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About Bicycle Baskets

Cycling is a fun way to lose calories and stay fit and active. A small ride to the nearby mart, by the end of the day, can do a lot of wonders we can imagine. But what holds us back from such a little yet effective practice? It is undoubtedly the lack of a cycle’s capacity to carry all the shopped grocery on your way back home. And avoid all the mess and frustration, most people tend to take the car out of driveways. While lesser know that a small addition like bicycle basket can do all the job while keeping the cyclist fit and healthy.  

A bicycle basket is a small additional tool you can use on any common or mountain cycle. These are small bicycle mounted baskets used to carry cargo with reasonable weight and size. These baskets are usually ideal for light shopping like daily visits to a nearby store for milk or some fresh bread etc.  usually these baskets are mounted on the handlebars.  Traditionally they are made of weaving materials like cane or wicker. However, we cannot find them in strong materials like steel or iron rods and strips. Some brands also offer woven plastic baskets that merely look like cane or wicker. 

A cyclist’s guide to bicycle front basket

A basket can surely be a great addition to your bike. No matter if you are pilling it with fresh fruits and vegetables, or, more realistically, throwing in your handbag and water bottle on your way to work, a cycle basket is the most practical cycling accessories one can ever have. If you are a cyclist and your bike is currently basketless, this discussion will surely help you all ways around to add some space to your cycle. The utility bikes and city hybrids are believed to be the best bike for attaching baskets too. Such bikes have more space between the front wheel and handles that allow lesser changes of brake cable getting in the way. Here are some types of baskets you can consider if you have any such bicycles. 

The wickers  

When it comes to vintage style, nothing can beat a wicker style basket. Mostly they are available and loved as famous D-shape. These baskets are lightweight yet strong enough to handle heavyweight materials. If you want some small and sweet opt for cheery style basket. It can accommodate some basics essentials. At the same time, a village-style wicker basket is a perfect fit for most bikes and offers plenty of space for kid’s school bags or daily grocery shopping. Another extremely flexible option is the flower basket that provides plenty of space with its deep design that stops things from falling. 

The metallic cycle baskets  

Metallic baskets are classy and durable side by side. They are incredibly reliable options with unassuming allure. You can easily find many options giving you the 50s feel and suits many bike styles and are an ideal option if you have a child seat on the back of your bike. These baskets are durable enough to manage weight like a laptop bag with piles of other stuff.  These baskets generally have two metal clamps that can hook over the handlebar and tighten with a bolt and screw. It then has two metal arms that screw onto the grooves down on your front fork and over the front wheel axle.

The bicycle crates

Previously they were popular among bakers and butchers, but the wooden bike crates are making a true come back in common man’s life. A bicycle crate has a rugged, rustic charm that will be stronger than a standard wicker affair. These styles are also famous among people who do not want anything cumbersome. You can also find them in slated wood base and fine wire basket walls. Besides, there are some famous traditional wood crates like Gotham cargo that give you an antique touch. You can attach these baskets to both handlebars and down on the front wheel axle with the help of metal arms.

The rear baskets

Another commonly used type of basket or carrier on a bike is the one placed in the rear. These baskets are generally bigger, thus offer more space and have the capacity to store more goods. You can also find a pair of front and rear basket to make your cycle spacious. The rare baskets are stylish yet durable to carry heavyweight. In terms of installation, you can simply hook them onto the rack of the cycle. With easy installation and durability, these baskets are great for shopping with the ease of adjustability. You can also use these baskets for carrying small pets.

Tips on how to buy Bicycle Basket online in the UAE  

Today the cyclists can find a wide range of best bicycle basket to buy online. With an online shopping experience, you can enjoy endless options in all types and materials of baskets for sale. However, so many prospects will surely make any buyer stressed, and the chances are bright that they will end up skipping one or two of the basic elements their baskets must-have. Therefore, we are here with some tips and a list of elements that you need to check while buying a basket for a bicycle. These tips and checklist will help you ensure a lasting, high quality and efficient purchase for all your cycling needs.

  • The material of the basket – The baskets are made of different materials including chute, stainless steel, iron, or wood. Some hold aesthetic values, while others are best for their durability and long-lasting features. So be clear about your preference before you start searching.
  • Size of the basket – These baskets are available in a variety of sizes. The selection depends on your needs and how much stuff you wish to carry in the basket. Generally, these baskets are ideal for carrying smaller things with reasonable weight. For bulky items, you will need to pick a carrier.
  • The shape of the basket – With increasing aesthetic demands from users, the brands offers a vast collection of bicycle baskets for sale, each with different shapes and colours. So, you can easily find a colour and shape that satisfy your taste and bicycle accessories you already own.
  • Installation methods – You will either find them with belts and hooks to hang them on the front of the bike. Otherwise bigger sizes are available with installation through screws and generally fits well on the back of the bikes.
  • Ease of access – When it comes to baskets, people generally prefer buying an option that is easy to access. Even if you are in need to a basket with lid/cover, make sure it can secure your stuff while giving you comfort to access the things with one hand, while riding the bike.
  • Additional Features – These baskets may have additional options like Size adjustability, lid or no lid, zip or hook lock, and additional pockets or compartment to keep small stuff handy. You can read the product description section to find what the selected basket has to offer.

Besides the above mentioned, price is another important element to consider while looking for a bicycle basket for sale. Luckily with the help of you can find a long list of cheap bicycle basket for sale online in the UAE.  Here you can also use the price comparison tool to find reliable options from top global brands and enjoy quality with economy side by side. However, it is important to note that some advanced branded items are costly. So, in such cases, prefer flexibility in your budget to enjoy the advanced features.

Question & Answer

Can you add a basket to a bike?

Yes, you can add basket bikes to your cycle. These are special types of baskets made for the rear or front of bicycles. These baskets come in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes, and installation methods. So, if you need to install a basket on your bike, check the suitable position and pick a basket accordingly. Also, check the installation method and material of the basket for it offers ease of access and durability, respectively. You can explore to find your options from top global brands.

How to install a bicycle basket?

The installation of a bicycle basket varies according to the type and material it is made of. Besides, it also varies according to the position of installing it at the front on in the rear. For a simple chute basket, you can use the straps to hang tight on the rod at the front or back of your bike. But for steel racks and basket, you will need special tools like screws and drivers to ensure proper installation. Therefore, when you head to buy a basket or rack for the bike, check the installation process and pick the one more comfortable for you to deal with.

Where to buy a bicycle basket?

You should explore a product search engine to find quality products from top global brands like Sensi, Enkiro, Wicker, Ventura, Lixada and many more. Explore and use the price comparison tool to find cheap products from such trusted brands. Here you can find dozens of rear and front bicycle baskets suitable for different types of bicycle models. Hence, ensure a secure buying decision while saving money.

What is the rack on the back of a bike used for?

A rear bike rack is ideal for carrying smaller objects – generally weighing from 25 to 115 lbs. However, the ideal weight carrying capacity may vary from one model to another. As the rear bikes have minimal room, they can only help you carry smaller objects directly on them. For larger items, you will need to hook on special bags or carriers readily available in the market. Besides the amazing range of products from top brands, also gives you access to products in top global shops for sports goods and accessories.