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If you want to use your sink, you need to plug the drain hole so that the sink can hold water. A plug may seem like a small, insignificant item. However, without a sink plug or drain plug, you cannot use your sink with water. This article provides tips to help you purchase the perfect sink plug for your bathroom.

A sink drain stopper is a functional item for any bathroom. Most sinks have a standard drain opening at the bottom. This means that any sink plug can work. However, the design of the plug makes all the difference. Some people love the pop-up sink plug due to its ease of use. Unfortunately, most people do not pick it due to the high price tag. However, a majority go with the flat drain stopper. Whatever your choice is, the online store Dubai has what you need. You may try different types of plugs for different types of sinks around the home. You may have a pop up for your bathroom. It will offer varied experiences.

Things you need to know about sink plugs

There is a wide range of brands that offer sink plugs or drain plugs. For example, don’t you love the elegance that comes with the Blanco sink? You can enhance its functionality by getting a Blanco sink plug. There are many more types like filter sink plug, pop plug, flat one, and many more. You may have a unique sink that does not fit the standard sink plugs. In that case, a sink plug customised to the size of your sink is the best option. Customised sinks are common in bigger spaces. On our online search engine, you can find various types of sink plugs. Let us explore in detail.

Prevent drain blockages with a sink filter plug

Drain blockages are quite common with bathroom plumbing. Fortunately, using the sink filter plug, you can now filter the solid particles before they cause a blockage. This plug is easy to use. You need to plug the sink plug into the opening at the bottom of your sink. It will collect the solid particles and let the water drain. You can then put the waste in your litter bin. It saves you from the headache of having to call a plumber to fix the blockage issues.

Make sink plunging easier with a pop-up sink plug.

A pop-up comes with a pivot and a stopper held in place with a gasket. When you pull or push the stopper, it opens or closes the opening at the gasket. One action causes the water to drain while the other shut the drain opening. Unlike other sink plugs or drain plugs, you do not need to remove the pop-up sink plug. You can use this convenient sink plug in the bathroom. The bathroom sink stopper fits in the standard opening. It may not be easy to install compared to other types of plugs discussed here. However, the mode of operation is much easier than other plugs. It is good for use in areas where different people work on the sink or look for convenience.

Easy to install and clean, the flat drain stopper

The flat drain stopper is also called a suction stopper. It is held in place by the suction force at the drain. Unlike other sink plug designs that fit into the opening, this one looks like a wide, flat lid covering the drain. All you do is place it at the bottom of the sink. Ensure that you cover the drain and pour in the water. The surface tension creates a seal around the drain. When removing it, you need to dislodge the sink plug from the position. Most flat stoppers come with a handle on the side to help with the lift. You can attach a chain link to this handle for easy lifting while in water. Otherwise, this is the easiest type of plug that you can use for your sink, and it is still very effective.

Rubber sink stoppers are hardy and affordable.

You may have used a rubber sink stopper at some point. These sink plug materials are the most common out there. They come in many colours. Therefore, you can get one that meets your preference and fits any sink. Besides, rubber sink stoppers come at a pocket-friendly price. You will find most of the selling at less than a third the price of most of the other plugs in the store. But they are of a lower quality than other materials. It is just that rubber is cheaper to make and offers strong suction that plugs the drag without requiring extra accessories. They are easy to clean and are also durable. Many come with a chain for easy removal and storage when not using them.

Tips on how to buy Sink Plug online in Dubai

Are you wondering, “Where do I buy a sink plug near me?” You can find all the sink plug types described above on the online store in Dubai. However, choosing one can be difficult. Therefore, we have come up with easy tips and tricks to help you choose the right products. Whether you want to buy a bathroom sink plug online in the UAE or just a cheap rubber sink plug for other areas, this section will help you.

  • Type of sink plug – You can go for rubber, chromed brass, or composite materials. First, determine the functionality of the sink plug. Then, look at the aesthetics and ease of use. If you are unsure of what to pick, go for the best universal sink plug.
  • Design of the sink plug – You can go for a universal sink plug, Blanco, flat and popup sink plug, among others. Your choice of the design is based on the sink’s size, personal preference, and budget. Pick a design you can use with ease.
  • Colours – If you are colour-savvy, you can go with any of the available colours to enhance the look of the sink bottom. Some types, such as chromed brass, come in one colour, while rubber ones may come in various colours. Visit our product comparison engine for a quick look at available colours.
  • Customer reviews – You must know what other customers think of the product before making a purchase. Be keen on comment on the ease of use, colour and durability. Pick a product that generally has positive reviews.
  • Your budget – While one product may not cost as much, the price can go up significantly if you need sink plugs for many sinks. Therefore, you need to determine the ideal budget for your purchase. You can explore the marketplace beforehand to get an insight into the prices.

There you have them! Five quick tips to buy the best type of sink plug. It does not hurt to have different types of plugs for different sinks. For example, you can have a popup sink plug for your bathroom sink plug. Our shopping search engine also has lots of other plumbing fittings, washbasin parts, other bathroom fixtures, and more. If you are buying a sink plug as part of your renovation plan, you can check these items. So, go ahead and explore now!

Question & Answer

Where to buy a sink plug online in the UAE?

Head to online shopping to purchase a quality sink plug, whether you want to purchase the best pop-up sink plug or go for universal or even Blanco plug. Here on, you can scroll through the products and use various filters to narrow your search. You should find various options for each type of sink. If you are working on a tight budget, you can also get a cheap sink plug. Start exploring the site for the best deals on the internet. You shall not regret it. The good thing about our platform is that it offers hundreds of products from different providers.

What to do when the sink plug is stuck?

If the sink plug is tucked, start by removing the pivot nut under the sink. Then remove the pivot rod. This rod extends from the sink and is held by a nut. Doing so removes the suction pull from the drain. You can now remove the plug by pulling it up. Then, return all the items. Do not over-tighten the pivot nut to prevent damage. A pair of pliers can do. To avoid the plug from getting stuck now and then, ensure that you clean it after using the sink. You can also purchase a chain link to help you lift it and overcome the suction forces from the drain under it. Otherwise, you should not pull it so strongly that you end up damaging the handle or the entire unit.

What size is the bathroom sink plug?

The bathroom sink plug is 1 ½ inch. Older sinks may have differing sizes. Some large sinks have plugs of about 2 inches. Therefore, if you have an older sink, measure the diameter before purchasing your sink plug. If there is an existing plug, carry it with you to the stores. If not, use a thread to measure the diameter. You can use a string to measure the diameter of the drain by holding on one side and passing it across the diameter of the drain. Remember, having the right diameter is important when making a purchase. You cannot modify a sink plug after you purchase it. Therefore, the wrong size might be a waste of time and money.

How to install a sink plug?

The method of installing a sink plug is dependent on the type of sink you have purchased. If you went for the standard sink plug, you need to fit it at the drain opening in your sink. For the flat plug, place it over the opening and pour some water. On the other hand, you must remove the drain assembly before installation for a pop-up sink plug. Then, screw in the drain parts purchased with the plug. Attach the parts to the drain. After this, tighten the screws. Use the user manual for installation instructions and diagrams. Fortunately, most of them come with a diagram that you can use for easy fixing. However, if you have problems doing the same, consult a technician to install it for you and avoid damaging it.