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About Bicycle Computers

We live in a tech age, and cycling in this information age means more data is available to you than ever before. Of course, the use of a smartphone seems a great idea to collect the data, but while riding a bike? Nope! Well, that’s when the bicycle computers come in. These gadgets are a perfect fit for any data-hungry enthusiastic cyclist.

But, here’s the big question what are bike computers and what can they do for you? Well, that’s what we’re going to discuss in this article, along with a few useful tips to pick your perfect one from the vast options out there. Let’s get started by defining bicycle computers. Well, bike computers are gadgets that you can attach to your cycle’s handlebar or stem. It displays a range of real-time information such as speed, distance, trip time, and much more. That’s why next up in our section, we’re going to explore the various bike computers and their functions. Understanding them will make your online purchase of the best bike computers a breeze. So continue reading!

The various road bike computers to choose from

Bicycle computers with several functions. And these features have made them soar in popularity in conjunction with the growth in performance software. For instance, you’ll find ‘Strava’ which provides a world of data and statistics for cyclists everywhere. Similarly, while travelling long distances on a bicycle, it’s challenging to track your progress. This is why the ability to visualise your improvement with the help of bike computers on your handlebar found a home among the vast proportion of the cyclist community. These computers offer features like navigation assistance, connectivity to a smartphone, weather information, and so on. Let’s have a look at the essential bike computers and their functions below.

The bike speedometer

You love riding your bike and probably like eating miles upon miles by spending hours cycling. But how do you know how many miles you’ve covered and what speed you’ve accomplished? Well, you probably need a bicycle computer speedometer to do that job for you. The speedometers enable you to track what you’re achieving. In fact, many models are an ideal starter for those just beginning to follow their cycling. Generally, you can easily install and understand most of the speedometer models. Besides, the wired speed sensor adequately tracks useful stats, including a clock, total riding time, speed measurements such as current speed as well as a pace arrow.

The cycling GPS

Tracking your position is a vital thing to do when riding your bicycles for long distances because you do not want to stray away too far. And that’s when these GPS computers come into play. These GPS bike computers use satellites to track your position accurately by calculating the speed, distance and time without any wires or magnets. Additionally, they also record your route and collect data such as heart rate, cadence, and power. You can upload this data to a ride-logging service to evaluate your performance for fun and training. Furthermore, like many other electronic gadgets, GPS cycling computers evolve and change rapidly. You’ll find new models all the time.

The bike odometer

Even in this age of fast cars and loud motorbikes, we cannot deny the fact that bicycles are the greenest mode of transportation out there. But sometimes, you need more than just a bike. Sometimes you need to be able to track your ride. So, that’s where the bicycle computer odometers enter. So what do these odometers do? Well, you often call the bicycle odometers cyclocomputers. They basically measure the speed and distance you’ve travelled. Besides, they also offer features that the standard vehicle odometers do not. In other words, an odometer calculates everything about your trip and your life on your bicycle. In fact, it’s your one-stop device to measure all your cycling needs.

The benefits of wireless bike speedometer

The wireless bicycle computers can perform all the functions that a wired computer can. And above all, any currently sold higher-end bicycle computers will have wireless systems. Indeed, wireless bicycle computers perform all the functions of wired computers. But there’s the principal difference in the need to run the wiring around your bike. However, this is a minor issue, particularly if you have a front-wheel speed sensor. Nevertheless, we still recommend the wireless over the wired because they come with an easy installation process too. You just have to zip-tie the sensor in place. Also, ensure that the magnet that trips the sensor circuit stays in the right place.

Tips on how to buy Bicycle Computers online

Of course, understanding the types and functions of bicycle computers are the crucial step to getting the perfect one. But that’s not all! Several other factors come into play when you start your hunt to buy a bicycle computer online in UAE. Keeping these factors in mind will benefit your purchase process. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed down a few of those essential factors that’ll help you achieve a successful buy.

