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About Drainage Pipes

From clay pipes to today’s PVC, ABS, and copper pipes, plumbing has really come a long way. However, every material or type is not suitable for every application. So, here is a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best drainage pipes as per your plumbing project.

When you are acquainted with a plumbing project, it can be confusing to decide what fits the application. The same goes with drainage pipes! Drainage pipes are useful in any area where you need to dispose of the water. In the past, the Greeks used to have clay pipes for disposing of water from homes and other buildings. However, in the early twentieth century, cast iron, copper, galvanized steel, and material like that came into existence. Today, you have a myriad of choices. From smooth to single-walled and double-walled corrugated, they have gone through a significant amount of variations. Different pipes have different properties to offer. Smooth wall pipes offer a smooth surface for water flow, but they cannot bend. The other two types are flexible. On this page, you are going to explore much more about them. This guide will help you buy drainage pipes online in UAE at the best prices.

Everything you need to know about drainage pipes

Pipes come in a wide range of options. The ones for water supply might not be suitable for drainage, sewer, and other kinds of applications. There are classified on the basis of material, type, length, and many more factors. For example, PVC pipes are common as a part of the toilet, sink and shower drain line. Plastic, rust or corrosion are clearly out of the picture. PEX is another type popular as an affordable option. These are easy to install through ceilings, walls, and the basement. Speaking of the popular corrugated pipes, they are flexible. You can find them in materials such as metal and plastic. Cast iron pipes are popular too for their classic and traditional look. Both in terms of size and thickness, you have got a lot to choose from. Let us explore some of the popular ones in detail. 

Corrugated pipe

This type of pipe has grooves and ridges on the upper surface. These are some of the most common pipes used for drainage. It is because they have high durability and flexibility. Apart from that, they are light in weight, and there is lesser leakage than other common types of pipes. Due to their versatile nature and other excellent properties, they have proved to be effective in the long run. However, they are more popular for outdoor applications than indoor. These are commonly used to prevent water from building up. You can find them in various sizes and lengths as per the use. If you go for a quality piece like a rust-resistant one, you will be able to save on future replacements.

Perforated pipe

As the name suggests, they have small holes on their surface to allow water or any fluid to enter and exit easily. These are popular for the underground drainage system. The homeowners who live in rainy climates or have to deal with pooling underneath their buildings use this type of pipe. Else, it might lead to mould. Some people even get them installed underground so that rainwater collects and then can be used for irrigation purposes. The best about them is that you can use them in most of the draining applications. With some varieties, you do not even need connectors. Hence, if you are in search of a sturdy and versatile pipe, you should go for them.

Concrete drainage pipe and other common types

While discussing drainage pipes, one cannot miss concrete pipes. Features like effective cost, durability and easy availability make them a good fit for most of the applications. The best about them is that they are eco-friendly. Cast iron is another popular material used in home sewage. They are tough and durable, and the same makes them popular in plumbing projects. They may last for like hundred years and may not need repair. Copper also makes a common choice for home drain lines. However, it may be a little heavy on your pocket. Hence, PVC or plastic is replacing them. Pick the one that best suits the application and the area you are residing in.

Tips on how to buy Drainage Pipes

When it comes to picking washbasin drain pipes, you have a lot to choose from. They are classified based on their materials, length, application, and many more factors. However, it is imperative to go for the appropriate one for the best results. Since there are a lot of options, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. So, go through some useful tips below.

  • Consider nature of water supply – In most of the areas, the water supply is a bit corrosive. Hence, you need to focus on bringing the corrosion-resistant pipes. If you spend on cheap and low-quality products, they may need frequent replacements that are not viable.
  • Ensure smooth water flow – Smooth water flow is the next important consideration. Ensure the easy and smooth flow of water so that there is no clogging. The brass used to be popular for this particular reason earlier, but nowadays, HDPE and plastic pipes are common.
  • Choose trusted brands – You will find a huge number of manufacturers and brands. However, not all of them offer quality products. So, before choosing one, consider checking their certifications like ISO, ISI, and BAS.
  • Compare products – Since you have so many options, it’s best to compare products depending on factors like your budget, application, area you are residing in, brands, and more. It will help you pick the product as per your preferences.

A good drainage system protects the foundation of your home in a way. To save yourself from common issues like water pooling in the basement, soggy walls, and mould, go for the quality one. However, if you consider the above tips, your shopping will become much easier. Other than that, going for the right material and flexible drain pipe is imperative. Are you wondering where to find the best options? On, you can find a wide range of washbasin parts offered by the best brands and sellers in the industry. So, go ahead and start exploring here on our retail search engine.

Question & Answer

How much are drainage pipes?

This depends a lot upon factors like material, size, brand, and type of drainage pipe you are going to pick. Some may cost rocket high, while others might be picked at nominal rates. However, it is always good to set aside a budget for everything you choose under the bathroom fixtures category. Moreover, different brands and sellers rate their products differently. For the same quality, you may see a huge difference in the prices. If you want to compare prices, you have landed in the right place. Here on, you can compare features and prices of different varieties and choose the one that is best for you.

Which drainage pipe is the best?

Again, this is highly subjective! The best drainage pipe for you will be the one that best suits your requirements and budget. For example, if you go for plastic or similar material, rust or corrosion are clearly out of the picture. If you are searching for a cheap drainage pipe, then PEX can be your choice. For the classic and traditional look, cast iron is the prime choice. Corrugated varieties, on the other hand, are flexible and easy to install. For choosing the best, you need to consider certain factors such as the type of water supply you get, the area you are residing in, your budget, and more. If you are in search of the best brands, then some of the best ones include NDS, Wavin, Geberit, Ashirvad, and Polypipe.

Why is the drainage pipe corrugated?

Corrugated pipes have gained popularity nowadays because of their flexibility, versatile nature, and durability. They are quite effective in the long run. Corrugated pipes feature ridges and grooves on their surface. They are mostly rust-resistant and brilliantly prevent water from building up. If you speak of the installation, there is no need for heavy equipment or machinery if you go with these pipes. The best about them is that there is minimal wear and tear inside them. Since they offer tight joints, there is a very rare chance of leakage and related issues. If you think you have confined space, then these make a good choice.

Why is the drainage pipe perforated?

Drainage pipes are perforated for certain applications. As the name suggests, they feature small holes on their surface to allow water to enter and exit easily. Those residing in rainy climates or who have pooling underneath their buildings should prefer this type of pipe for the drainage system. Your home must be the most prized possession for you. Hence, you should be vigilant when it comes to selecting an appropriate drainage system for it. Installing perforated lines help you drain out the water that is there underneath the foundation.