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Having good ventilation products will help you handle smoke, grease and odours in the kitchen from cooking. This should be a part of every kitchen design. Not only will this help you preserve the freshness of the kitchen, but the ventilation itself will add to the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Every house needs a ventilation system that is built well and is powerful enough to keep the kitchen looking and smelling immaculate. This is especially important if you do a lot of stovetop cooking, baking, or high-heat wok cooking. There is a slew of problems that can happen if there is no ventilation or if the ventilation is not good enough. At first, all you will notice is that your kitchen will smell of smoke and oil all the time. Over time, you will see patches of oil and grease buildup on the walls, the countertop and the ceiling. Read this article to know more about ventilation products. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you shop.

Different types of ventilation products

Not all ventilation products are the same. In fact, there are numerous models of hoods and fans to choose from. Most people consult their contractor to select the power level and design for the ventilation. However, with a bit of knowledge about how they work, you can do it all by yourself. An under-powered hood will not effectively remove smoke and smells from your kitchen. On the other hand, an over-powered hood will consume too much electricity without any use. Here is a list of four main types of ventilation that exist out there.

Natural ventilation

Conventional natural ventilation systems rely on natural forces, including wind and thermal buoyancy to enable ventilation. For natural ventilation to be effective, two variables should work together: building architecture, and environment. So, if you want to use natural ventilation, you should plan it ahead while building the house. On top of that, you need purpose-built openings like doors, windows, wind towers, and trickle ventilators. If it works effectively, a natural ventilation system results in huge energy savings. However, for a more active kitchen, this will not be sufficient.

Mechanical ventilation

Just like the name suggests, these ventilation systems use fans! They involve the installation of fans in air ducts or directly within walls and windows. These fans deliver or pull out air from a space. Depending on the atmosphere and the indoor air pollutants, the type of mechanical ventilation system you need varies. Mechanical ventilation systems are good at minimising interstitial condensation. Mechanical ventilation systems with positive pressure are suitable for humid climates. Conversely, the best choice for a building situated in an environment that has a cold climate would be a negative pressure system.

Hybrid ventilation system

A hybrid ventilation system is a combination of mechanical and natural ventilation system. It relies on natural ventilation by default to maintain the rate of airflow. On top of that, the system uses mechanical ventilation when required. When the sensor in the system detects that the airflow from natural convection is not enough, the mechanical fans kick in. Hybrid systems come in two main types. The first type makes use of wind turbines for power and does not require electricity to work. The second type makes use of electrical exhaust fans for ventilation. You can add more exhaust fans to increase the ventilation rate when natural ventilation is not sufficient.

Task ambient conditioning

Traditional ventilation systems are not efficient enough for large kitchens in restaurants or other large establishments. Task ambient conditioning ventilation is a relatively new technology that has the potential to provide more personalised and enhanced ventilation for large spaces. Unlike other systems, TAC systems can control airflow separately to individual workstation partitions, or floor. In addition, a TAC allows you to change the direction, temperature, and airflow as per your preferences. This system can accommodate the preferences of all the people in a room.

Tips on how to buy Ventilation Products Online

A home is only livable if the interior of that place has a comfortable level of temperature and humidity. While people have been using various kinds of ventilation systems for thousands of years, they have gotten really sophisticated in recent years. This also means that it requires a bit of knowledge to select the right ventilation products for your home or office. It is easy if you know what criteria to look for in them. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are shopping for them.

  • Ventilation method – As you might already know, there are a few different methods of ventilation. Some of them are very basic, while others use more advanced methods for ventilation. While advanced ventilation systems are more effective, they are expensive and more complex.
  • Design – Although much of the ventilation will be hidden inside the wall or inside the duct, the design of what little is visible outside matters. Therefore, look for ventilation with a trim that blends in with the rest of your room decor.
  • Location – Depending on the layout of your kitchen, the exact location where you can install the ventilation also changes. If you do the cooking on your regular kitchen countertop, the ventilation will be close to the wall. In most cases, two among the other sides will be covered by kitchen cabinets. This means that only one side of the ventilation will be visible outside. On the other hand, in the case of ventilation above a kitchen island, all four sides will be visible.
  • Cubic feet per minute – CFM, or Cubic feet per minute, is the amount of air the ventilation can move in a minute. The larger the CFM number, the more powerful will be the ventilation. You need more powerful ventilation if the room is large. Another situation that demands the use of powerful ventilation is if it is a restaurant kitchen in which a lot of cooking will be going on at the same time.

There are many other essential items you would need in your home besides ventilation products. These include things like kitchen sinks, faucets, bathroom basins, shower fixtures, shower enclosures, steam cabins, toilet parts, drainage systems, and many more. You can find any of them easily using our shopping search engine. That way, you can also compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best one among them. So, don’t forget to check out all the amazing products from the bathroom fixtures category.

Question & Answer

How to choose ventilation products for the bathroom?

In a bathroom, you need a mechanical ventilation system. However, there are further things to look for in mechanical ventilation systems. In commercial facilities, always on ventilation systems are better. Because this type of ventilation will be running all the time, it is better to choose a low powered system. But for home bathroom ventilation, you need a more powerful system. However, instead of an always-on system, a regular system controlled through a switch is the ideal option. You can either install the ventilation on the bathroom window or connect it to a central ventilation duct.

What type of ventilation system do I need for the kitchen?

The purpose of kitchen ventilation is to remove the smell and grease that get into the air during cooking. Even though you only need the ventilation system to be working when you are cooking, it is also important for them to be powerful enough to remove all oily particles in the air as well. One notable feature of kitchen ventilation products is the large ventilation duct. The large hood helps the ventilation system to scoop up air from a wider area. Yet another distinguishing feature of kitchen ventilation is the presence of oil filter inside the ventilation.

Where to buy ventilation products online in the UAE?

A ventilation system is an essential device to have in a home. Also, there are so many different types of ventilation systems. For the same reason, you have to be really careful about the type and specifications of the system you are buying. Not only that, but you should also buy it from a reputable store to make sure that you are getting a good quality product. Luckily you can find all kinds of ventilator products online on Here, you will find plenty of different models and also buy them for really low prices. So, explore more than 500 shops and brands such as Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Kruger, KDK, and Honeywell.