  • Consider your needs – The first and foremost thing to understand is the kind of rider you are. In other words, your information needs to match the type of rider you are. For instance, if you’re a casual rider, you’d just want to know the distance, speed, and time. However, enthusiastic riders may require more options like trip distance, total odometer, average speed and maximum speed. But that’s not the case for competitive cyclists. They may want all of the above, plus cadence, heart rate, elevation gained and power output.
  • Check out the types of devices – You have several options for bicycle computers. From speedometers to GPS systems and odometers, the list is endless. Moreover, each one comes with both pros and cons. Besides, each of them has a definitive role to play. As seen earlier in the article, speedometers help you measure time and distance. And the odometers basically measure everything you need to measure while you’re on the bicycle.
  • Consider the battery life – Usually, battery life is a deal-breaker for most models. Then again, this depends on the type of rider you are. For instance, magnetic computers use one to two watch batters that last for years. However, GPS cycling computers, on the other hand, use a built-in rechargeable battery. This kind of battery gives you up to 20 hours of juice. Therefore, always consider the battery life of the product you intend to buy.
  • Check out the backlight – Quite often, you’d ride your bicycles at night too. In such cases, you’ll require adequate light on your bike screen to read the measurements even at night. Therefore, check for the backlight, its efficiency. Because this feature makes the screen more readable when biking at night. Apart from that, they’re way better than the shining helmet light on them. Therefore check them out before you purchase.
  • Consider the data transfer options – If you’re someone who wants to use a program or a fitness app to complement your biking habit. Then it’s best to use GPS bicycle computers. That’s because they offer you much convenience to transfer your data to the app, store the details and review it later when you need them. Moreover, this feature also allows you to track your performance throughout your journey.
  • Look out for screen options – many higher-end bicycle computers have multiple data screens. This helps you to toggle through information easily. In fact, you’ll also find more premium models that enable you to customise each screen. This feature helps you to monitor several data on a single screen in a hassle-free manner.
  • Check out the readability – This is one of the crucial factors to consider when it comes to buying bicycle computers online. Usually, cheap units like magnetic computers have screens with fixed font sizes. However, if you want computer models where you can customise the font sizes to make them more readable, then go for GPS units.

Well, there you have the list of essential factors to consider. However, besides these, you also need to keep in mind the versatility, cost and quality of the product you buy. That’s because you do not want to end up spending a fortune on something that doesn’t work for you or isn’t up to the mark. We hope the tips above will let you pick your ideal bike computer from the several options out there in the market.

Question & Answer

How do wireless bicycle computers work?

The wireless bicycle computers use small sensors that attach to the wheels and forks. Each of these sensors records the frequency of each wheel revolution. Typically you’ll find a tiny magnet that’s attached to a spoke on the front wheel and a sensor to one of the fork legs. As riders, you need to calibrate your computers with the specific wheel size initially. This way, when the magnet passes the sensor each time, the computer recognises the distance travelled. Some can also measure speed, heart rate, and so on.

What is a good speed for cycling?

The excellent speed of cycling depends on different kinds of riders. For instance, competitive cyclists have a higher rate when compared to casual riders. However, on average, expert cyclists achieve 10-12 mph very quickly with limited training. More experienced ones can cover a medium distance, say 20-30 miles at 15-16mph. And a highly experienced cyclist could cover 40 miles at around 16-19 mph. So, it all depends on what kind of rider you are. It also depends on the slope you are riding on. If it’s rising, you will have to put extra effort to acquire a normal speed. On the other hand, while you ride down, it will pick up speed without paddling.

What is the best cycling computer?

Well, the ‘best’ computers differ from person to person. However, the one thing that stays significant for all the models is the quality. In other words, you must never compromise on the quality of the cycling computer. And one of the best ways to ensure quality is to go for branded bike accessories. Check out the brands like Polar, Sigma, Garmin, Cateye, and Wahoo. These brands offer you a wide selection of premium quality bike computers. ;

Where to buy bicycle computers?

Regardless of the high quality, the platform from where you buy your products plays a vital role in achieving a good buy. In other words, you need to have a reliable and trustworthy platform to purchase your products. Well, if you’re in search of such a platform, then your search ends here on From cheap bicycles, computers to buying bicycle computers for sale, you’ll find everything on our product search engine.