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You would agree to the fact that beauty is inside out. And if you do, there is no point in making your bike look spic and span from outside but full of dirt inside. The bike needs regular cleaning and deep cleaning from time to time. For that purpose, you need bicycle cleaners. But the product is not easy to buy as it sounds. There are many varieties available in the marketplace, out of which you must choose the one that serves the purpose right.

Speaking of bicycle cleaners purchase, you can either buy a complete kit or select individual products; the choice is yours. A combination of tools and formulas make a kit complete. Usually, moving parts need deep washing and care to keep their movements smooth. However, steady parts of the bicycle are less dramatic and easy to clean. If possible, you can create a preferences list or get your budget range fixed because doing so make your decision quick and sane. Although buying bike cleaners online in the UAE is no daunting task, you just need to be a little aware.

Keep in mind the organisation while buying bicycle cleaners

Mostly, after 20-25 rides, you will have to deep clean your bike. So, for those days, your cleaning kit stays in the garage at one place or wherever you put it. The first and foremost thing is that you cannot stow the rags, gloves, brushes, and liquids, just like that. You will not like drivetrain grease on your bike’s frame or any other liquid mixed up with another. Similarly, you need to keep brushes clean after every cleaning process and separate them as per the liquid used. Otherwise, you may see the stains in your next cleaning schedule. Make sure you have organisers ready when the cleaning equipment arrive at your place. Otherwise, you might just end up procrastinating on these things.

Manage your time well for the bicycle cleaning process

Divide your cleaning time into different parts like chain, drivetrain, frame, and wheels. All of these parts need you to clean them in a slightly different way. For chain, degrease is the best bike chain cleaner. You let it stay for 10 minutes and rinse it with a gentle stream. For the drivetrain, you would need stiff-bristled brushes to rub off the dirt from chainrings. For the frame, you can use soap water and a soft sponge and work from front to back to clean the surface deeply. What’s left is wheels that require softer and bigger brushes to wash the dirt and debris away near the valve, spokes, hub, and the flip of the wheel. You can repeat any of these actions if you are not satisfied with the cleaning. With this description, you can imagine the number of tools and formulas you require. So, be fully aware while buying as one wrong brush or product can leave you complaining.

Bike pressure washer

A pressure washer is an efficient tool to clean your bicycle and especially that stubborn dirt on hard-to-reach areas. Usually, the bike pressure washer comes with a nozzle of multiple washer modes. You can adjust these modes according to the cleaning area. Along with this, you can also adjust the pressure because more pressure on some areas can ruin the bike parts. Besides these technical features, you should also check if the grip is strong and the machine itself is easy to use or not. The cab; e’s length should be enough so that you do not have to change the placements every time. Alternatively, you can also buy a battery-operated tool. Check out our collection of portable bike cleaners for sale and see if you find something interesting.

Bicycle chain cleaner

You can divide the chain cleaners into two parts: tools and liquids. Tools you need can be a stiff brush, a large brush for clogs, a container, and gloves. Some optional tools are bike cleaning spray and a mechanical chain cleaning tool. Overall, you need running water, whether it comes from a hose or spray or anything that work. Talking of liquids, you need lubricants and a degreaser. This can be your separate kit for chain cleaning if you are a professional bike rider. We recommend checking out some of the best bike chain cleaners on our platform, Also, we have some fine tips for you to make your purchase an informed decision. So, read on.

Tips on how to buy Bicycle Cleaners

Bicycle cleaners include many tools, brushes, and formulas, each for different purposes and bike parts. Sometimes even special equipment is required for deep cleaning. So, if you are up to buying cleaners online, you need to know the items inside the bicycle cleaner kit. Below is a compiled list that may also help in your purchase.

  • Get all the cleaning tools – You will need a bike brush, a small bristled brush, and a clean cloth for both wet and dry cleaning. Apart from basic cleaning tools, you may also invest in tools for a specific component of the bicycle. For example, a chain scrub tool is used as a bicycle chain cleaner.
  • Cleaning the whole bike or a part – The frequency of cleaning the whole bicycle may be less, but some parts need to be cleaned after every stroll. Also, some parts need extra attention and care, such as the drivetrain, including the chain, chainring, rear cluster, and jockey wheels. So, depending on your cleaning schedule, you can make a separate kit for it.
  • Cleaning solution – Some of you are fine with using kitchen detergent as a bicycle cleaner, which works fine for you. But if you go with a particular bike cleaning detergent, it may fight the grease better. Also, chain cleaner is called green oils. You can use a bike cleaning spray bottle that can reach hard-to-reach areas and components.
  • Bike degreaser and bike wash – Bike wash is for general purpose cleaning but is not powerful enough to wash off grime and dirt. For that, you need to buy degreasers. They have a special formula for heavy-duty cleaning of gears and chains.
  • Read the online reviews – Many of you go the try and testing way of getting to the best product. However, reading reviews can prove beneficial when genuine customers who have already bought the product explains the pros and cons. Thus, along with specifications, reviews are a must-read.

We hope you will find the tips helpful to narrow down your purchase. Cleaning efficiency and time are two unavoidable parameters you can find in many brands like Bikein, Lixada, and Scotchgard. To find more such popular brands, you must explore our product search engine .

Question & Answer

Can you use WD40 on a bike chain?

Yes, you can use WD40 on a bike chain. We can state three applications of this product, thereby justifying the statement. WD40 is often used as a chain degreaser, but they are considered harsh as compared to dawn dish soap and simple green. In that case, you can coat a bicycle lube after using WD40. It is also used as a primary solvent that strips away any existing lubricant and leaves the chain and drivetrain dry. Also, you can use WD40 3-in-1 oil as a lubricant. It provides adequate friction and protection against wear. It is up to you how and when you are going to use WD40.

What is the best lubricant for bicycle chains?

The best lubricant is the product that leaves the chain neither under-lubricated nor over-lubricated. Under-lubrication can increase friction and cause metal on metal contact. On the other hand, the over-lubricated chain will attract dirt and grit, causing friction and drivetrain wear. Thus, you need to scrutinise multiple lubes and formulas of different brands to find the best one for your bike. Some of the reputed brands you can explore include WD40, 3M, and Scotchgard. Trial and error may be exhausting to some of you. If possible, order sample packages first or ask an expert to cut down costs on unwanted products.

Can you power wash a bicycle?

Yes, you can! However, experts suggest you should power wash only if you have thorough knowledge about bike parts. A reckless power wash can damage your bike or a few parts of it. Even if you do not see damage instantly, you will realise it over time. One such instance is when water pushes into the bearings, they age quickly. The Bike pressure washer comes with different techniques to handle different parts. First of all, you should avoid side spraying. You can blast down from above, up from below, and from the front and back, avoiding blasting into jockey wheels, bottom brackets, pedals, and hub bearings. It might be slightly difficult for first-timers. So, read the manual thoroughly or watch some videos online to get the hang of the whole process.

Where to explore cheap bike cleaners to buy?

A one-forestall destination for bicycle cleaners can be the online shops on Here, you will find multiple brands enlisting their product and specifying the unique features they have got. Hence, you can compare these specifications and even filter the budget range that fits. You will be surprised to see a flexible budget range, which means there is something for everybody, no matter what your budget limit is. And while you explore, do not forget to read some genuine reviews or feedback from real customers to further validate your purchase. Not only do you get to see the bicycle cleaners, but there are other bike accessories as well. Starting from racks, baskets, helmets, locks, mirrors, to covers, you can find both the essentials and aesthetical options.

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