, it minimizes the time you will otherwise spend carting around the heavy stuff or pedalling home with grocery bags swirling around the handlebars. Luckily, a cargo carte is one of many ways to convert a regular bicycle into a load-hauling machine without breaking your bank account. But these crates also need some care, and this is where comes the crate covers to protect both your goods and the crate itself. Here are some of the reasons or benefits of why you should use a crate cover on your bicycle.

Protection from weather conditions

The problem with bikes is that they cannot protect you from storms, sand, sun rays, rain or cold. Even if you can protect the body by wearing appropriate clothing, the goods you carry in the basket or bike box carrier are still at stake. Some DIY ways to protect your stuff is to cove the crate or basket with a cloth or a polyethene bag. But all such options are unreliable and cannot protect in the way you need. A professional curated branded crate cover comes with a certain feature that keeps the cover intact on the crate and protects the goods inside from everything like wind and rain.

Ease of use

Bicycle crate covers are specially designed accessories meant to offer optimum protection with ease of use and access. We all know that crate installation on the front or rear of the bike does not take much effort. So is the case with the crate covers. The advanced covers come with an adjustable sip lock of hooks that allow you to open them when needed. With the simple zip-lock design, you do not need to worry about the details and can have all your focus on cycling. It surely makes life easier as compare to using DIY replacements to crate covers.

Easy customisation

Brands know that everyone has a unique taste and love stands different in the crowd. This is why there is a wide range of colour, prints, fabric material and styles of crate covers available in the market. For a regular cycler, all the bike accessories hold great importance, and they love to keep everything on the bike unique and attractive. When a bicycle crate is a simple accessory with a standard look and feel, adding a cover can change the story. You can explore a product search engine to find unique prints of covers matching your existing accessories and taste.

Tips on how to buy Bicycle Crate Covers online in the UAE  

The online market is full of options. A product search engine is where hundreds of brands from around the globe gather to display and sell their products. As a result of the competition, the customer can witness various shapes, colours, styles, sizes and features of bicycle crate covers for sale. At such times, buying reliable and useable yet cheap bike crate covers are a real challenge. Therefore, we can see many buyers are stressed and upset. Today we will share some tips on how you can buy the best bicycle crate covers online.

  • Adjustability – Some bags come with compression straps and expandable collars. You can adjust them on any size of the basket. Otherwise, you can look for a cover that fits right on your basket.
  • The closing system – The crat covers can be available with a zip lock or buckle lock system. Choose the closing system based on the preferred use of the cover and basket.
  • The price – Generally, these covers are not among expensive bike accessories. However, some branded options might cost you a fortune. So set a price limit before shopping.
  • Look for brands – There is a long list of brands and manufacturers selling bicycle crate covers online. Ask for peer recommendations for reliable brands, and buy their products.
  • Confirm sizes – The cover should be according to the size of your cycle crate or basket. So, take the size of the basket you own and look for accurate sizes and dimensions in covers.

Bike crate covers are of great importance as they offer security to your stuff from falling out and harsh weather behaviour. Besides, they add a lot of aesthetic value to your bicycle. Therefore, besides the common features like size and closure mechanism, you must also look for an aesthetically rich cover. Most people love to buy a cover matching the cycling accessories they already own. To do so, you can explore a product search engine to find your options and make the best choice for your next cycling accessory.

Question & Answer

Which basket covers to buy for a bicycle?

The best basket cover is the one that is according to your basket size and shape. Besides, it must be convenient to use and waterproof to keep everything inside the basket safe from water. Some of the best-selling items you can buy online include the Rockbros waterproof bike bag and the bicycle bag bicycle basket best for bike front hanging-basket. However many brands also offer customized covers. So if you are a fan of any comic character or a cartoon, you can get one printed on your cover.

Where to buy basket cover online in the UAE?

You can explore a product online search engine in the UAE to find top quality bike accessories online across UAE. For instance, at, you can find top brands like Wicker, Basil, Molly, and many others. You can also use the price comparison tool to find economical products from top brands and make the best buying decision. However, the key to a successful purchase is to consider the type and size of your basket and your needs before you head to buy a cover.

Are bike basket covers universal?

No, basket covers are not universal. There are different types, shapes and sizes of baskets available in the market. And to each kind comes different covers to suit their sizes and shape specifications. The specific size of a basket cover will help fit in and protect the goods kept in the basket better. Besides these varying sizes, there are some universal covers available for bike baskets. But they do come with their pros and cons.

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